Nov 27, 2007

Thankful After Thanksgiving

got back into town late last nite after a long stay in the southland for the Thanksgiving holiday..had several packages waiting for me when I got home which made me a very happy boy

my 2008 Aya Matsuura calendar courtesy of the good people at I strategically hung it over my desk so that I may gaze upon Aya's purty face whenever I'm working on something...the sumbatch is HUGE..I mean you could probably like kiss it or something and pretend you were spending a quiet evening with Ayaya in your room watching movies and play videogames...err...or something

picked up these little gems off of this site called Ebay(maybe you heard of it) without emptying out my wallet....Tokyo Tribe Saru "Statue" which is actually a piggy bank...pretty fauckin bad ass and it cost me less than 30 bones

and finally my Garden Tribe Kai by Michael Lau...the final piece I needed to complete the Garden Tribe set..when I hit up Kidrobot with Eriku and Weinstein a few weeks back, KR was selling this same figure for over a hundred bones...I was able to get it off ebay for around $ about a jew of a deal...
and here's a pic of my slowly growing Santastic shelf

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Son of Gigan said...

Ebay? What is this...Ebay?