Dec 11, 2007


This is my good friend Rolo. Last week he went to Tokyo with his brother Cabraru, another good friend of mine. Here's pictures from their adventure in Akihabara & Rolo's first exposure to AKB48.

Ah the lucky bastards waiting to get into the live revue.

Rolo fit right in with the rest of the Wotaku

It didn't take long for Rolo to find a favorite in the bunch.

"I'm in xanadu!" says Rolo.

If I was there I would have ripped this kick ass poster off of the wall.

Sorry to bust you out with that pic of you in your wetsuit Rolo, but that shit was HeeeLARRYus!


Rangudon Argeru said...

aw man..I can't wait to hear their stories

Anonymous said...

I was their in may and saw Team A's 4th stage concert. Was pretty fucking awesome.

Was my first real exposure to AKB48 though, so I really didn't know how to respond to it, or even any of their songs.

Athmosphere there is pretty damn unique though.

I even wrote a blog about it, for those who care ;)
Right here