Dec 7, 2007


A personal favorite of mine. Noriko Sakai "Guanbare"
As you can see there's a long standing tradition of dressing idols up like clowns from space. Remember that the next time you feel like slapping the HP! stylist & wardrobe staff.

Onyanko Club "Sailor fuku wo Nugasanaide"
check this video of Momosu performing the song.

The late Yukiko Okada "Little Princess"
I absolutely love this video, I love how the wota do what they do.


Rangudon Argeru said... see the translated lyrics to "Sailor fuku wo Nugasanaide"?
man, I love that song even more now...especially when Momosu sings it

craig said...

It's strange but this post has a christmass-y feel to me


celestia said...

I like the first girl (lady?), she has a really cute face. I wish that so many 'back in the day' Japanese idols didn't sport that unflattering bowl cut though. Oh, and while the onyanko club was cute, they sounded like a bunch of little kids singing, which I guess they are, but MM's vocal quality was much better, don't you think?

celestia said...

oops. sorry to comment twice, but I just realized that the first girl (noriko) plays the main character in ju-on (the grudge)2. Whoa! Glad to see that she's still successful.

Radicalpatriot said...

Interesting history. The "Grudge 2" character a forfmer idol? Whoa!

Tsuji Eriku said...

Noriko sakai is so awesome. Check out Premonition too, she's awesome in that movie as well.