Dec 3, 2007

My Little Chef

I finally finished My Little Chef last night. WHAT! I've got a series backlog of crap to watch & this was one of the doramas on the list so there!

Who said some delicious food couldn't make everything alright?
Especially if Akiko Yada was the one in the kitchen cooking!

This is a cute series & Akiko is absolutely positively a cutey pie. I love Akiko, she's the main reason why I stuck it out through "Last Christmas". It certainly wasn't for that Ferengi lookin' muthafucker Yuji Oda. Just kidding Yuji I loved you in Tokyo Love Story!

Anyways if you like food & hot Japanese girls then watch this. Oh yeah & if you like touching feel good stories then watch this. I am a sentimental emo dude & I must admit that I shed a tear on almost every episode.



Kings of Barry said...

good lookin out, I'll make sure to watch this. As soon as I finish Haken no Hinkaku. No where are those damn subs...

Radicalpatriot said...

Nothing wrong with being sentimental.

Tsuji Eriku said...

nice blog radicalpatriot