Dec 18, 2007

Planet Tokyo, the definition

This is what happens when Nihonjin settle in Brazil. Their children become crazy hot.

Daniele Suzuki

here's some clips of her on a show called Tribos in Brazil
Dani Suzuki "stalker cam"

if you are having an issue seeing this vid check it out here

Here doing a segment on Tribos about skydiving or some disrespect but Portuguese sounds like when I played my Bangles album backwards.


wonton said...

Ugh, I hate telemundo

Rangudon Argeru said...

japanese face with a brazilian body..very nice

Michi said...

Daniele Suzuki is very famous here in Brazil.
She is very, very funny.
Look this:,,AA1400134-7195,00.html

And this is her official home page:

Unbelievable but she has 30 years old.