Jan 20, 2008

Tokyo Shoppingu

Kiks Tokyo
Adidas Originals
Tawa Rekodo
HP! Shibuya
Nesta Brand
BAPE Busy Workshop
Ice Cream Shop
HP! Harajuku
Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby
Toys R Us
K Books
Asbee (gotta get my hands on some of those Mad foot kicks)
Kamo Soccer Shop

As you can imagine, I've been bombarded with requests to bring shit back.
Above I've listed some shops I plan to do some shopping in & I am allowing a couple of weeks for y'all to get your money right.

Here are the rules for the crew:

If I am there I will swoop it for you. I'm not going out of my way, it's my vacation too.

My shit is priority. It's hell carrying hella bags through massive crowds & crowded trains & train stations, don't go overboard with requests, I've got a shopping list too.

You must give me enough money to cover the purchase AND in the event that I cannot carry it back for you you must give me enough to cover shipping. Due to my travel budget & personal shopping list I will not spot you when I'm there & await the payback.

Do not expect any boxes to remain mint, last trip I had to break down the BAPE shoe boxes & some of the toy boxes to fit everything in the luggage.


Rangudon Argeru said...

so no chance of stuffing a candy girl doll in your luggage for me huh?

Son of Gigan said...

We should throw a going away party for Tsuji. I'll tape it. I can see it now:

"Good luck in Japan, Tsuji!"
"Have a great time in Japan, Tsuji!"