Feb 8, 2008

A lil somethin'

Super Sentai Tsuji Ranger
Yes, look & feel like shit.
One eye looks bigger than the other wtf!??!

Shoko Tan kawaii!

Ok so I mentioned I was sick right? Well I've been walking around with a friggin surgical mask on as to not spread my germs to others while out in public. It looks far from cool but at least I'm not the only one who's doing it.

I have been hanging in there though trying to be a good sport even though my lungs & sinuses are on fire & my body aches while I fight the chills.

Yesterday we went to Shibuya & Akihabara. It was a bit too early though & Kiks Tyo, Santastic & Nesta Brand were all closed.

I did however drop some coin & some J Reggae I had been dying to get my hands on.
Got a couple Pang albums & Fireballs singles collection.

In front of Shibuya Tower Records I spied something curious & way too cool for words.

There were Nike Court Force banners depicting some of the latest & greatest of J music. Appears this is part of what is called the "My Music My Force" campaign.
I don't know what that means but it was cool to see Sowelu & Shoko Tan holding cool kicks????

Afterwards it was on to Akihabara where I bought the Revoltech Yotsubato! figs. Awesome as all hell. AND A Mina EX figure, you may remember her from Densha Otoko.
I came in my pants a little bit when I spotted her!

After all that we headed back to the hotel to chill for a bit then it was off to Tokyo Tower.

Now I had never actually been to Tokyo Tower, it had always been staring me down in the distance so I kinda wanted to go, plus Wu & Kim wanted to go. Besides my true love made a promise to me that exactly 1 year after kissing on the Ferris Wheel in Odaiba that we would meet at the observation deck at Tokyo Tower Thursday February 7th at exactly 9pm. But due to the jetlag my dates & times were off & I showed up a day later since Japan is a day ahead.

I guess I'll never know what could have been. We'll always have that night in Odaiba, Akemi Chan...

Afterwards the fellas wanted oh so badly to go to Roppongi because they thought something was going to happen there even though I told them that we would be surrounded by blonde haired blue eyed Aussies & Brits. And when we got to our first bar it was like I had a gift to see the future because we were sitting on our bar stools surrounded by Aussies & Brits & a handful of Japanese women that looked like they had been in this same situation WAY TOO MANY TIMES BEFORE, if you catch my drift.

After a couple rounds we walked around Roppongi but Kim wanted to leave because the Nigerian hustlers pissed him off. They were trying to get him to come check out random bars with the promise of delivering exactly what he wanted. Unfortunately a big boned Russian chick in seifuku is not what he wanted, he wanted a real Japanese girl in seifuku, but when he asked for that they delivered him a Filipina in seifuku thinking his foreigner ass would be none the wiser. What these Nigerians failed to recognize was that we are ahem Asian so we could kinda tell.
Another funny thing was they only bothered Kim, I guess they could smell the Japan new guy.

Broken we caught a cab back to Akasaka where Kim had to stop by Mcdonalds for a midnight snack or he was just gonna die. Then we came to terms that we were all going to bed with blue balls & settled in our room & cracked open the liquor we bought at Duty Free.


Rangudon Argeru said...

sweet..did you play "Twilight" and fly your Mina Ex figure around the room? I would have..

wonton said...

hole ee shit. I didn't know that Mina figure even existed. I want

Tsuji Eriku said...

I know huh, I let out a high pitched EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I saw MIna, everyone in K Books stopped what they were doing & glared at me!