Feb 11, 2008

ok ok

Langdon's goodies

Saki's gonna be a heartbreaker...

Today me & the fellas went our separate ways.
I caught the metro to Shibuya & over to the 109 building's basement to the hello pro store.

I got Langdon a total of 7 photos:

2 x Nakajima Saki (one of them of her in a Kimono chou kawaii!)
1 x Risako in Kimono (good lord!)
1 x Ishikawa Rika
1 x Tanaka Reina
1 x Niigaki Risa
1 x Michishige Sayumi

Yo y'all know I get embarrased browsing shit like that so it was really hard for me to go into the HP store then I had to ask one of the staff how to order & I was trying to figure out how big the pictures were all in my bad Nihongo. There were friggin hotties working in there too.
Then after paying I got to reach my hand in a big box decorated with glitter. I pulled out a ticket that the staff member read, I guess I won a chocolate because they put a big basket full of chocolate in front of me & I picked one. So gay.

Then I shot over to HMV & picked up Hinouchi Emi cd Langdon requested. Oh & you bought me a Pang cd. Thanx bro.

So all said you got some change coming. Approx $20.

Then I caught the train back to Akiba where I found a Masterpiece Optimus for $23o approx.
As much as I wanted it I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for him.
I picked up the masterpiece skywarp & then called it a day.

It was crazy raining out & my feet were throbbing so I caught a cab back to Akasaka Mitsuke which was a bad idea. Due to traffic I ended up paying $30 for the ride home. Sonofabitch.


Rangudon Argeru said...

I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!...thanks man..keep the $20 and buy yourself a box of condoms..oh wait

Tsuji Eriku said...

@ myself: