Feb 11, 2008

On a lighter note.

Harajuku Eki

Get your groove on at the park

wait for the vid

nose bleeds

of course the rickabillys

uh me...no way man...I'm not going in there!
Tsuji & Mecca

I struck gold at Yoyogi Koen & found the cutest pair of girls singing & dancing what sounded like old school 1920's ditties. KAWAII!!!!!!!!
I cannot wait to post the video for you all.
Yesterday we went to Ikebukuro & did some shopping at Sunshine City. I wish I could have taken some video for you guys, then you'd understand why shopping is such an ordeal. The crowds are just insane, trying to carry hella shopping bags through the crowds, being on your feet all day then riding on the metro back to the hotel is hell.

I did find the encore megatron though & a Gundam model for my bro Kuang.
Then at a bookstore I bought a Shoko Tan book & some beading books for my mom.
Wu wanted to go to Akiba after that so I opted for a cab because my feet felt like they were on fire & instead of wearing NIke airs I was wearing razors on my dogs.

Back in Akiba I bought the masterpiece megaraton. HEY I just realized that I have both the gen 1 encore of starscream & megatron AND the masterpiece editions of them too. Ii ne!

Oh yeah, Langdon. I did stop by the Hello Pro store in Harajuku (as you can see) but I didn't pick up anything there. I'm gonna stop by Shibuya today & pick something up for ya.


wonton said...

When did you get the Masterpiece Megatron? How did I not know this?

Tsuji Eriku said...

I got it here bro haha.

wonton said...

Sorry, I'm still a little shaken up by your last post

Rangudon Argeru said...

so did you see Makoto Hino at Yoyogi? but more importantly..did you get footage of him singing and dancing his heart out in his little pink outfit?

Tsuji Eriku said...

@ Langdon:
He wasn't there this time haha!

@ wonton:
don't freak on me man I need you guys