Feb 7, 2008

Tadaima Muthafuckas

The only time the ghetto kids got to do anything cool or have anything good was if they had some kind of hook up.

For example in middle school none of my friends had ever been to Disneyland so we all joined the marching band because the marching band had a performance at Disneyland. Once the Disneyland trip was over we all quit the band.

My 11 hour flight was awesome, first class all the way thanks to Wu San's hook up. Now that I've been spoiled flying first class I don't think I could settle for anything less now.

Those seats in first class recline into a bed & I needed it too because that fucking asshole at work Eric Sawyer gave me his fucking flu. I don't think I could have made the trip in coach all sick & shit.

The hotel (Akasaka Excel) is actually not bad at all it has a shopping mall, & a bunch of restaurants by it & more importantly to me a 7/11.

After arriving we went to the hotel's lounge which was pretty cool (they have cuban cigars!), we were the only ones not wearing a coat. After drinking a $15+ mojito I just couldn't take the smoke & shit due to my sinuses so I am back in our room to get some rest for tomorrow.

The fellas just got back & are gonna try another bar in the neighborhood. I'm cool for now.
Doramas are on....


wonton said...

I don't know Eric Sawyer, but I'll be sure to give him a cock punch for you. Is something wrong with your camera? I know I'd be snapping shots like crazy if I were over there. Share the love.

Rangudon Argeru said...

yeah..pull a Cabral and take some not so covert pics of the school girls on the trains