Feb 3, 2008

Tsuji's Chinatown Adventure

Chunky black

Gung Hay Fat Choy & all that other good shit my yellow brothers & sisters.
My bro Wu recruited me to work night security for the start of the Chinese New Year festivities in San Francisco's Chinatown.

This weekend was the Chinese New Year flower fair.

My other bro Kim Yung Mok was also recruited & we were conveniently paired up last night & assigned to guard the Kearney side of Washington St. in Chinatown. Our post was more accurately on Washington St @ Walter U. Lum Place (well in between Wentworth Alley & Walter U. Lum PLace) on the corner of Portsmouth Square. We luckily had a stage with a tent on our side which provided some shelter from the rain. We basically had to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering Chinatown & watch the 1 vendor tent & the stage with all of it's electrical equipment, etc. on our side.

Chinatown has a lot of flavor. It has so much flavor & history, it's such a trip when you stop & think about it. When the streets are completely empty it's awesome to see.

Well the streets weren't completely empty, I must say there were some FINE ASS Pandas out. Hot damn!

After about 3-4 in the morning when the mah jong crew & the bar patrons/eye candy had all gone me & Kim had to think of ways to stay awake so we decided to play a game of Turkey Tap.

Basically you just catch your opponent slipping & kick, punch, slap, flick or punch him in the groin. Trust me after getting punched in the dick you are awake & p noid of it happening again, and if you were the victim of a turkey tap you are awake trying to think of ways to get back your opponent.

It was really cold, I am still cold & I have been under blankets since I have been home.
I did get $150 & a cool jacket for my troubles, so I guess it was worth it....

Anyways here are some photos, sorry they were taken with my keitai & they suck.


craig said...


craig said...

I got turkey tapped by some woman trying explain what her massage service might entailed (I don't think she was all that but her friend who was offering the same thing wasn't so bad). Also I think I was propositioned by a much better looking women earlier in the night but I hadn't understood what she was saying and I think she took what i was saying as a rejection but i was just saying i didn't understand what she was saying... had I known... I might just have relayed a much different story...

Anonymous said...

Word on the one street of Panmunjeom City (JSA) is that your boy Kim is a world class Turkey Tap player. He must of got you good enough to yell out KIMCHEEEEE!

Tsuji Eriku said...

better luck next time Craig