May 4, 2008

Furu Furu Park

Takoyaki game included in the Furu Furu Park compilation disc for the Nintendo Wii.
Langdon copped it & recommended it. $20 at Target.
The compilation is ok, Pocky & Rocky would have been cooler if the camera wasn't so effed up, lucky thing I own the original Pocky & Rocky games.
Anyways a cool little thing to amuse you for awhile, I do love takoyaki!

I guess I could've used the vids that were already posted on you tube but I wanted to test another little toy I bought while at Target; the Aiptek A-HD camcorder.

Specifically I wanted to test it's ability as a DV recorder, judging by the clip I made I'd say the sumbatch works pretty good so I'll finally be able to post all the things I've been wanting to post from dvds & video games etc etc.

1 comment:

Rangudon Argeru said...

very nice quality on the camer and Furu Furu Park is definitely worth the $20...not a penny more