Jun 15, 2008

Proposal Daisakusen

Ending theme of ProDai

I know that I'm tardy on this drama, but I've got tons of stuff back logged.
I did manage to watch the first 10 episodes in 1 sitting however, holy shit what a marathon!
Now I've mentioned before that I was a Fujiki Naohito fan but in this drama I hated his guts & he really didn't do anything wrong. I just wished he would stay the fuck out of YamaP's way while he tried to undo the past & finally do the one thing in his life that he regretted most, which was confessing his love to his long-time friend Rei.

Imagine if you will knowing a girl since your childhood, growing up together & falling in love with her but not having the guts to confess your true feelings to her. Then she gets proposed to by Fujiki Naohito! To add insult to injury, because you & the girl are such good friends she asks you to say a little speech at her wedding.

1. The girl you love is marrying someone else.
2. She asks you to deliver a speech at her wedding.

Talk about getting kicked in the balls!

Luckily for YamaP there is a fairy that lives in the church where the wedding is taking place & seeing YamaP in agaony he offers him a chance to go back in time & try to change the situation & hopefully win back Rei's heart.

Son of a bitch.

Yo I always said Fujiki is a kako ii dude but YamaP is a hot little piece too he probably gets hot J puss nightly, hell hourly!!!

Anyways this did tug on my heartstrings, especially the part when he had to give his speech. Damn if I had to do that I'd cry uncontrollably & make a scene, making it painfully obvious to everyone in the room that I was in love with the bride! How embarrassing!

I couldn't find a decent quality video of the speech with english subtitles so maybe I'll make one later. I am a fan though so check it out if you have the opportunity.

I'll leave you with a Yuna Ito song "Alone Again" set to some nice scenes from the drama. I don't remember this song being in the drama though, but it is pretty good.

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