Jul 25, 2008

Happy Birthday bumouts

So for my anniversary post I wanted to do something good.
So I choose to share some of my recording studio hijinx...

Oh yeah & these are original compositions produced by the now defunct Subtrax crew:

music by ALSKI, 10 minute lyrics done by ME, vocals by ME background stylings by ALSKI.


DMS, ALSKI & I used to form a production crew called Subtrax. Mostly recording out of 17th & Q studios. DMS was a slave driver & he always made sure that ALSKI & I were working on music instead of joking around. Well one weekend DMS had planned a getaway with his girlfriend & ALSKI & I were left to our own devices in a recording studio, none of us can run the boards well, all I know how to do is make beats & rap, ALKSI can BARELY sing but he is one hell of beatmaker.

"Illegal love"

Ok so years ago me & the fellas crashed a poppin' party on a Friday night. The party was jumpin' alot of our folks were in the house so we were getting love. I was hella skinny & hella cuter back then too, moving on, I spied a honey from across the room & macked on her HARD. We danced the night away to the latest 1995 jams. Then her friends came & told her that they had to cut turf, I said "yo, hold up let me get your pager number" she complied & we exchanged pager numbers. We had some correspondence but I wasn't really into Sacramento chicks cause I'm a BAY AREA soldier for real, plus that's just a ridiculous drive...anyways she was mad cute & at the time DMS was going to Sacramento State University so I figured I could have a honey to chill with when I went to visit DMS in Sacramento...
Long story short she was a Junior in high school & me I had already been out of high school for a year. That didn't stop me from hanging out with her though cause she was mad cute but it was frowned upon by DMS & SKI because they were all in college & shit. Anyways I eventually got with the bitch that inspired the first song, eventually I had to stop seeing the high school honey, I knew it was a disaster waiting to happen when she asked me to sign her slam book...wtf!!!??!!
"Illegal Love" is me being a good sport again & clowning on myself.

Anyways I had just gotten out of a really bad relationship & I had been getting some flack from the fellas about it because I was all depressed & shit. Don't get me wrong, I NEVER was on some stalker shit. I have too much self respect for that, but the break up did hit me hard. So being a good sport I played along & me & Al recorded "Pick up the pieces (of my heart)". A song that really clowns on fools that GO TOO FAR after a break up, & believe me the lyrics in the song ARE NOT FAR FETCHED. I actually know fools that did shit like that. So enjoy because besides the other song in this post it's probably the only time you'll hear me sing unless it's in a karaoke box in Tokyo.

Needless to say when DMS came to the session the following week he got all over our backs for joking around instead of really working on new material, oh well we had fun anyways & these songs got passed around to firends & got a laugh or two back in the days. So enjoy them & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY or BIRTHDAY or whatever you wanna call it.


Rangudon Argeru said...

thats platinum potential shit right there man!

Javier Esteban Taco Julio Garcia-Sanchez, Sr. said...

I start doing the Cha-Cha every time I listen to "Illegal Love."