Jul 22, 2008

Long lost treasures

URB magazine Jan. Feb. 1998
the Bay Area hometown heroes invisbl skratch piklz
l-r: Mixmaster Mike, Shortkut, Qbert, D-Styles, Yogafrog

Tha Bomb Hip Hop magazine
a Bay Area classic
issue #28 March 1994

an original Sole Sides cassette I bought back in the day
before they gained the notoriety in the local hip hop scene
they put out a small ad in tha Bomb magazine
I mailed my $10 to an address in fucking DAVIS CALIFORNIA
& a week or so later I got this cassette tape
featuring DJ Shadow, Asia Born (Lyrics Born), Gift of GAb of Blackalicious
not sure but this might be like their first ever attempts at selling their music commercially
it's not even listed under their releases section on their website
learn about it new kid!!

This was a mixtape I bought off of Tony Touch while I was in New York
I was out there for the Zulu Nation anniversary & bought it from the man himself in front of the New Yorker hotel!!!

I gotta find my Ron G mixtape, that's some real New York boom bap

thing is even back then I knew the Bay Area (ISP) (SBC) (ETC ETC) had the DJ thing sewed up
the NEW York mixtapes couldn't hold a candle to what the BAY AREA DJ's were doing, even back then!!!!

I went out to the garage looking for an old Qbert mixtape but found this stuff, pretty cool...


Tsuji Eriku said...

you can't even tell what the Tony Touch cover looks like, it's hella cheesy looking, all he did was photocopy the song list & some artwork on a colored piece of paper & tuck inside a blank maxell tape case

Rangudon Argeru said...

nice..you should rip that Soul Sides tape to cd and sell as DJ Shadows Lost Tapes