Jul 6, 2008

Shoko Tan

Thank you so much to fu3lfr3nzy on you tube for sharing this covert vid from Shoko's performance at AX. I know artists have to take certain precautions to protect their material & all but without this guys effort this little bit of Shoko Tan heaven would not have been delivered to me this day the year of our lord July the sixth 2008.

Check the awesomeness that is "Sukashikashi Pan Sukoshi Hen!" probably my most favorite song on Shoko Tan's Big Bang! album. It's like country hoedown kawaii Japanese girl goodness. Nah it's like Shoko Tan in a cowgirl get up, I should've bought that magazine when I had the chance...it's 1,000,000 times cuter than Petty Booka. Country style Shoko ribs with Tsuji's mansauce slathered on them. I love you shoko.

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