Jul 6, 2008

Shoko Tan

The impromptu shrine erected to commemorate this momentous occasion.
Ah if only my Kaiyodo Eva00 figure didn't get broken I would have been able to include it in the tribute!

On behalf of Shoko Tan I am taking this bitch over!
More covert AX footage from another brave soul NeiCHAMA on the tube.
Yeah it's blurry but this is just how the live performance would have looked through my tears of joy. Here my idol (that I will serve till the bloody end) sings the famous opening theme to Neon Genesis Evangelion "残酷な天使のテーゼ Zankoku na Tenshi no Tēze" or "The Cruel Angel's Thesis" dressed as Rei Ayanami. I cummed all over my jammies when I watched this.

Because not only am I a fan to my grave of Shoko Tan but I am also a fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion or if you wanna get technical Shin Seiki Evangelion, I spent a small fortune collecting the anime series on VHS which I eventually gave as a gift to a new anime fan I met (which I shouldn't have because she was a poser & so undeserving of the gift!). At the time I just couldn't bear to let a new anime fan go through life without viewing the modern classic.

Then I collected the series on dvd before selling it to raise money to go to Tokyo one year, then I downloaded the platinum edition with all the movies torrent style (hey I already bought the shit twice goddamnit, give me a break!).

Anyways this performance is awesome with the montage of anime images in the background & Shoko dressed as Rei OMG I love you Shoko Tan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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