Jul 13, 2008

Sunday afternoon hijinx

My Nakata jersey w/Yatagarasu & Piny St. Ayanami Rei

This is me trying to beat one of the bosses in Chapter 2 Oushi Hiraizumi level on Genji Dawn of the Samurai.
I decided to take video of this because it was scary for me.
This boss scared this shit out of me with her shrill laughter floating around with all her arms & blue scary skin!
She kinda looked like Kali that hindu god with all the arms all blue & stuff kowai yo! Scary shit man.
Really scary shit, I am scared of shit like that...

About halfway through this battle you can see me freaking out checking to see if I had any herb or medicine to increase/restore my health meter, but there was none....

Anyways after I took this video I finally beat her & she isn't as hard as what was waiting for me next...a GIGANTIC PHOENIX looking thing named Yatagarasu that breathed fire on my ass, cut me with razor sharp feathers & dive bombed me in my asshole with it's ginormous beak.

Interesting bit of trivia: Yatagarasu is the sun goddess Amaterasu's bird & Yatagarasu is featured in the emblem of the Japanese Football Association or Nihon Sakka Kyokai

Since I am broke as hell I am making due finishing up some of my old games, like this Genji game. Alot of people thought it was a mediocre game but I like it. Anytime you can play as Yoshitsune I am a fan.

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wonton said...

All these hack and slash games look and play the same.