Aug 5, 2008

My niece & nephew are loved

What you guys see here is what my nephew Nikko & my niece Ana had for lunch today.
My cousin sure does love her kids....I was lucky if I got a bologna sandwich just a slice of bologna between two pieces of bread....

Now that my cousin's kids are school aged she has to start brushing up on her bento making skills. These bentos look delicious & nutritious, I'm soooo jealous!

here's what's in them:

inarizushi w/peas for color, furai chicken , cheese made into a flower,
cucumbers, pickled daikon, red pepper strips, orange slices, and taro bun
pineapple jelly on the side

Ana got the same except her mom gave her some sauce for her chicken in the cute little apple container & instead of pineapple jelly she got lychee jelly.

1 comment:

Kris said...

That is sooo kawaii!!!!

I wish I had one of those:3