Sep 27, 2008

My Ballz R Drained!

Every time I try to get away they keep pulling me back in! The biggest challenge for me is to find two of everything for me AND Wonton. That's right, I have Wonton's Mighty Mugg checklist folded up in my my wallet in the case I find something missing from his collection I am to obtain it promptly & send him a text message informing him of the purchase so that any & all Wonton Mighty Mugg checklists in circulation stay current. Such is an otaku's life.

I thought Mighty Muggs were awesome when I first saw them but I pretty much cut back on any toy purchases & I am sticking to Transformers/Mecha only. Then I see this shit & I totally submit to the power of Transformers Mighty Muggs. It's a done deal when this shit hits store shelves IT's ON!

Oh yeah & after seeing the Storm Shadow Mighty Mugg I might have to get that, that's just sick. I plan on putting him on my desk at work since I have no toys on my desk at work.

I tried people....I really tried not to go & start buying Mighty Muggs but as you can's not my fault, & NO Transformers collection would be complete without a set of these fine Muggs.


Rangudon Argeru said...


you've been sucked into the world of designer vinyl

those TF muggs are fauckin hawt though

wonton said...

I've been "collecting" Muggs now for just over a week. 25 and counting...

Rangudon Argeru said...

get a hold of FJ if your looking for some Muggs..he has quite a few for sale