Nov 23, 2008

Tsuji_Eriku sold out

I headed out to the izakaya last night to meet up with some friends for drinks & delicious snackin'. Cabral invited this girl Aya that he met while hanging out at another izakaya where she worked as a waitress for a bit & her roommate Aki.

Everything was going smooth, everyone was getting along when the topic of the conversation turned to Cabral's brother Roland. In nihongo Cabral was trying to explain to Aya & Aki that Roland had a daughter but instead of musume he said musuko. I jumped in & corrected him & said Roland had a daughter not a son. Then Cabral pointed at me & yelled Morning Musume!

The look of shock on the girl's faces only egged Cabral on...Eriku is a big otaku!!!!
He lives in Akihabara when he is in Tokyo! The shocked look on Aya & Aki's faces turned to disgust, then they started squealing & yelling "KIMOI" which translates to gross, creepy.

Cabral was loving it. I had to save myself since it was just the beginning of the evening. "No no I just like some of their songs, that's it, uta dake, uta dake".
They then said oh that's ok then if it's only the music.

I salvaged my rep & managed to get invited to the next dinner party held at their apartment.

Man I'm sorry guys but I did hide the fact that I was a toy collecting, idol worshiping, videogame playin' sumbatch. It's not like I'm trying to get with any of the girls but I did seriously deny my shit...kinda wack but would you guys have stood up for yourself?

Whoever the next girl I hook up with is has to be understanding of my shit because I know I couldn't give any of it up for good. I was just trying to smooth over an awkward situation, this was the first time we met & once people get to know me they usually seem to think I'm a nice guy, they just have to get to know me first.


craig said...

Lols that's funny XD

Oh man haha I guess it's no problem

Sometimes i guess it's easier like that.

Damn was that really their reaction?... Oh hell XP but it's too late for us I think :)
We're into it all too bad =]

Freefall Jones said...

You didn't sell out -- you were caught off guard, and that really wasn't the time or place to come clean. The REAL issue here is that your boy Cabral threw you under the bus like that. What the hell?

Rangudon Argeru said...


I don't like Morning Musume either

Son of Gigan said...

You bum! You were supposed to call me before you went to one of those places! We could've discussed our love of Japanese porn with the ladies.

Tsuji Eriku said...

yeah that really was their reaction
& no not every Japanese girl I met reacted like that, in fact Mizuho (the one I got into trouble with last trip) when she & Yumi Chan saw my room (with all the toys & idol posters) they did make a little comment & giggle about it. BUT the next time I was in Tokyo, Mizuho made it a point to bring me to a bar that had a had a shit load of action figures on display they were star trek action figures that lined all of the walls in nice ass display cases, not into star trek but at least she made an effort to try & take me somewhere that I might like hehe. These girls were totally cool but the thought of a wotaku conjured up some pretty bad images for them.

AND SOG I was kinda invited to go to this thing, we will definitely will hang with all the hot chicks at the club & the crystal soon, I can't wait for Cabral to throw you under the bus too j/k

Cabral knows not what he does, he was just trying to get a laugh

Tsuji Eriku said...

my ex girlfriend & I were hanging out in my room one night. she was painting her toenails & I was playing videogames. She looked around my room & said "honey how would you explain all this stuff to your next next girlfriend the first time you meet her?"
I was like "well....we're never breaking up right?" "sooo I guess I won't have that problem hehe..."

LOL boy oh boy!

craig said...


abbe said...

Hahah, funny story.
Gotta say though, might be abit easier to find an understanding for all those things in Japan than anywhere else at least. :)

And to answer your question, if I were as much into it as you are (I'm in way deep but I don't have posters/figurines, no money for that), I would have denied that shit like I were on fire.
In a better situation, probably not.

Kings of Barry said...

hahaha good job. deny everything.