Dec 9, 2008

Sukiyaki Western Django

Picked up the dvd @ Target a week or so ago. I couldn't find it on blu ray.
I watched it once through then liked it better the 2nd time around.
It was funny hearing the cast speak in English. Yep the whole thing is done in Eigo.
Even still I had to put on the subtitles.

The premise will sound familiar...Genji & Heike clans...Yoshitsune Benkei Kagekiyo but in a western!??!

I was surprised at how many stars I noticed that were cast in the film too. It looked to me that due to the hype & Miike's reputation overseas more of Japan's celebrities were open to working with him on the project. I couldn't imagine him having access to such a talent pool if he was just a director/filmmaker relegated to making straight to dvd jhorror flicks that only lonely kids from the Japanese countryside watched.

Bottom line...pick it up, dvd is the better bargain @ $15 usd. Besides your PS3 will upscale that sumbatch anyways ...right? On top of that I wouldn't say it's the best Miike film I've seen either.
I haven't seen every single one of his films but I have to say I personally enjoyed One Missed Call & the MPD tv mini series more than Sukiyaki Western Django, again just out of what I've seen & what's in my collection so don't go calling me out you crazy otaku scum.

All said I'm happy with the purchase & this dvd will sit on the shelf next to Miike's other child The Great Yokai War.

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