Jan 24, 2009

R U that stupid?

I'm chilling at the crib watching 3 Outlaw Samurai, cause that's how I do. I hear voices outside my window, foot steps on the gravel in my yard & what sounds like a fucking hip hop cypher near my Xterra parked IN MY DRIVEWAY.

I peek outside & I see a few bodies, DARK BODIES, that's all I can make out in the DARK.
I grab my shit, click clack mutha fuckers, tuck it into my waistband then I swing open my front door & niggas scatter.

But one of them decides he's hardcore & slowly starts walking away. I'm like WTF?
"Ah my bad dawg. We leavin' now. What we good?"

1. I'm not your dawg
2. I don't fucking know you
3. Nah we aint good & if you don't fucking kick rocks by the time I count down from 5 you're gonna catch a bad 1.

Then the mutha fucker has the nerve to say "what the hell's your problem?"


Rangudon Argeru said...

fauckin welcome to the jungle and shit

Anonymous said...

Oh shit careful yo

U in charge though

Son of Gigan said...


Rocky Nguyen said...

Were you able to curb stomp one?!

Tsuji Eriku said...

@ SoG I was here FIRST!