Mar 5, 2009

I need a heroes

Is there a store out there that caters to gamers? The hardcore gamers, the casual gamers & all the gamers in-between? Is there a game retailer that actually halfway gives a shit?
Because I am really getting irritated by these bumouts at Gamestop.

I'm sick of hearing "nobody pre-ordered it so we didn't get ANY of that game in AT ALL" after I ask for a title!

Does everyone have to pre-order every single thing?


Rangudon Argeru said...

wtf?...I've never heard that excuse before..faucking idiots

what game were you trying to get?

Tsuji Eriku said...

game gets released that I'm interested in
go to gamestop & ask the asshole at the counter for it
um..did you pre-order?
then no we don't have it
happened more than a couple times over multiple platforms too

I don't really pre-order alot of shit because I don't anticipate people beating the door down for FIFA for the psp or King of Fighters on PS2, not like it's Street Fighter IV or something.

Besides I can just walk in to Best Buy & pick up a copy of Street Fighter IV...was that so fucking hard?

I was looking for King of Fighters for PS2...

Freefall Jones said...

That sucks. Maybe its location? I usually haven't had a problem finding smaller run games out here in Berkeley/Oakland. I found Retro Game Challenge (aka Game Center CX) the week it came out here.

abbe said...

Just buy it online, cheaper, usually free shipping (well, at least in Sweden/UK), and if you preorder it before its released you usually get it on the releaseday. And if you dont preorder it, it just takes one or two days.