May 2, 2009

Tsuji's home videos

I'm too lazy to edit anything so I'm dumping the footage as is. You're welcome.

An unnecessarily long video of me waking up at an ungodly hour hungry. Thankfully there is tasty food available at any one of the convenience stores located around Tokyo.

Join me as I navigate my way through Yumiko's apartment in the dark, trying not to step on Dave as he slumbers on a futon on the living room floor or trip over Yumiko's shoes littering the entrance way.

Marvel as I ride the elevator downstairs & walk to the corner where AM/PM resides. There are many beverages & snack foods to choose from...what will I pick as my midnight snack? Onigiri? A sandwich? Onigiri & a sandwich?

Can I find my way back across the street to Yumiko's building in the dark Tokyo night?
Can I figure out how to use a Japanese microwave with controls all in Nihongo?

Or will get lost on my way home & end up being kidnapped & forced to be a yakuza sex slave?
Or will I make it home only to have to eat my food cold because I can't read the kana on the microwave....maybe I should have asked the friendly clerk at AM/PM to warm it for me. Sho ga nai ne...

Many questions are waiting to be answered in this exciting edition of Tsuji's home videos.

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Craig said...

Nice slice of Tsuji life there :)