Jun 15, 2009

eco-terrorist propaganda

I saw Whale wars last night & those hippie motherf*ckers made me sick.

this is what they throw onto the whaling vessels Butyric acid

and here's more footage of those fuckers ramming one of the ships in the Whaling fleet.

Here's a drawn out rant I planned to leave as a comment on a related you tube video but it was too long.

I'm craving whale sashimi.
If you attack me while I am abiding by international & Japanese law please do not expect for me to welcome you with open arms, if I feel threatened in any way I will defend myself by any means necessary.

I would like to know the reason why these organizations do not attack other fishing operations in this way, please do not say that the Japanese are killing off endangered species of whales. Do your research & you will find that the Japanese whaling fleet hunts species that have large enough populations that can be harvested in managed numbers as a sustainable food resource. In fact Australia even sent it's own vessel to monitor the activities of the Japanese whaling fleet during a recent hunt! I have not seen any report from the Australians accusing the Japanese of any wrongdoing.

It is part of Japanese culture to eat whale meat as it is in many other 1st Nation & Nordic countries. That is fine if you wish to not eat whale but do not criticize someone's culture because it conflicts with your belief system.
I think I will grill a rib eye steak for dinner. But before I eat it I will say my prayers & give thanks to the animal that gave it's own life so that I can live, I will also not try & waste any of the meat.

These people are idiots, if they choose to participate in this type of terrorist activity they run the risk of serious injury, death & damage to their property.
If you think my words are harsh or idiotic then watch a nature program & see any number of predators on film ripping apart & eating the flesh of other animals lower on the food chain.


Rangudon Argeru said...

this is what happens when white people have too much time and money on their hands

Anonymous said...

paul watson hates japanese