Aug 12, 2009

The fighting game quest part 1

First off it's been awhile, I've been busy auctioning shit off on ebay (search for seller bukkurowuronz) yep I've decided to sell my entire Transformers collection. My inner otaku is switching gears & I am getting rid of everything! The collection will still be there but I am going to concentrate more on high end quality pieces rather than the stuff that is readily available at your neighborhood Toys R Us or Target. As Wonton likes to say "quality vs quantity".

In whatever free time I have had I have been getting my ass kicked in Street Fighter IV (PS3) by my buddy Solidmac. I am not sure why Solidmac offers to play with me all the time because I am clearly no match for him. There are times when I can't do anything during the game & I have to just take the ass whipping.

I blamed my inability to offer any serious competition to him by my use of the standard dual shock 3 controller on the PS3. It sucks & I thought that if I had the proper equipment I would be able to play more effectively.

Well when Street Fighter IV was released MAD CATZ also released two SFIV branded fightsticks, the standard edition or SE fightstick & the Tournament Edition or TE fightstick.
The TE being more sought after because #1 it was designed to look like the Taito Vewlix arcade cabinet that houses the Street Fighter IV game in Japan & #2 it actually uses real Sanwa Denshi parts which are the same parts in the vewlix arcade cabinet. Yep it doesn't get any more real than that.

Of course I couldn't find a TE stick anywhere on or around launch day & I was a sad sad boy.

I did pick up a HORI Real Arcade Pro 3 stick at Anime Expo though. I took my stick home & expected to plug the sumbatch in & DOMINATE Solidmac, but that didn't happen.
I found I actually got worse!

Why was this I wondered?

This is what started two months of research & a personal quest to actually get good at SFIV & fighting games in general.

I did research after buying my HORI fightstick & found them to be a respected manufacturer of fightsticks in Japan & they have dominated the market for years. So thankfully I was not ripped off with my uninformed purchase of the stick. Many fighting game enthusiasts used HORI sticks & yet many more serious fighting game players were modding their sticks to gain a competetive edge. Hmmm why mod a good stick?

It turns out that many players were modding their sticks to have Sanwa Denshi buttons or Seimitsu buttons also swapping their joysticks out for different model Sanwa or Seimitsu ones.

Holy shit! Basically it all comes down to preference. Good players could tell subtle differences in the equipment they used, good players had preferences in the layout & feel of their equipment as well.

I read up on shit for a couple weeks & was amazed at the sub culture of the fighting game enthusiast.
One thing that gives me trouble on the HORI that I noticed right off the bat was that the movement on the joystick is restricted to a square. I found it hard to pull off fire balls etc because I didn't have a smooth movement during my command input & I kept getting hung up on the corner. This was due to the "square gate" on the joystick. The square gate is STANDARD in Japanese Joysticks.

I would go on but I really cannot do a better job than lilchubbyasian's explaination so peep this:

So my problem was that I was playing by using maximum throw angle, that is, I was moving the joystick until it hit the edge of the gate thus getting caught up on the square corners.

Japanese players were using smaller movements & NOT using maximum throw angle when using the joystick. This is perfectly fine because all of the "fields" that trigger the command inputs on a square gate are distributed evenly.

I immediately hopped on my HORI & tried to practice using smaller throw angles to achieve my command inputs, I did better in pulling off my moves.

BUT I noticed that I was having a hard time playing the same characters in different games for example I used to use Ryu as my main in Street Fighter IV, I also got Street Fighter II HD remix but noticed I was having to tweak my throw angle to pull off the same moves in HD remix namely the signature Dragon Punch...then I found this:

So even my n00b mind could tell the difference in input AND I received a great SFIV tip to top it off.
This shit is hella deep & to get good at fighting games takes alot of practice. I've decided to not switch to an octagonal gate & stay with the standard Japanese square gate in order to learn to make smaller movements to achieve the input.


Anonymous said...

Makes sense.

Gary Lu said...

Came here through Mike Cruz's blog post on 1UP. A couple things - yeah, it's awesome that you're still going at it with SF4! Lots of people seemed to have fallen off recently. It used to be so easy to find a match. :T

Also, if you have the HRAP, you should try switching out the buttons. I think they're around $4 a piece for Sanwas - much more responsive than the stock Hori buttons - and then you have a stick that's pretty much the same as the TE.

Add me on PSN or XBL if you want to get some matches in - thirtytwoutside

Tsuji Eriku said...

Hey Gary, thanks for commenting
yeah I found alot of people go to for their parts
they had the sanwa buttons for 2 dollars & some change, I'll eventually mod the hrap, even as a casual player I can feel that you need to put slightly more pressure on the hrap buttons, the TE stick is just butter

I'll add you on PSN & XBL but I only have DOA4 so far on XBOX 360
just to let you know, I'm a scrub but I'm trying!


Tsuji Eriku said...

oh & I recently started lurking on the SRK forums

I'm R3medy on


Luke said...

very informative! anxiously awaiting part 2