Sep 17, 2009

2010 Calendar Rundown

only 4 months and 2 more pictures to enjoy on your 2009 japanese idol calendar, so why not get an early jump and order your 2010 calendar from our friends at now!!..and as always, if you'd like to buy any of the listed calendars below, be sure to click on the names and it'll take you to the Jlist product page

(recent Hump Day featured beauts)

(notice how Erika is already out of the group shot)

Erina Mano

Shoko Hamada

(including the very kawaii Anna Kawamura)
Yukie Kawamura

Morning Musume

Nozomi Sasaki

Berryz Koubou

Aya Hirano

so who will be adorning Langdon's wall for the next 12+ months? well, I typically have a hard time deciding,usually waiting till December or January to make my decision and purchase but this year, my mind was made up as soon as I saw that she was releasing a 2010 calendar...I'll be staring at Nozomi Sasaki for the next year my friends and I may just go blind from staring so hard


Beemer said...

Should I buy Momusu and Shoko Hamada's

Langdimus Prime said...

yes! you know if you buy 3 or more, you get 15% off!!

i would buy Nozomi's, Momosu's and probably Aya Hirano's but I just don't have the wall space ;)