Oct 27, 2009

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

got some more goodies in the mail the last few days so I thought I should share and seeing that they were eye candy related, figured I should post them on Hump Day...

first up would be my Risa Niigaki photo sets that I ordered from Hello! Store USA on the 15th(that was the day they re-stocked a ton of shit and everyone nearly crashed their servers...again)...I missed out on Gaki-san merch the day the online shop had its official launch and I wasn't gonna let myself go away empty handed when they restocked and added new H!P goodies. So at 4pm on Oct 15th when they put the new stuff up for sale, I had that shit on lock!..multiple browsers up, refreshing like a madman, I HAD to get my hands on some Niigaki goodness...of course everyone else had the same plan to get there hands on H!P goodies so all my F5 hitting didn't help that much cuz the hello! store usa website was running slooooooooooooow...but i still was able to get everything I wanted, 4 Gaki-san photo sets

(sorry for the horrible quality pics...scanner was down so I had to use my camera)

2008 was Aya Matsuura...2009 was Aya Hirano and in 2010, I'll be staring at Nozomi Sasaki for 12months!!..thank you Jlist.com...thank you for sending me my calendar so quickly

I also picked this up from Jlist, eyecandy of the 2D variety

"An amazing concept, this is a book that reviews the top headphones available in Japan today, but with a twist: each reviewed headset is illustrated with a beautiful "bishoujo" anime girl, which makes it all the more appealing. A great idea that you can enjoy even if you don't actually read the reviews, as the skills of the selected artist for this artbook are amazing!"

soooooooo kawaii

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