May 31, 2008

Attention Sneaker Heads...

late notice...dunkxchange sf tomorrow afternoon at city nights

and this guy I know, DJ L.Alger..will be "spinnin all the classic underground hip hop shit son!!"..word iz bond kid

May 30, 2008

Birthday Girl feat. YODC

This was supposed to be the lead single for the eighth studio album by The Roots, but was scrapped off the album because it sounds like a 311 song. Starring porn star Sasha Grey and featuring the vocal stylings of Patrick Stump of Fallout Boy fame, the video also has cameos of the YODC crew. At the 1:09 mark, Freefall Jones (the Cyclops of YODC) enters the scene. Behind him, Guillermo Paco Castro Jimenez DeLaSantos Reyes, Jr. makes his triumphant return from Mexico. At 1:34, Tsuji Eriku (wearing his lucky baby blue polo from Jr. High... and a wig) enters with a gift in hand for Ms. Grey. Following him is Terrence Maddox and a bearded Langdon Alger. Each eagerly waits to give their gift to the birthday girl.

May 29, 2008

Pics from Fanime Part Deux

and the rest of the pics I took..
the arcade floor

a little Para Para Paradise 2nd Mix action...when I took the pic, the chick was "dancing" to Hinoi Teams "Night of Fire"...and the guy in the red was dancing along which was uber gay

the vendor floor

artist area


not sure what anime he's supposed to be from, but he was popular

and then there was this guy..

I'm pretty sure he wasn't there for Fanime, maybe just hanging out checkin out the "scenery"

kinda looks like a fat Richard Dreyfuss

Mainichi News

Man nabbed for squirting high schoolgirls with soy sauce-filled water pistol

MAEBASHI -- A man suspected of squirting soy sauce over high school girls using a water pistol to "blow off steam" has been arrested, police said.

The 22-year-old man, Kenichi Ogawa, was arrested on suspicion of assault. He has reportedly admitted to the allegations, telling police he did it to relieve his stress.

Police said that several high school girls in Maebashi had been attacked in similar incidents this month, and police are investigating a possible connection between the attacks.

Investigators accuse Ogawa of getting on a motorcycle and approaching a 17-year-old high school girl cycling along a street in the city at about 5 p.m. on Tuesday, and squirting soy sauce on her back as he passed her. The girl was traveling home with a friend at the time, and the back of her uniform was left covered in soy sauce.

(Mainichi Japan) May 28, 2008

Rest in peace, Heddy.

"That's Hedley."

Shoko Tan

There was love all around
But I never heard it singing
No I never heard it at all
Till there was you

May 27, 2008

J-Music Clip of the Week

Artists: LOW JACK THREE feat Aisa
Single: Into The Mirror

Into The Mirror video DL

Pics from Fanime 2008...Part One

outside the convention center

my camera focused on these two for some reason

this guy, dressed as Rick Hunter, had the best pose of the day. He just stood there with that stupid grin on his face

and the ish I bought...

both SoG and Freefall took pics as well, they'll PROBABLY post their's up soon

Nakagawa Shoko

Take my money
My house and my cars
For one hit of you
You can have it all, baby
Cause makin love
Everytime we do
Girl it's worse than drugs
Cause i'm an addict over you

Rilakkuma vs. Domo Kun

or Relax Bear
Cabral has moved on from Domo Kun & now is in love with Rilakkuma
Relax Bear is the shit


Raspberry Cheesecake Parfait

The Harvest Buffet at Cache Creek is okay. The entrees are average at best, but their desert bar is pretty damn good. They serve real Dreyer's ice cream (not self-serve soft serve), a Bananas Foster that you'll probably get drunk from, and my newest desert god -- the Raspberry Cheesecake Parfait.

This isn't just a regular slice of cheesecake, as you can see it comes served in a classy wine glass (also note the classy photo my sis took above; it's got glass-warped old people in the background). This elegant three-layer presentation of raspberry reduction, whipped cheesecake, and graham crumbs puts all other cheesecakes to shame.

Executives at The Cheesecake Factory are probably yelling obscenities at each other for not thinking of this. So the next time you're at the Creek, before you blow all your cast at the Wheel of Fortune slots, hit the buffet and get one of these.

Persian Babes

All right, Weinstein, you wanna curry this blog all up? How about a little magic carpet with that curry? That makes no sense.

This is Sarah Shahi -- she played some DJ on "The L Word" and currently plays a detective on the excellent cop show "Life".

May 24, 2008

Bollywood Babes

Raima Sen

Another sexy vixen from the land known as Bolly. She gained her fame for acting in some artsy movies. When I mean artsy, I mean the ones where there is no song and dance routine for no apparent reason. Sexy Mo Fo.

Weinstein's Video Vault

Some good ol' hip form back in the day. The first one is Ghetto Concepts "EZ on the Motion" and following that up with Original Flavor's "All That". Makes me yearn for the 91-96 days.

May 22, 2008

effing Cabral...

Cabral called he said he just might never come back to the Bay
Here's a pic of him butt f*cking a panda
nah it's just one of them Panda cars that are found at many game centers & amusement parks in Japan...

Midnight Train to Georgia

May 21, 2008

Happy Trails Dennis Richmond

After 40 years of anchoring the 10 O'clock News on KTVU Channel 2, super suave Dennis Richmond has decided to retire.

May 20, 2008

Weinstein's Video Vault

More Bad Martial Arts

Just saw these clips on the tube, so I figured that they need to be on there. More bad action but this time from our neighbors in Talibanland also known as Pakistan. I used to think the land of Bolly was bad but man, they're really going out of their way here. The best part is the sound effects because I can never figure out how anyone could make such sounds.

May 19, 2008

ryunosuke band vs ruri chan band


Ruri Chan Band

cooler than you

J-Music Clip of the Week

Artists: PUFFY
Single: All Because of You (Music Fair 21 performance)

All Because of You video DL

*if you haven't seen the PV for this song yet, you can check it here

**and for those in the Bay Area, you can now watch Music Fair 21 every Sunday at 9pm on KTSF 26...the episodes seem to be a few months behind schedule though, which means you won't be catching the same ep that showed in Japan that same day(or day before)

May 18, 2008

Bollywood Babes

Shama Sikander

Another babe from the land of Bolly. Now it is confirmed that India has hot Muslim women not confined to the burkha.

This chick is starring in some low grade tv shows in India..but who the hell cares, she is hot.

BTW Sikander in the mother tongue means Alexander the Great...if you're interested, which I am sure you are not.


Akaneiro Ga Moeru Toki by Scoobie Do
Ending theme of Gungrave

here's the full version to sing along to...

ashita o ima ni nurikaeteku hajimari wa itami to namida
chirabaru kodoku tsuranuiteku kodou wa mujou no kanata

"ima iru kono basho wa suri heru dake no GEEMU"
sore nara ore wa tada warau dake de kateru hazu
yoru o koete yuke

ima ni kotoba mo nani mo naku natte kakedasu BURUUSU ga
yume miru dake no jibun o nagedashite
ima ni setsuna mo towa mo kiesatte nokosareta kono mi ga
nozomi no mama ni moeagaru made

kinou o ima ni suri kaeteku ano uta wa jidai no namida
yogoreta mama de furikaereba kono michi wa mujun to ai sa

"ima iru koko kara wa ochiteku dake no GEEMU"
sore nara ore wa tada odoru dake de kateru hazu
yoru o koeru yume

ima ni kotoba mo nani mo naku natte hashiridasu RIZUMU ga
kutabireta mama no yoake o nagesutete
ima ni setsuna mo towa mo kiesatte hakidasu kono uta ga
kanashimi no hate ni moeagaru made

mitsukaranai mama tachitsukusu
aka sugiru sora mite'ta

"ima iru koko kara wa ochiteku dake no GEEMU"
sore nara sou dare mo ga odoru dake de kateru hazu
yume o koeru yume

ima ni kotoba mo nani mo naku natte kakedasu BURUUSU ga
yume miru dake no jibun o nagedashite

ima ni kotoba mo nani mo naku natte hashiridasu RIZUMU ga
kutabireta mama no yoake o nagesutete
ima ni setsuna mo towa mo kiesatte hakidasu kono uta ga
kanashimi no hate ni moeagaru made

Diggin' In The Crates "Not As Cool As CJ's Stuff" Edition

found this site while lookin for J-Live's "Kick it to the Beat" and stumbled upon their very slim selection of J-pop 12inch singles..

"Can You Let Me Know" ..DJ Deckstream feat Lupe Fiasco, Sarah Green and Verbal

I got the cool blue vinyl promo version

and Emi Hinouchi's "Goodie Memories" single

and this previous Awesome Album Covers entry that I found on ebay is now in my collection

there's some cool shit on both sides of this 45..very sample worthy

sample 1

sample 2

and onto a different type of vinyl..bought this ugly mofo a few weeks back

12in Tokyo Tribe Hasheem from Santastic x HOW2WORK Toys

with the rest of my Hasheem shit...still need a couple more pieces to complete my Hasheem collection