May 31, 2007

Er... Let's just call it a Preview

Miyabi PB SPOILER>>>>

Comment is er um... khgshsksgd? :)

Hypothetical YODC Dorama

An idea emerged in this comment I posted elsewhere on the blog;
I thought it was amusing enough to blog ^^ :

In the future I might be like "Uh honey °Erik-a wants a bath... a hot sexy bath. You know I can't do that right? Don't worry °Erik-a mummy will give you a bath. (Daddy can't give hot little girls baths... not even you!*)" XD

* I could in theory (minus the sexy (just so as not to be mean to the kid if she really is dirty and heaven forbid Mommy died in car accident or something... :( but then that wouldn't be funny.**)

** It'd make a good dorama though! (Tsuji for director! Wanton stars. Langdon & Freefall produce. SoG plays Social services! More roles available! ;) )

Original comment

Old post: YODC Roll Call

Hope you have free HD space

Stumbled on a treasure trove (100+ gigs) of media free for download.

Password is thks10

Get while the gettin's good. Anime, dramas, j-pop, PV, asian movies, you name it.

May 29, 2007

J-Music Clip of the Week...Classic Edition

Artists: Sweets
Single: Lolita Strawberry In Summer (Live-Girl Pop Factory)

Lolita Strawberry In Summer video DL

Follow up to Craig's Daicon post

I love it.

Fanime 2007

Re-issue Blaster $60
Unicron Japanese Release $60
flcl Lord Canti $70
God Magnus Japanese Release $40

My internet shiznit was trippin'. Anyways it seems to be working fine now so here's my Fanime 2007 report. I have been looking forward to Fanime all year, I brought a significant load to blow too. I picked up the toys shown above & had a great time, I was disappointed that there were no arcade games set up this year. It also seemed that the musical guests featured could have used some work. It's my guess that money may have played a part in that. I would have loved to have seen ZZ again but they only performed on Thursday night & the event was only open to those who pre registered for the convention.
We sat in for an episode of Kirarin Revolution starring Koharu Kusumi. I have to say I loved it. Both Langdon & I agree that Koharu's stock is rising, I now get a semi boner when I look at her as opposed to just getting pissed off everytime I see her. That my friends says alot about my feeling towards her.

After hanging out all day at the con we went to Sumiya for some yakitori. The food & ambience was off the chain, I felt as though I was back in Tokyo. There were two cute waitresses too that smelled real good, not a trace of grilled meat scent, they smelled like sakura blossom petals. I am definitely going back & possibly gonna ask my favorite waitress for her number.

After dinner Langdon & I stopped by Kinokuniya & picked up an xbox 360 launch guide for $1 & a hobby magazine also for $1 AND here's the kicker....Keyco's best of for $4, holy shit what a deal!

May 28, 2007

Pic of the Day "ALL HAIL JAPAN" Edition

Congrats to Miss Japan Riyo Mori on becoming Miss Universe is my understanding that she will now roam the galaxy as an embassador to the Galactic Senate..hopefully she can convince the Trade Federation to lift their blockade over Naboo..

I thought Miss Korea Honey Lee was pretty damn hot too..

The Leftover Fanime Pics...

R.I.P. Charles Nelson Reilly (1931-2007)



Fanime 2007: Mega Ultra Super Happy Fun Time Photo Gallery Cosplay Picture Parade

...and that was just from the first five minutes.

Mr.... I think we need to talk LOL

(Mr. is the Artist's name ^_^ )

Kaikai Kiki

Daicon ~

Daicon ~ is a sci-fi convetion(?):

Edit: Tsuji's follow up to this post:


May 27, 2007

It's that romantic moment between baby & baby sitter LOL

...when that sort of zen telepathic connection is made ROFL XD :

I'm only joking!


Pic of the Day "Red Carpet Namie" Edition

recent pics of Namie arriving at the MTV VMAJ 2007..her outfit is a bit odd(like she's from the future or something) but Namie is still looking fauckin sexy..

pics found at