Sep 30, 2009

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

Cup O' Toda does sound good right about now

although, it would've been way cooler if Erika was advertising Cup Nude..which is actually an "onacup" **link kinda NSFW

Sep 28, 2009

Recently Acquired

my latest Celga box recently arrived and I couldn't be happier..I believe I mentioned them before but just incase you forgot, celga is a proxy service that helps you bid on yahoo auctions jp as well as purchase stuff from japan based websites that normally don't ship to the, its not free, you do have to pay for their services as well has a bunch of other "fees" but I think its totally worth. I've been able to find a TON of stuff on yahoo jp that I couldn't find on ebay, that I've been looking for a LONG time and at dirt cheap prices, as well as ordering jp exclusive merch from various websites(santastic, onspotz, cap collector, ect...)
this box wasn't as big as the last one celga shipped to me but it sure did included a ton of goodies:

*the elusive Santastic exclusive Hasheem Monchichi that I've been trying to get my hands on for the past 6 years!! AND I didn't have to break the bank, that's not to say I found him really cheap but I did get him for alot less than he previously sold for
*Medicom 12in Merra from Tokyo Tribe2, got him for about $100 cheaper that what he currently sells for on ebay
*Garada K7 and Mazinger vinyl figs from Marmit
* a bunch of Yomiuri Giants vinyl banks, I think I paid less than 20 bucks total for all of them..super cheap and super kakkoii!!

my completed Hasheem self, just missing the Hasheem Bearbrick but that's not something I'm dying to pick up

more Tokyo Tribe goodness
and even more Tokyo Tribe goodness
my newly created NPB shelf(with a coupld Mickey Mouse vinyls in the background)

and the money shot of japanese robo's and as you can see, I've already run out of room..the mini Garada and Mazinger are in there somewhere

oh and I picked up these 2 dvd's the other weekend, still haven't had a chance too peep them but I'm pretty excited to watch Big Man Japan, it looks awesomely weird

Sep 24, 2009

J-Music Clip of the Week

FINALLY a new single from m-flo

Artists: m-flo feat. LISA

The Day After Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

was going through some of the music folders on my comp and found these reminded me that.....I sure do miss Hinoi Team

especially Asuka...yoyzers

and one needs to be reminded, from time to time, just how freakin awesome this video is

yes, you are suffering from deja vu

Sep 19, 2009

Momosu Action

its been awhile since the girls have appeared on a variety show like this, usually they give a quick talk then perform their latest single but on the latest ep of Tokyo Friend Park 2, Morning Musume, along with a few OG members, participate in a bunch of games while looking incredibly hot in little school girl skirts, stockings and some chuck taylor looking sneakers thrown in to complete the sexay ensemble...very niiice

Sep 17, 2009



2010 Calendar Rundown

only 4 months and 2 more pictures to enjoy on your 2009 japanese idol calendar, so why not get an early jump and order your 2010 calendar from our friends at now!!..and as always, if you'd like to buy any of the listed calendars below, be sure to click on the names and it'll take you to the Jlist product page

(recent Hump Day featured beauts)

(notice how Erika is already out of the group shot)

Erina Mano

Shoko Hamada

(including the very kawaii Anna Kawamura)
Yukie Kawamura

Morning Musume

Nozomi Sasaki

Berryz Koubou

Aya Hirano

so who will be adorning Langdon's wall for the next 12+ months? well, I typically have a hard time deciding,usually waiting till December or January to make my decision and purchase but this year, my mind was made up as soon as I saw that she was releasing a 2010 calendar...I'll be staring at Nozomi Sasaki for the next year my friends and I may just go blind from staring so hard

Sep 16, 2009

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

Namie must sleep in a some type of air tight, gigantic tupper ware or something cuz for a woman who has a 11yr old son and will be turning 32 this sunday(9/20), she basically looks the same as when she debuted as a solo artist back in 1995!! okay, maybe she does look a little more mature, in a good way, but damn..she still looks amazing, still can sing and dance her ass off and still has a smile that rivals any young jpop idol(ie my gaki-san) Happy Birthday put the ILF in MILF

and my order of Namie's latest concert dvd, Best Fiction Tour, came in from YesAsia yesterday... incredible concert as always and Namie looks even hotter in 1080p!..especially when she's all sweaty and her body is glistening with beads of sweat..thank you Avex for releasing a Blu Ray version of this only if H!P will follow suit

Sep 12, 2009

SCANDAL makes me cry.

Watching this, I was wondering why the narrator sounded so sad. At 5:19, I found out. Tsuji's gonna need a lot of Kleenex for this. And not for blowing his nose.

Sep 9, 2009

Number 9.9.09, or When Three Nines Clash...

Why, yes, I did look forward to today... why did you ask? Beatles Rock Game for the Xbox, and my first choices for the new remastered CDs: my two favorite Beatle albums ever, Revolver and A Hard Day's Night.

And... if anyone wants to hook up through Xbox Live, I'm cjmarsicano there.

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

maybe I should starting paying attention to AKB48, yeah...maybe I, but I still prefer the girls of Momosu ;)
last and my god, but not least...

need more AKB48 eyecandy? particular Megumi Ohori eyecandy? head on over to CK and YODC's CJ's Meetan worship site

Sep 6, 2009

Diggin' In The Crates "Heavy Metal Blackmail" Edition

I'm sure many of you have heard of a heavy metal band called ManOWar:

I bring this up because their guitarist, Karl Logan, is now offering guitar lessons online for anyone with a Skype account, a guitar, an amp, and a hundred bucks:

Yes, $100. I haven't looked far into it (even though I'm seriously considering getting myself a new guitar soon, and despite the fact that I'm more of a punk rock musician), but there's got to be one way to knock down that price a little...

Suppose I told you that the guy that makes a living doing this...

...started out over 20 years ago with a band that's almost the polar opposite of Manowar?

Artist: Arc Angel
Title: Tracks of My Tears c/w Crazy (For Your Love)
Label: Countach Records
Vinyl: Standard black vinyl; small-hole 45.

Yep, when Karl Logan was still spelling his first name with a "C", the Wilkes-Barre, PA native was playing with a pseudo-Bon Jovi/Ratt glam-metal band called Arc Angel. I know this pretty much personally because I used to see these guys play at least once a month, and got to be friends with him and a couple of the other members over time.

They had a lot of great original tunes, but unforunately for their faithful coal-region following (myself included), the only original they ever released was on the B-side of a single where they Bon Jovi-ized the Smokey Robinson classic.

Whether or not Karl/Carl wants to own up to his hair-metal past is up to him (if he wants to deny it, that can be arranged, too - discounted lesson, transcription of a favorite Black Flag guitar solo, maybe a signed Manowar vinyl) - but having seen the guy several times in his pre-Manowar days (and I was quite surprised when I tried to Google for stuff about Arc Angel and discovered that Carl changed the spelling of his first name and had taken over Ross The Boss' spot in Manowar (so that Ross could go back to his old band, punk legends The Dictators), I can testify on the spot that he was a hell of a guitarist in the Randy Rhoads/Kirk Hammett mode back then - this early single barely hints at his talents, though.

I have two copies of the single - both signed by the entire Arc Angel lineup at the time (for the purposes of this blog entry, I airbrushed them out) - I wonder how much one of the copies would fetch from a diehard Manowar collector on eBay?

Sep 5, 2009

Dance You, uh Bitches, Dance Like The Wind

and now, with no mask!!

"aikawa kozue" aka xxxayu3 also posted this vid earlier today but disabled the embed for some reason

Sep 2, 2009

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

things are always better in pairs right?..of course they are, then how bout twins?...the very 22 and good Anna and Reina Aoi everyone...enjoy

there's no nasty bits showing or anything but maybe you enjoy reading YODC while at work, like myself, but afraid someone might peak over your shoulder and see you staring at girls in bikini's(mmmmmm..bikini's) so here's our good ol' friend Sexual Harassment Panda giving you fair warning for the pics below..