Jul 31, 2006

Oh Hell Yeah!

Domo kun, word to JList.

Naruto sucks fatcock, but this mask was one of the kick ass freebies that DMS brought back from Comicon for me.
Then the idea strikes me....why not turn tonight into Eriku cosplay night. Afterall...I am feeling a little freaky.

Jul 30, 2006

Dance You Bastard!!! Dance Like The Wind!!! Volume 5

and I mean "bastard" with the utmost respect...but what sets this dancing devotee from the rest is that Craig from All in 1.. pours his heart and soul into the routine..so beautifully done....the girls of Berryz would be so proud..

Honey & Clover

I love Honey & Clover. I watched the first season & got sucked in immediately. The music was great, I loved the art style as well.

About a group of friends going to an art school, it kinda reminded me of the dorama Orange Days in a way, minus the hot chick with a disability. Moving on....if you dig slice of life stories I recommend picking this up.


Here Takumi's taking a strategy out of the ole' Tsuji Eriku playbook called "Shaming & badgering the girl that likes your co-worker into falling for you" aka "Taking advantage of a confused & vulnerable hottie" aka "player hating on a co-worker but it's ok because the chick is steaming hot" watch the whole clip it's classic text book. What a prick. That "morning after" scene is CLASSIC. Enjoy.

"WALTZ" by Suneohair

Jul 27, 2006

Goodies from heaven AKA Deep-fried Oreos

They may not look that pretty, but seriously, fried dough wrapped around an oreo is INCREDIBLE.

Today was a staff field trip day and our boss treated everyone to rollercoasters and funnel cakes at Marine World.

But a funny thing happened at the funnel cake stand. Someone noticed the Oreos dipped in funnel cake batter and deep-fried. It was all over. I have no words to describe the taste of crunchy hot dough wrapped around a warm cookie.

And if you can't pony up the cash to go to Marine World, you can make this yourself at your house.

Better yet -- A-Team... deep-fry party at Tsuji's house. Bring stuff to dip in batter. No, Thongchai, not your genitals. We can sit around and play Guitar Hero or watch videos or sumpthin.

I think Mana & Harisu are hot... but I'm not gay.

Eriku says: "I'd beat those"

I think this pic is what started it, along with my many daydreams of Kyoko Fukada in her Kamikaze Girls getup.

Well, I'm happy if that's what you mean.

You may wonder what brought this blog post on. Gee willikers let me tell you. I had a dream that I was getting it on with Mana from Malice Mizer. I think what sparked the whole sinful slumber episode was a pic I found of Mana while surfing yesterday. Um...to me....she er...he looks exactly like a super hot dead chick from the Rococco period. There I said it. Mana looks hot in that pic. I would never get it on with Mana in real life because she er... HE has male organs. Never happen. Impossible. Not in a million years so quit asking me. Just drop it already.

All day today I thought about the crazy dream. It's kinda funny. In my dream though Mana was ALL woman. So that proves that I'm not gay.

Then I thought of the trap I set for my friends awhile back when I discovered Harisu. I read about her in Giant Robot magazine I think. So when my friends came over I'd be like check this chick out. They all looked & were like DAMN she's hot woohoo. I kinda egged em' on for awhile before letting them all know the truth. What's that you ask? The truth is Harisu used to be a dude! Then they all were like you think Harisu's hot? Dude you're a homo. Yeah I would get it on with Harisu cause she is post op with a semi functionable vagina. There's the catch vagina.

Not only do I find Mana hot in a strange way but mana also scares the shit out of me.

Harisu on the other hand does not scare me.

J-Music Clip of the Week...Classic Edition

Artist: Morning Musume
Single: Lemon Iro to Milk Tea (sweaty and sexy version)

Lemon Iro to Milk Tea video DL

Jul 26, 2006

FLOW desu

Hikaru gave me a copy of FLOW's Golden Coast & I was impressed. They kept it light & had a great variety of vibes on that album. I was browsing youtube & found some stuff from FLOW that I hadn't heard & I thought y'all would enjoy. It's very scary how one of the vocalists looks & dresses like me. Scary.

I guess they're on TOFU Records now which means they'll have a U.S release. (in my gayest voice) YAY!

This next one's on the album Hikaru gave me it's called "Stay Gold"

If you dig what you heard support the dudes.

Then & Now

I was doing a little surfing since I have the day off today. I stumbled upon this site that I had seen before called JPOP Trash me thinks but it basically, from what I can gather, just posts pictures of Japanese stars from back in the day. Wow, alot of the Momosu girls were cutie pies when they were little ones. There were a few shockers in there though like the pic of Yuko Ogura (shiver). Based on that pic who'd have thunk she would have become the object of my desire & in the top 10 list of personal spank material? Not me that's for sure.

J-Music Clip of the Week

Artist: GAM (Aya Matsuura & Miki Fujimoto)
Single: Thanks!

Thanks! preview

Thanks! full song DL

*radio rip..so the quality isn't the best...

Mirage Romance full song DL

Jul 25, 2006

A Very Special Pic Of the Day.."1 Year of YODC Excellence"..Edition

hard to believe that Your Opinion Doesn't Count has been around for one whole freakin' year now and to say that this blog has really changed since its humble beginning, is quite an understatement....when Freefall started it, I don't think he had any intention or any idea that it would turn into basically a forum for sick minded individuals and there not so healthy obsession with all things Japan...but it happened...overnight it seemed...and just as quickly as the subject matter of the blog changed..A LOT of the original team members simply disappeared...maybe they just didn't have that "drive" to continually post something..or maybe(most likely) they were just put off by the dominant Jpop related content...whatever the case..GOOD FREAKIN' RIDDANCE!!...they had nothing to offer anyways!!!...bunch of no talent hacks!!...dead weight...simply dead weight...

but the remaining team marches on...so for those who continue to contribute, even occasionally, keep on on truckin'...AND for those who couldn't hang...SUCK MY SALTY BALLS....oh and to the readers/reader out there, thanks for the support...with a special thanks to KagoFeet of don't touch my jpop! and Ray over at American Wota/Cult of Pop....and now..a very special Pic Of the Day....cue the Benny Hill music...

Happy Geburtstag! (That's happy bday you german bastard!)

Waddup YODC crew! Just wanted to say Happy Bday to the blog. Though I haven't been contributing much in the past months I always stop by to read the interesting posts you all leave. From Tsuji's jpop picks to Langdon's underage Japanese girl pic of the week to even Samuel Weinstein's Bollywood Hotties. It's all good. Anyways, here's a clip I'm sure y'all jerk yourselves to. Enjoy! Happy Geburtstag!

and for good measure, Crystal Kay-Can't Be Stopped PV

Happy Berfday you effing Bumouts.

YODC Class of 2006
Yo that's me Tsuji in the back left chillin' with my favorite yellow cow plush "Niku"
Langdon's the one in the front middle holding his stuffed Koala on his crotch smiling

Well it's been a year that this nerdhole has been around huh. I am proud to say that we have contributed nothing useful to society this entire year. Hehe. In the time I have contributed to this blog I've managed to offend at least three A-Team members that I can think of & nearly got into a fist fight at least twice with Langdon. It's been fun though. Langdon says I've offended some members into not posting anymore. I can't take all the blame for that. He's done his fair share of leaving scathingly sarcastic comments leaving the poster feeling like a dumbass. Was it even necessary for me to have the words scathingly & sarcastic in one sentence? Anyways, it's been fun & the minute it isn't fun anymore I'm outta here. Be forewarned that I am currently in talks with my agent & a very well known blog publisher that wants me to head up a new jpop blog called the JPOP Circle Jerk. You asses stop making me laugh & that's it....Sayonara.

The Team & I were walking home from school today walking past the playground when Langdon blurts out "holy shit, is that Hikaru sitting on the teacups?" Since he's been avoiding us lately we decided to teach his ass a lesson & spin the teacups around until he vomited. Enjoy the video. Ja ne!

One Year Later

Langdon noted that today marks the one year anniversary of the blog. Celebratory posts from the A-Team are welcome. Tell us how YODC has changed your life.

...so I can make fun of you in the comments.

--Freefall Jones

Levende Thursdays: Drinks on me!

Couple weeks ago, I hit up my regular thursday night watering hole: Levende Lounge in SF. Every thursday, DJ Sake 1 holds it down with special guest djs from around the world. Celebs such as Jason Richardson, Baron Davis, Robin Thicke (Alan Thicke's son!), M-1 (dead prez), and RhymeFest have been known to show up and hang out. It's basically one of those spots to be seen at.

So on this particular thursday, Jewelz, J-What and I were celebrating the 28th b-day of my homey 'tha Ricksta.' Jewelz talked his homegirls to leave some party at Duplex and show up at Levende. So we're all chillin and into our 3rd round of drinks and crackin' jokes, makin fun of people, the usual shit we do at Levende. While 'tha Ricksta' was at the bar, J-What and I were discussing politics (and/or doing impressions of local rappers, I was too drunk to remember). Jewelz was chopping it up with his fellow 707 cohorts when the unthinkable happened. Some random dude tried hollering at his girl...well, not really his girl...let's just name her "B"...wait, no let's call her..."N" ----yeah, "N" As "N" tells dude she's not interested, random dude gets real aggressive, to the point where he's grabbing on "N." Fed up, "N" pushes dude off her, thus pissing off dude. So what does random dude do? He throws his drink at her! I shit you not, it seemed like the dude had a whole pitcher of beer, cuz he got all the girls wet, Jewelz wet, the fucken wall wet, 2 tables wet, some random black chick wet, as well as J-What and myself (we were a good 5 feet away from the incident). As the girls are telling dude off, Jewelz acts as a barrier between dude and his crew and the girls. J-What and I are thinking that Jewelz is gonna have to throw down, so we make our way to back him up, but security quickly dissolves the situation. With the help of the wet black chick (who points dude out), dude gets thrown out. The girls go outside to get some fresh air, while the rest of us are bewildered at the whole situation. I mean, the dude threw his drink at a female. Who does that shit? I thought that only happens in bad 80's sitcoms. It seemed so surreal.

Anyfuckenway, after a 1 week hiatus, I'll be returning to Levende to catch special guest DJ Eleven. And if anybody steps up, I'll be packing (waterballoons, ready to be filled up in the bathroom)! See ya next thursday.

Jul 24, 2006


AND I don't think I need to sell any oranges...maybe pull a few weeds though....but Comic Con 2006 is over and let me tell you...I'm exhausted and my wallet is a lot thinner...for those who have never been to this "geek orgy"..it truly is quite an experience...probably unlike any "con" you've ever been to with all facets of nerdiness (movies ,comics, toys, anime, videogames, tv shows, ect...) compiled into one ridiculously huge, overcrowded, sweat stenched filled room...
unfortunately I didn't get to take as many pics as I would've liked too, it was just too damn crowded and difficult to take a decent shot(for me atleast) but Freefall Jones was able to make the trip down as well (his job actually sent him down to cover the convention..) so hopefully he'll post some of the pictures that he was able to take...AND for the ones that I did take...I'll have them all posted on the blog in the coming days...

and before I go...here are a few random SDCC 2006 observations...

  • if you are willing to travel and spend a good amount of money on a ticket just to get into a convention...you sir are a freakin' nerd, otaku, whatever...and yes, I have come to terms with that...
  • on the other hand..you are not alone...there were probably well over 100,000 people in attendance this year during the 5day event
  • if you insist on not growing up and still want to collect toys...I suggest you collect vinyl figures aka "designer vinyl" "urban vinyl".....why you ask?...because HOT CHICS LOVE VINYL FIGURES!!!...seriously..there were more than a few beauties wondering around the con itself but a majority of them were in what I call Vinyl Alley...it was a section of the convention floor where a lot of the designers had there booths(kidrobot, uglydolls, tokidoki...) and no it wasn't because the girls boyfriends dragged them there...I mean these girls were hardcore vinyl addicts willing to wait in line for hours just to get some exclusive shit or to get something signed...
  • out of the hundreds of booths hocking and showcasing there goods...why didn't companies like RightGuard, Febreeze, Tag Body Spray or even freakin Lysol have a some type of presence?...seriously...they were some people in that place that were smelling more than ripe...you could be walking along, minding your own business when suddenly you get punched in the face with this smell being emitted by some overgrown manbeast wearing a XXL sized Hellboy B.P.R.D shirt that isn't quite big enough whose getting the most excercise he's had in his life because for him, walking around the convention floor is like running a marathon...

and why haven't these companies picked up on this need for B.O relief?...I imagine if they make a car freshner, that could also be strapped around the neck of the con going behemoths and slap a picture of Naruto on there or something...those guys would eat it up!!...not literally...I hope...it would not only be beneficiary for them but for EVERYONE in there vicinity...hell, they could even start a jpop line...if they had a Namie air freshner that smelled like strawberries and champagne(cuz you know, thats probably the smell her sweet nice and fit body produces) I'd be all over that!!...and I DO mean that literally....

Jul 22, 2006

Around the World

This is a pretty catchy tune by a group called Monkey Majik

Now prepare to be amazed by Hinoi Team performing the song. I loved how they "get low" in this routine. So kawaii. So wrong. Oh, just pretend that you can't see Maeda Ken in the front.

JRap Attack All frames of the game edition.

When I picked up Rip Slyme's Tokyo Classic I wasn't too keen on the track "Rakuen Baby"
until I saw this performed live on an NHK show. Then I started to dig the song even more.

There's a few gems that I bump from Zeebra, his delivery leaves himself open to DMX/Ja Rule jokes but I've stopped caring about haters a while ago. I dig the production on this track. Old but good

This cat DABO impressed me with Redrum, ever since then I would browse youtube for stuff from him & he would deliver quite often. I love his flow & the production on this one. DEF JAM Japan's DABO...

Jul 20, 2006

See You Later Jerktown!!!

damnit...it's been real hot out here in the Bay Area....so hot that it'll give you a headache...no joke...the temp hit 106 in my area just the other day..you know what that means?..I gotta get the hell outta dodge and there's no better destination than sunny San Diego....lucky for me, the uber huge geek fest known as Comic Con will be taking place while I'm down there...AND of course I will be attending(c'mon, I gotta keep my streak going...this will be my 4th straight year)...now you won't see me dawning some freakin costume or anything, I'm not THAT big of a dork(plus I got kicked out last year for sporting a Slim Good Body outfit) but I will be running around the convention floor hunting down all those oh-so exclusive goodies....hopefully I won't spend all my loot or I might have to resort to selling some oranges on the corner or doing some minor landscaping...

...so stay tuned...I'll be taking plenty of pics and will bring to you the official YODC-SDCC 2006 Report in the coming days....

Jul 19, 2006

J-Music Clip of the Week

Artist: Naohito Fujiki
Single: HEY! FRIENDS (Gal Circle Theme Song)

HEY! FRIENDS (Gal Circle Theme Song) video DL

actress Erika Toda, who stars in the dorama Gal Circle, also makes an appearance in the PV..

Jul 17, 2006

Bollywood Babes

Another edition of Bollywood Babes comin' at you.

I better hurry up, I gotta go to the temple. The case of schphyllcis has gone away. I really should stop messing around with dirty British whores with bad teeth.

Meghna Naidu
Another one of those actresses that only seems to show up when Bollywood goes crazy with them songs in those movies.

Only problem with those songs are that they are still doing disco. She is nice to look at and apparently in India. Someone stole some nekked pictures of her and texted them all over the Country.

Boy, I wish I was technically savvy. That's one thing I can pray Hanukkah Harry for at Chanukah.

Jul 15, 2006

Zeebra "Street Dreams" = Japanese Rap That Doesn't Suck

This is one of my all time favorite tracks from Zeebra. I first heard it courtesy of the Nihon no Hip Hop beat diggin skills of our very own Hikaru. He gave me this track & after bumpin' it I thought it was a heater fo' sho'. Ja Rule jokes aside the song is a burner. In the PV you can see that there's a lot of pride within the Nihon no Hip Hop community & he gives tribute to alot of the heavy hitters that are doing their thing. I like that alot.

Regardless of what people in the States think or feel about artists like Zeebra, Rip Slyme, DABO, KREVA, Teriyaki Boyz etc etc. Japan has it's own brand of Rap music & if you're willing to give it a try then you'll be pleasantly surprised & refreshed. Kite kudasai!

Jul 14, 2006

Pic of the Day..."Return of the Yaguchan"...Edition

word is out that the tiny and spunky Mari Yaguchi will be making her much anticipated return to the UFA/Hello! Project universe via a brand new unit....it's about freakin' time!!....hopefully we'll see her pop up on some Hello! Morning episodes really soon....

courtesy of the Hello-Online.org BBS:

..The people who brought us Morning Musume are going to be using their artists to pimp Walkie Bits, an Tomy turtle toy that is very popular with young girls and office ladies. There will be 6 new Walkie Bits toys, pimped by 7 girls from UFA who will also form a new unit just for the toy. In the works are stationary and letter items, more toys, video games, cakes, and other things that young girls and office ladies purchase without thinking about it first. The pimping begins will Mari Yaguchi. More CM's and members will follow..

Jul 12, 2006

Para Para

you gotta love a country where kawaii gals just jump into a public fountain & start doing para para...I think Langdon said....Nihon wa xanadu desu.

Kawaii Gals doing their para para thing in the streets

dancing para para is fun ne. no I wouldn't dance para para anywhere but in my shower I got an image to uphold.

Hinoi Team version "Play With the Numbers"
Yeah...there's 4 I'd like to play with.

I am mesmerized by Hinoi Team. So kawaii. So wrong. But I have to admit they are my para para dream girls.

I think I figured out why I like para para. It kinda reminds me of that old school high energy vibe that I used to dig. Hell I like to watch kawaii honeys para anytime...but yeah it kinda reminds me of a super charged high energy sound.

Pic of the Day..."17 and Good"...Edition...

WOOHOO!!!...Sayumi turns the big 17 today....one year away from becoming a legal adult(in the good ol' U.S of A that is)...unfortunately, the legal "adult age" in Japan is 20 so here's hoping she finds her way to our shores soon....but I digress...so Happy Birthday to you Sayumin and may your potential talent continue to grow....


oh..and when I say talent...I don't mean singing and dancing cuz lets be honest...this girl isn't the best dancer in the group and she definitely doesn't have the strongest voice....

Pic of the Day: Lady in Red...

A couple weeks ago, I hit up Club6 in SF to watch my neighbor perform. He was the opening act for the 3 the Hard Way tour. I also had to drop off a cd of photography work I did for some of my dj folks. I decided to bring my camera and take pics of the event. I peeped this cutie while snapping pics, and then had to position myself on the other side of the stage to get a good angle and pretend I was getting shots of Scarub. Oh yeah, Club6 is 21 and over, so she might be a little too old for you guys (she ain't no J-Pop teeny bopper).

Jul 11, 2006

J-Music Clip of the Week

Artist: Ai Takahashi
Single: Yume Kara Samete from the dorama Doutoku Joshi Tandai Eco-ken

Yume Kara Samete preview

Yume Kara Samete full song DL

Jul 10, 2006

Return of the...

Sam Weinstein back from the World Cup. Damn you France, damn you to hell.

I'm getting schphyllcis from my ganectagazoink.

Here is something that will satisfy every man's need for Bollywood Babes.

Yana Gupta
She's not in movies but this chick is tres fine. Funny thing is that she doesn't even look Indian but does that really matter????

She'a appeared in a few Indi-pop videos, and boy do I wish I had some to post because this chick can sure move.

Didn't I?.................

Jul 8, 2006

J-Music Clip Of the Week *Bonus Clip

Artist: Morning Musume
Single: Ambitious! Yashinteki de Iijan (POPJAM performance -aka- REEEALLY Short Skirts Version)

Ambitious! Yashinteki de Iijan video DL

Return of THE HOFF

Mitch Baywatch is back ladies...and he brought KITT with him this time...

people always put down The Hoff...but let's not forget that he was the first person to ever perform on the Berlin Wall....and they quickly tore it down afterwards....

Jul 7, 2006

Pic of the Day..."I'd Like to Ride That Suzuki"...Edition

so what do you get when you cross something chinese and something japanese?...if you said Sweet and Sour Sushi you'd be totally wrong...the correct answer is Emi Suzuki. Emichee(as her fans call her) is another one of the hot young starlets that appears in the jdoroma Gal Circle. Besides being an actress, this half japanese and half chinese idol is also a model and a singer, formerly of the group Juemilia


and here are a couple Juemilia PVs

first is Juemilia's cover of tAtU's "All the Things She Said"

next is there PV for the single "Reset"

Hyde at the Fillmore! and the Mighty Gaijin Otaku

evening jpop fans. yesterday i was fortunate enough to go see HYDE in concert at the Fillmore in San Francisco. This was my first Japanese Rock Band concert I've been to. I have to say that Hyde rocked it! Today I'm blogging about it. Let's start from the beginning. grab some pocky sticks. it's gonna be awhile.

5:oopm My little sister and I arrived at the Fillmore. No surprises here. The line was already long with people from all walks of life. You had gaijin all over the place dressed like it was a freakin' anime convention. You had otaku's sitting down indian style reading their Manga. Not just one person was doing that. It seemed that every other otaku had one...You also have the obnoxious "hyper" otaku running around like Curious George trying to go around being "cool" to everyone and getting up in your business. I felt like punching him in his face. Anyways. You also have the fat girl otaku's showing their wiggly jiggly gigiddy gigiddy boobs. Then you have the girl otaku with the stuffed animals. What's the relevance of bringing stuffed animals to a Rock Concert? Then you have the cool guys like myself putting up a front like i'm not an otaku, but really am. I just don't look like one. I know, I'm so pitiful. But hey iz all good.

7:00pm It's freakin' cold. My little sister and I had to brave the cold knowing that It will be hotter inside the Fillmore. Some bastard that lived in the apartment above from where i was standing decided to water his plants. The bastard spilled some water on me. Normally, i wouldn't mind because its water. But, hell it's freakin' cold! What a bastard.

8:00pm Doors open. Finally, the line moves. I finally could see more people. There were a couple of cuties in line. Reality kicks in and damn. Might as well put on the cuffs, man.

9:00pm Hyde makes his presence. The girls and otaku's go wild! my phone almost confiscated for trying to take pictures of Hyde and his band. Damn. Hyde's set was cool. Everyone was singing, jumping, and having a good time. My legs were a little fatigued from jumping and moshing. There was this japanese chick standing in front of me who kept rubbing her ass on my rooster. Like a good sumaritan I let her do her thang. My rooster is happy and crowing. She turned around and smiled. I didn't know what to say, but SUGOI!!! We both started laughing. Fun times y'all. fun times. Despite all the crackpot pooh i've been talking about otaku's. There's one thing I like about them. Comradory(did i spell that right?) Yes, deep down they are good people. Always showing love to each other. All they want to do is make friends and join their otaku brethren. Boku wa otaku desu ka? Yes, I am. But not your typical stereotypical one.

1200am the concert finishes. My sister and I tried to stick around to see if Hyde would come out and play and give out autographs. I don't think he did. We were there for awhile. He didn't show up so we left. I would be pissed if he came out after we left. Oh well. We had a good time. Waiting in line for three hours was interesting, but fun. Omoshirokatta and Tanoshikatta. I just wish I had some pictures to show y'all. maybe next time.

Jul 6, 2006