Aug 30, 2006

Tsuji on Film

I squirted a few tears after watching this one. Ok, well...maybe more than a few tears. If you guys can pick one moment in your life, the happiest moment in your life, to relive for all of eternity, what would it be? You've got a week to decide, choose wisely.

"Tony Takitani"
I loved this movie, peep it out. Thanks to Jo San for hooking me up with it. There once was a time when I felt as lonely as our boy Tony. I loved the way they shot this, it really captures the mood. I recommend you watching this on a Sunday afternoon after a hard weekend, while you're vegging out pop in Tony Takitani. If you got a girlfriend that will sit still through a movie like this, watch it with her, I'll bet you hug her with more passion & let her get away with her extravagant spending after seeing this ending. Kinda depressing....

"All About Lily Chou Chou"
Another one of these depressing mind fucks. But hey we all fiend for the ether ne. Great music in this. The way Yuichi loves Lily & obsesses over her kinda reminds me of some of you guys & your sicko tendencies. Nice twist in the story with a tragic tragic ending. Watch this with your hip scenster art student girlfriend but oh wait she already saw it with her ex boyfriend that was way more hip than you are. Gomen ne.

No No No...THIS Pic is for Tsuji..

um..not exactly sure what your girl is doing in this pic Eriku..

This Pic is for Tsuji

It's Yajima Maimi of C-ute :) :

Free Image Hosting at

I found it @


Shark-jump warning: Reno 911!

Okay. We all love Reno 911!, but... a dream sequence? A DREAM SEQUENCE?

I know this is supposed to be a fake docudrama parodying Cops, but seeing what the characters are dreaming about sort of ruins the whole documentary feel. At least Deputy Junior waking up with a boner was a good laugh.

So --not a "jump the shark" moment (I think), but the Reno Sheriff's Department is on notice*.

*The "notice" is not actually binding or of any merit

Aug 29, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

It's hip to like this movie. It's got a good ensemble cast playing quirky, depressing characters thrown together in quirky, depressing situations. And it's got the appropriate alterna-retro soundtrack to match. Little Miss Sunshine is a well-packaged, smartly-marketed, hipster flick disguised as an indie film.

The story? A suicidal Proust scholar is left in the care of his sister and her family. This includes her husband, an aspiring motivational speaker; her son, a Nietschze disciple and aspiring Air Force Academy cadet currently taking a vow of silence; her daughter, an aspiring prepubescent beauty queen; and her father-in-law, a loudmouth cocaine addict.

See? Quirky, depressing characters.

High-school drama students must have flocked to this thing the same way the hyphy kids flocked to Idlewild.

What bothered me about Sunshine was that it didn't feel original. It borrowed a little from National Lampoon's Vacation, a little from Napoleon Dynamite, and A LOT from every Wes Anderson film you've ever seen. But for all its "influences", it didn't seem to have much of their subtlety. And awkward situations that were meant to be funny, just didn't make me laugh.


Who are Freefall Jones and EGMCruz?

Dance You Bastards!!!Dance Like The Wind!!! Volumes 8 thru 10

more like Hi-NO Team...

Aug 28, 2006

J-Music Clip Of the Week

Artist: Hinoi Team
Single: Now and Forever (dance shot ver.)

Now and Forever video DL

Go to Yoyogi park & see What it do.

Here's an indie band Naughty John rocking out at Yoyogi Park. I think I just found my new favorite band. Next trip I plan on picking up all the cd's I can get my hands on of these guys, hopefully they will feature more of the same type of music.

Nakashima Mika

"Glamorous Sky" as performed in Nana!

Pick up the Movie, Manga, & the soundtrack now, you won't regret it.

Shameless Plug...What We All Should Be Wearing..

don't deny it..we all know its why not say it proudly on a shirt? know the babes would really dig it...its a guaranteed chick magnet!..seriously...that's a proven scientific fact!!..Professor's Martin Van Nostrand and Cal Varnson of the University of Learning and Education, came to this conclusion after many years of buy one now and WOW the ladies...
(click pic to purchase shirt)

"When we made our first "Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend" funny Japanese T-shirt back in 1997, we had no idea what a cult we were creating. Apparently there's a whole bunch of guys in the world who wouldn't mind getting attention from Japanese females in the world. Our best-selling T-shirt ever, this shirt features clear, clean text and a message that is perhaps best translated as "Now accepting applications for Japanese girlfriends." Features a nice red "rising sun of Japan" in the design. You never know what conversation this T-shirt could start, or where it might lead!"

Aug 26, 2006

Not J-Music Clip of the Week: KLYMAXX

Pic of the Day..."Glory Days"...Edition

just finished watching the first six episodes of what I believe to be the best damn dorama EVER..its called Shimokita Glory Days..I'll write more about the show later but todays POD selection is one of the actresses from Glory Days...her name is Honoka...besides being a dorama actress, she's also a AV idol..and I should mention that she's not the only AV Idol on the show..Sora Aoi and Asami Yuma are on there as well...with the rest of the female cast being gravure idols...told you it was the greatest dorama ever...


J-Music Clip of the Week: ZYX


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Aug 24, 2006

The REAL Transformers

Forget blue-flamin' Optimus and Guyver-lookin' Megatron...

(and it ain't Jazz if it ain't Scatman Crothers)

Transformers The Movie...

alright are some leaked pics from the upcoming Transformers movie that Michael Bay will be releasing next summer...also, here is the "official" list of Autobots and Decepticons that will be appearing in the movie according to ...

Optimus Prime


Optimus Prime



and apparently this is Bumblebee in his robot form..oh..and he's no longer a Volkswagon bug

Dance You Bastard!!!..Dance Like The Wind!! Volume 7

okay..most of you are way too young to remember this..or you didn't watch enough Nick at Nite growing up but THIS guy right here puts all you dancing bastards to bed!!...sorry without further adieu...ladies and gentlemen...GENE....GENE...THE DANCING MACHINE!!!!

Pic of the Day..."More GAM For That Ass"...Edition

aw yeah..let the media blitz begin!...with the impending release of GAM's debut looks like Aya and Miki have begun to heavily promote their latest project...

these scans have are currently floating around on the various H!P dedicated boards..not exactly sure what magazine they're from..

..and let me say it again..I hope the HP higher ups answer my prayers and release another photobook featuring this dynamic duo...they just have too..

"The Movement"

I need to get this off my chest and what better way is to vent to the team.

The Bay Area is in this period called, the "Hyphy Movement." I think this is one of the most annoying times for the Bay Area to be recognized. My opinion is the "movement" is a spin off of the South's Crunk movement and the Houston music scene. I think its funny when I read on different Hip-Hop websites that there is a little history of this "movement."

For example, this is taken from and this is coming from Davey D from all people!

"The terminology of getting dumb or getting stupid has been around for a while, says Hip-Hop historian Davey D. Most people, that are old enough, they remember [80s rapper and producer team] Just Ice and Mantronix. They had a song called Cold Getting Dumb. That really meant to release your energy and just not care. There was another song called Get Retarded."

"Davey D, an activist that resides in Oakland, stated that the notion of Hyphy has manifested itself through the years through terms like buckwild, getting stupid,get a little stupid, and get ill. Later down the road, you had people like Digital Underground that talked about getting stupid and, if you look at the Humpty Dance,it kind of reminds me of certain parts of Hyphy, Davey D says. I dont know if cats that are [getting hyphy] today are old enough to know that history, but I do think its something to note.

Come on Davey D!! Its not even close to being the Humpty Dance. Just like what the people say its COLD STUPID AND DUMB...ITS TRUE, this s**t is dumb and stupid...Is that how you want to portray yourselves to the public???

I could go and on about this topic, but I think its funny how the rappers are trying to be "up on this movement." Its just another way to make more money and give a big middle finger to the quality music the Bay puts out. (Sorry Zion I, Goapele, Hiero, etc etc your music is going to be considered HYPHY)

One last note, its just a trend that will last for a few months and once the fire fizzles out, it will be a forgotten trend in Hip-Hop and be on VH1's 40 Least Hip Hop Moments.

Aug 23, 2006

Pic of the Day..."Sayonara Baby"...Edition

so Makoto Ogawa will be graduating from Morning Musume in a few days to study english abroad..has info leaked yet on where she'll be studying? guess is Guam since its very close to get ready to roll out that welcome mat you Guami Bears!!...but before Mako-chan says goodbye to her legions(?) of fans, a new photobook will be released for them to enjoy and silently sob while flipping through the pages..

here's some screens from the making of her new photobook Natsu no Uta(I think thats the name of it..) and damnit..she is looking really good..


Michael Jackson's "Beat It" Music Video

on YouTube:

LOL this 1 is for world peace :D

Aug 22, 2006

Tsunku is Our GOD!

Take a look & see what kami sama was doing before he created his kawaii army & turned us all into his slaves! If you watch past the opening sequence you will be rewarded with a catchy pop tune sung only the way Tsunku knows how.

Anybody out there have a copy of this they'd like to share with me?

C-ute - Ookinaaide Motenashite

As on Hello! Morning 13/8/06.
It's kinda what you'd expect
but there's something very important about it...

Image Hosted by



I have a concern, a serious concern. Look at Koharu back in the day:

Image Hosted by

Now what exactly did Tsunku see in her?
Other than the look of someone who might give him a BLOWJOB?

Image Hosted by

This man is suspicious.

Aug 21, 2006

half-Celebrity look-a-likes

One is the suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey murder (and may I add a fancy dresser, dressin' kinda Furley in Seinfled's "Baby Blue"). The other is an accompished dj, producer, and founder of Stonesthrow records.

I mean, did the authorities confiscate his belt (potential weapon) or did John Mark Karr (I love how potential suspects are always labled with their full name) find the perfect pair of khakis?

For more interesting photographs (by yours truly and DJ NeoGeo), click here. I hear there's a lotta Fairfield people in this set of pics.

Berryz Kobo - DVD MAGAZINE vol.7 Review


You know the deal this is available to buy or at the H!O Tracker.
Either way no one has a gun to your head.

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Chinami is looking cool.

Image Hosted by

Saki's tag is cool.

Image Hosted by

Momoko smiling, its worth it :)

Image Hosted by

Maasa is looking alright.

Image Hosted by

That's happiness right there...

Image Hosted by

with a quick transition into cute :)

Image Hosted by

Miyabi is sick of you :P

Image Hosted by

Momoko is cool with it man she holds that pose for ages :O .
She is of the world man, of the world :)

Image Hosted by

Yes practice that dance in the background!
Those 2 rocked it in the Nyoki Nyoki Concert :)

Image Hosted by

... Lungs o.o

Image Hosted by

Momo got back.

Image Hosted by

Miyabi's cool when she does her little move here.

Image Hosted by

We get to see a lot of Saki's dance again from another angle.
Now someone was saying somewhere that it's not so good when you see it all in one shot and while I agree it looks different I still think Saki rocks it.

Image Hosted by

Saki's practising it here, that's cool.

Image Hosted by

They're blowing this flower-thing that's reason enough for me :)

Image Hosted by

Saki is still practising, mecha cool.

Image Hosted by

(Notice the subtitle.) Saki makes good film!
Proper still, proper documentary style
(even her line of questioning works well in that style).

Image Hosted by

The fans look a lot friendlier here than they do at the concerts :)

Image Hosted by

LOL (don't worry Chinami is doing that deliberately :) )

Image Hosted by

You can't see it but Momo is using her deep voice :)
I think it must be an accent or something
(some kind of inner city thing maybe).

Image Hosted by

That's it. Saki says goodbye and it's over :) I'm out too.