Jan 31, 2007


Tsuji's dinner 01/31/07
Grandma cooked some noodles, I doused it with Sriracha so my shit is gonna burn my ass tomorrow morning.

℃-ute Maimi

Let's Make An Optimus Prime Out Of Paper Shall We..

this is perfect for when you have time to kill at work and you want to impress the other nerds in the office..they'll come by your cubicle and say "Ooooo..Opthumus Thprime..that's thsweeet!!..how'd you make that?!!"...and you can just tell them "GET YOUR ORANGE CHEETO COVERED FINGERS OFF MY SHIT ARVID!!!"...but then they'll turn around, run straight to there desk and google "optimus prime paper figure" and find this

AND if the cute chic in the office stumbles upon "THE GREATEST AUTOBOT LEADER...EVER" sitting on your desk..you can just tell her that your nephew made it for you...she'll think its sweet and want to jump your bones...

Jan 30, 2007

Wish Room: Tenshi no Kioku
(Angel's Memory)

In the U.S., this Nintendo DS game is called Hotel Dusk: Room 215, and it's about a detective unraveling a mystery in some rundown hotel circa 1979.

I'd never heard of this game until it came in to the EGM offices for review--no one had really heard of it--but one of the reviewers actually thought it was awesome enough to give it at "10".

He didn't really give away too much about the game, but I do know that you hold he DS sideways, and I really like the artwork from what I've seen. You explore rooms and interview characters to solve the mystery--but you also have to use all the functionality of the DS: touch screen, microphone, and even the sleep mode.

Hopefully this unique game will find an audience here in the states. It's gotten some good internet buzz, but when I was EB/Gamestop a few weeks ago, I asked the employees when Hotel Dusk was coming out and they were like, "huh?" They looked it up and found nothing--despite the fact that there were three preview cases on their "Coming Soon" shelf.

Was their ignorance their own fault? Maybe. But maybe not,...Nintendo didn't really promote the release of this game at all, and when I went back to EB to buy one over the weekend, the clerk told me they were sold out, which was a surprise to him since the game didn't have any announced release date or pre-sale. He said it, "just showed one day and we put it out."

--Freefall Jones

Jan 29, 2007

Linda リンダ Linda リンダ Linda リンダ

click me
Linda Linda Linda dvd cover
to be released in the U.S. by VIZ Media April 24, 2007


movie version

Paran Maum plays "Linda Linda" by The Blue Hearts

The movie version kicks alot of ass...

Paran maum "Owaranai Uta" movie clip

Dance You Bastards!! Dance Like The Wind!! Volume 81

as seen on TV In Japan and congrats to TIJ for being featured on G4TV's Attack of the Show

"I wanna fuck you"

[YouTube vid]
by CJ Marsicano :)

Jan 28, 2007


Because every single one of us loves Pineapple Fanta.

Pic of the Day "Amen..." Edition

yeah..I can't think of anything to write...this picture is just so damn....uh...uh...sorry, what was I talking about again?...

Jan 27, 2007

J-Music Clip of the Week

Artist: Melon Kinebi
Single: Onegai Miwaku no Target (Live Ver.)

Onegai Miwaku no Target (Live Ver.) video DL

The Honda Minako effect


By a strange twist of fate I have this album on cassette:

"Minako with Wildcats"

I like it but my cassette player is all dusty. Anyway I gave it a play today and I was inspired to google it. What I found was the artist is Minako Honda and this shocking video:


The new sidekick

I couldn't believe when I got a knock at my door from a young man asking if I could teach him the art of daredevilry. Surely, no man would willingly choose to follow in my footsteps, but there he was.

As I stared into his eyes, I could see this was a man with nothing to lose. What horrible event brought him to me? What embarrassment had he suffered?

Before I could ask, he was stripping down to his longjohns and climbing into one of my barrels--ready to be thrown over Niagara Falls...

Berryz Aguilera

It's over, guys.

My anger. My frustration. My loneliness. It's all over, because I've finally found her. THE girl. That's right - SOG is officially off the market. Everything's so clear now. I've been dead wrong this whole time, and I've never been happier to be wrong in my entire life.

Going back and reading all the things that I wrote, all that rage that I spewed...I feel like a damn fool. Feeling what I feel right now for this girl, it's like I'm a completely different person than the one that posted all that hateful, ignorant junk. And to think I tried to convince people that that was the way life worked. I hope no one took it too seriously, but I actually BELIEVED it.

But it's over, guys. I was wrong. This girl has just blown me away. We met online and just through speaking with each other I could feel something was different about her, and about me. I've never actually experienced this feeling before, the kind that starts in your stomach and spreads through your entire being like light. It puts a skip in your step; I'm bursting with a vibrancy that I didn't think existed. I literally cannot stop smiling. Everything's new. Things that bothered me before seem much less significant now. I suddenly want to be nice to everyone, as if I need to share my happiness because no one man deserves so much of it. And it's all because of her.

Unfortunately, my lady lives far from me - across the ocean to be exact. But from the first time we spoke, we knew, just
knew that we belonged to each other. I couldn't wait; the more we spoke the more I needed to be close to her. So this week I flew out to see her. From the moment I touched down to the moment I got on my departing flight, we were inseparable. And at the risk of sounding like I'm bragging, she's HOT. Below, I've posted a picture of my girl and me as a reminder to all you guys out there that if it can happen to me, it can happen to you too. Don't give up hope. Now I'll just count the days until I can see her again, and I know when I do it will be worth every single second.

I miss her so much. Sigh...

Jan 26, 2007

That's not your girlfriend.

There are two questions that I would like throw out there. There's no need to answer me because I already know the answer.

1. Have you ever kissed the girl depicted in the photographs you posted?
2. Have you ever been..ahem..."intimate" in any way with the girl depicted in the photographs you posted?

I 've known you for many, many years & I never would have snaked you because I thought we were friends. I let you into my home, you broke bread at my table, I supported you in every one of your endeavors. I let you into my inner circle of friends...

In return I get dissed then lied to.

The funniest thing about this entire thing is that you actually thought that we would buy your story. The whole time my bullshit meter was registering off the charts.

There's a rule in the hood that you should have known by heart & that's "you ain't gotta lie to kick it!"

I really felt insulted that you thought for a minute anyone on the team would actually believe that crock.

I tried to sprinkle you with game along time ago when I said be careful of the personal bullshit you put online because EVERYONE can see it.

Tell your "girlfriend " never to check her tagworld.com account or blog because somebody took the liberty of sending her the links to all of your lovely posts that reference her that you posted on xanga.com & YODC.

For those of you that think I'm an asshole, let's get one thing straight...I AM AN ASSHOLE!

This Tsuji vs. Hikaru thing goes deeper than what is on the blog. My whole feeling is don't worry about Hikaru, he will never miss what he never had. I don't appreciate being lied to & dissed by someone who I thought was my friend, so be on point if you come around me son! Bro you should have known better than to take the bait Langdon put out for you man.

Nobody else has to worry about shit because we all just kick it & keep it real. I don't know what your deal was man!??!


Hikaru's Dead

koibito janai

Craig's How to get a Boyfriend*

Jan 23, 2007

Jan 21, 2007

Tiny Elvis

Spalding. Scribbler.

Sorry for the delay. Here's some pics from Fukuoka

Miyuki and me eating at Joyful.
Some goodies I brought back. Some plush animals, Animation Noto Mag, By Phar the Dopest Cd, A DoCoMo phone, a couple of Model phones by Au, and some free literature. I bought this shirt at Marinoa City. Not bad ...for 3990yen.Miyuki and me chillin' at Shirakawasuigen

what's up y'all i'm back. who care's huh? sorry eriku for not making a grand entrance. you know what i'm not sorry. you got to wait fool. i'll take my time if i want to. HAHAHAhehehahaha! Anyways, i don't have the luxury of a digital camera, so i had to wait for a bit. Fukuoka was beautiful. I already miss it. So peaceful and carefree. I didn't want to come back. I wish I could stay there forever. My girl took me to many places. I visited Canal City Tenjin, Hakata Tenjin, Diamond City and Marinoa City. We stopped by another prefecture to enter the mighty volcano Kumamoto Aso and traveled down to Shirakawasuigen where you can obtain some fresh mountain spring water. Canal City was awesome. Big mall, cute chicks, lots of fashion and design, and plenty of eats. Hakata Tenjin was also a big shopping area. Tenjin core had tons of stuff that would make any person want to rob somebody. But this is not the case here. the people of Fukuoka are cute and respectful. They handed out napkins to remind us that we are fuckin' dirty people, but it was all good. Diamond city was a crazy big ass mall. They had everything from movie, pet shops, supermarkets, fashion, etc. Marinoa City was cool. I got to ride the famous big ass ferris wheel that usually makes its appearane in many jpop videos, dramas, and movies. That thing was huge demo tanoshikatta desu. I bought a couple of things while i was in Fukuoka. I managed to get the latest DoCoMo phone. My girl works at a place called Best Denki. Its similar to our Best Buy here in the US. Anyways, she got me one and I'm happy. ureshii desu! I also bought the "By Phar the Dopest" cd featuring Kreva and Cuezero. The album was alright. Out of the 15 songs on the album, there were 4-5 good songs. What else oh, my girl got me some Angela Aki, Bestyo, and Soulhead albums. Very nice albums indeed. I bought a ton of food to feed my tummy. I brought home some of that BlackBlack gum. Man, that's some great tasting and long lasting super mint gum. Forget winterfresh, I'm all about BlackBlack! I picked up a magazine featuring animators and graphic artist called Animation Noto. Pretty bad ass mag that has tip and tricks for graphics and animation. I have a mass amount of free literature from movie stores, games, anime, dramas, restaurants, shops, etc. What else, oh Don Don Tei was a bomb ass udon joint. Sushi Ichiba had some bomb sushi. Joyful had some bomb ass fish and mizo soup. I tried this dish called Okonomiyaki and that ish was oishikatta! My girl's family was so nice. Her dad gave me a region free dvd player! haha! crazy yo, but I'm happy I have one. Her mom was so nice too. She cooks some bomb ass japanese breakfast. They don't speak a word of english so I had to flex my broken Japanese to communicate. It wasn't to0 bad. They understood me so i guess my japanese wasn't too crappy.

Riding the big ass ferris wheel at Marinoa CityThe big ass ferris wheel. That thing is huge!Canal City Tenjin. One of the illest places to kick it in Fukuoka.We had some old lady take this pick. Kind of blurry.
Uh, Ultraman yo! Too bad everything in the store was expensive. Hell, everything was expensive when translating the prices to US dollars. 60USD's for a shirt? crazy yo.
This is it. Kumamoto Aso. It took 3 hours to get there, but it was worth it.
Shirakawasuigen. Get yo cups and taste some fine mountain spring water. Too bad they didn't let me bring it on the plane. Baka! I should've kept it in my luggage.
Miyuki, her dog Ryu, and me standing before Kumamoto Aso.

Anyways, one week went by too fast. I'm gonna try to go back in the summer. There was so much to do and I didn't have enough time to experience it all. Daijobu when school is out again I'll be back. I already miss Fukuoka. I miss my girl so much. sigh... Alright everyone. i'm gone. peace biotches!!!

Egao YES Nude...

good song..definitely better than their last two singles...I LIKE IT..can't wait for the video..

you can download the radio rip here

or click here to listen

Jan 20, 2007

I like Rika too but...

compare & contrast:

Pussycat Dolls Present:
The Search for the Next Doll

Is this going to be the greatest reality show ever?


...starts in March on the CW.

Pic of the Day.."Mari Be Thy Name"..Edition

I've said it before and I'll say it again..I LOVE MARI..so much in fact, I've been known to talk incoherently when speaking her name. She was the first one I madly obsessed over when I joined the holy church of Jpop and I will continue to do so until Reina turns 18..I'm kidding of course..I think..So happy 24th birthday the future Mrs. Alger...may you..uh..something something something in the coming years...


and now..Mari and Kei Yasuda(eriku's favorite girl) singing a little YMCA..enjoy

Jan 19, 2007


Guess who's back
Back again
Tsuji's back
Tell a friend

So much for Hikaru's triumphant return from Fukuoka, I expected him to be posting all the pictures he took of ...... well, uh... nothing much in Fukuoka. Ok at least of his girlfriend & him smooching, but nada, zip, nothing.

Well not that you bumouts give a shit that I'm back or anything, I'm just saying... TOKYO WAS THE BOMB YO!

Aside from the fact that I walked more in the past 9 days than I'd walked since the last trip to Tokyo, I had mega fun. Which is more fun than quad fun, but I have blisters the size of 500 yen coins all over my dogs.

My fingers are crossed about the job thing, if & that's a big if, I get the job I will have to move the end of March, Yumi Chan is leaving around the same time to Singapore or Shanghai, I forget which one, but she said I could stay at her mansion until her sister comes back to Tokyo in June or July. What that means is NO RENT! I will be able to save my paycheck!!!! When Yumi Chan comes back to Japan I should have enough money to get my own place. I plan to look for an apartment in Shibuya Ku since if I get the job that's where I will be working. Enough about work! I hate work of any kind!

Got my hands on a pair of BAPE Roadstas in green, fly ass shoes!
Updated my cd collection a great deal, mostly J Rap stuff though.
Nesta Brand in Shibuya was having a sale since it was after the holidays & I picked up 3 fly sweatshirts.

Hit up Akiba & got some toys too.

I'll post all the pics of my swag later, I see I have some reading to do here to catch up.


Pic of the Day..."Charmy Be Thy Name"...Edition

I've said it before and I'll say it again..I LOVE RIKA..so much in fact, I've been known to talk incoherently when speaking her name. She was the first one I madly obsessed over when I joined the holy church of Jpop and I will continue to do so until Reina turns 18..I'm kidding of course..I think..So happy 22nd birthday the future Mrs. Alger...may you continue to show more and more of your oh-so hot body in the coming years...


and now...Rika milking a cow..enjoy