Nov 30, 2005

Absolute Crisis On Infinite Earths

Worlds lived. Worlds died. And my wallet will never be the same. The Absolute Edition of Crisis On Infinite Earths is another oversized hardcover from DC, this time collecting the groundbreaking "event" mini-series that redefined the DC universe. Man, this thing is huge (it better be for $100). It's even bigger than the Absolute Batman: Hush book I picked up a couple of months back.

The slipcase features artwork repurposed from a George Perez/Alex Ross poster from a few years back, but the covers to the two volumes of Crisis feature new artwork from Perez (who drew the series--and seeing his art blown up and oversized is awesome). The first book is the collected series, and the second book acts as an appendix with notes and stuff from the creators.

So what was so special about this Crisis? This was the first time a comic book publisher attempted to tie together their ENTIRE character universe and change the direction of all their books. This wasn't Secret Wars where Marvel heroes disappeared for a while but came back with changes that would be reversed after a few months. The Crisis was the first and probably best epic adventure featuring tons of heroes and villians --and if the deaths of Supergirl and the Flash don't move you, you're a big fat jerk. Sadly, Batman was pretty useless here. This was a huge galactic threat, so he was pretty much relegated to crowd control. That and taunting Lex Luthor.

Who Is Freefall Jones?

2nd Job Busted/XXX-mas?

It had been awhile, & since it was 2 for 1 Wednesday I made a visit to good ol' Video Maniacs. I made my inevitable trip behind the curtain. Nathing new on the New Release wall. Ever since I rented G-Unit's Groupie Love & Reign of Tera awhile back, they've been rented out everytime I've looked afterwards. I was browsing through the older Asian compilations & their many box photos when a small photo caught my eye. The Asian girl with the male body part in her mouth looked alot like a certain CH alumni. Before my CHers get too excited, it's not one of our favorites or familiars. It is one of those girls who was always on the site as well as the Yahoo Group. I believe she had her own photo folder (a giveaway of her identity if we're talking about the same Yahoo group). My curiosity was enough that I went ahead & rented it just to see if that was her. After reviewing the video evidence, I'm pretty sure it was. Next time any CHers are in the area, we'll look at a pic of her online, then drive down to the store & look at the back of the dvd case.

I passed by the sale wall, where that damn beef stomping dvd was right in the middle of the eye-level shelf. Looking at porn for sale made me ask myself a question which I'll extend to anyone reading: Is porn still a relevant gift? I don't think I've given out porn gifts since the homey gave Thongchai & I a bag of signed dvds to give out/keep as we see fit. As of now I don't assume anyone has porn as a high priority on the wishlist, but I'm sure the right dvd/starlet would bring legitimate holiday cheer.

"Rockin' Around..the Christmas Tree...Have a Happy Holiday..."

Every family has there own little Christmas day tradition, whether it be having a tree trimming party or a gift wrapping party or attending midnight mass, its something that they all can look forward to each and every year. My family is no different, but our "tradition" isn't necessarily a traditional way of enjoying the holidays, atleast I don't think they are.

First, we(immediate family, relatives,ect.ect.) don't really do anything Christmas day but rather on Christmas Eve. That's when we all gather at my aunt and uncle's house, eat like there's no tomorrow and watch this little ditty of a movie over and over and over again:

"Deliciously warped and winsome boyhood memories of Christmas are told by a typical American man revisiting his native Indiana during the 1940s. Among other childish pursuits, his overriding obsession to finally own a genuine Red Ryder BB gun consumes his feverish imagination. Based on Jean Shepherd's novel, "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash." widescreen for the first time, this release also includes amazing extras that truly make this the definitive version of a modern-day classic", its not like we pop it in the dvd player and have the sumbatch on repeat..there's no need too..TBS/TNT has it on for 24hours straight and there's really nothing else worth watching on the tube(unless its those old Rakin and Bass Rudolph,Santa, Frosty clamation classics) who doesn't love hearing Ralphy say "yeah..statue.." as he carresses the prestigious award that his dad receives...

A Christmas Story Movie Official Table Leg Lamp

so as midnight draws near...everyone starts gathering around the beautiful plastic Christmas tree, my two not so little anymore cousins get in position, as they have done since they were tiny rugrats, to hand out all the gifts that expand out WAY beyond under the tree...BUT..before anyone gets there grubby little hands on the presents..a little music in the background is needed to set the festive mood...


I really don't recall when or how Elvis became part of our Xmas tradition, but I imagine the first time it was ever played while we opened gifts, it was either on 8track or cassette tape....

All I want for XXX-Mas...-Guillermo Paco Castro Jimenez DelaSantos Reyes Jr. Edition

Looks like she's taking a number 3 in this one (a number 1 + a number 2 = a number 3)

Hola! As suggested by Mr. Alger, I must post something on my x-mas list, so here it goes... (it's my first time, please be gentle... are you sure I won't get pregnant the first time?). All I want for x-mas is to have Bea write a song aboot me. And not one of her songs where she's dissing dudes who are on her jock. The song has to be one of her usual "I know this guy is trouble, and he's gonna fuck me over, and after we fuck, I'ma regret it, but damn, he's grrrrreat in bed! Fuck ME!" Of course, said song will have to be based on actual events.

Nov 29, 2005

Random: BBQ Hot Tub/Eye Of The Wepner

This is as random as anything: driving home on Highway 4, I saw a banner announcing the opening of a most unusual combo-themed business: Spa & BBQ. The back of the building faces the highway so I couldn't get a look at the front of this bizarre franchise. I can understand having a backyard jamboree with meat cooking while you chill in your spa, but who decided to go public with it? I can even imagine some people's digestion being unable to handle a full stomach of BBQ submerged underwater w/ powerful jets chopping up the water. Just don't hold it against me if I'm so beat from work I stop in for unwinding in the tub with baby back ribs.

I'm watching ESPN Classics right now. They're showing the 1975 Muhammad Ali vs. Chuck Wepner match. Wepner pretty much looks like how you'd imagine a jobber with a name like Chuck Wepner. Balding crown, with thin yet long, wiry hair around the sides. After 7 rounds, he looks like that chick wearing the dude's face from The Devil's Rejects. What makes this all-around bashing so interesting is that Wepner's courage-through-ass whipping inspired a young actor to write a screenplay about an underdog boxer. He ended up starring in his own movie, and 30 years after the match Sylvester Stallone announces that he's writing & starring in Rocky 6.

insomniac = j drama watcher

Ok it's 5 something in the morning ( but I woke up at 0400) & for the 2nd night in a row I'm up hella early. Yesterday I woke up at 0330. This happens occasionally. But if it happens again tomorrow I'm going to be concerned, especially since I really don't feel well. Yesterday at work I felt like kuso = doo-doo.

And what does anyone with common sense do when they feel like shit? Go & eat a carne asada burrito with guacamole, sour cream & cheese with lots of hot sauce. My stomach is in knots right now. I also ran to the bathroom to pay in flesh for last nights culinary delight. The bad thing is that I KNOW I haven't seen the last of that damned burrito. Oh, it will rear it's ugly head again when it's most inconvenient for ME. I've pretty much decided to call in sick today anyways.

When this happens to me (waking up early, not the burrito) I usually take advantage of the quiet time to watch some of the latest anime or tv dramas I comandeered from the internet. Or maybe indulge in some manga reading, or surf the internet. You get the picture.
On the menu this morning is the feature film version of "Sekai no Chushin De" or "Crying Out Love in the Center of the World". Now my understanding is that this movie is based on a book & manga called "Socrates in Love". Sekai no Chushin De was also made into a tv drama series which gets the Tsuji Eriku gold star & seal of approval. The tv version kicked alot of ass so the movie has alot to live up to.
Now I'm a grown ass man, never mind that I stay at my grandma's house & collect toys & play video games & watch cartoons. I'm a man dammit, but when I watched Sekai no Chushin de (tv version) I cried like a school girl with a skinned knee. I don't ever remember spewing like that even over a dead relative. This shit is so sad. It's about a dude who can't forget his highschool girlfriend that died of leukemia, he basically has become a workaholic unable to let go of his old girl's memory & unable to start over in the love department. Jesus, tears are welling up as I type. There's a scene when his girl knows that she's gonna kick the can soon & she knows that her & dude will never be able to get married & yadayada. So both of their families agree (in attempt to give her some kind of happiness) to allow them to dress up in formal wear & take mock wedding pictures. OH GOD!!!!!
I almost ordered the deluxe dvd set of the tv version that included a framed wedding picture! J FANS GO!!!

And You Thought Terrence's Post was Random!!

so my current form of employment has me working an overnite shift starting at 12am and ending usually around 830 in the morning..perfect schedule for me cuz I'm a creature of the nite and there's nobody else in the office to bother me with inane chit here's a couple observations that I've made in the last nite or so...

1. Someone uses my computer at work to browse for porn while I'm away....
how do I know this?...cuz there were some butt ass naked pictures in my image files!! there's only two people in the office who would have the oppurtunity to browse for such, the Overnite Content Producer...and my weekend I'm not stupid enough to look at that stuff while on the job...cuz I know that ish leaves "fingerprints" on your it has to be the weekender....if its not...ooops!..I already busted HER ass to my boss cuz no way in hell I am I taking the blame....

2. Somebody in this office building enjoys reading JET magazine while they're on the crapper..
how do I know this?...cuz on my way out yesterday morning, I stopped by the bathroom to take a tinkle before my long ride soon as I open the door, I get punched in the face with this horrible, obviously I could have just turned around and looked for another bathroom..but the closest one was upstairs and damnit, I'm I muster the courage and procede to take care of my business...I mosey on up to the urinal and notice that the perp emmitting the foul smell ,was still in the stall straining away....I looked down and what do I see by the shoes squirming under the stall door? issue of JET magazine!....

Nov 28, 2005


jimney christmas man!...seems like each week, something new gets added to that I really REALLY want....Peter-san must be reading my mind or "Santa" must be sending him my wish any case...THIS GIFT would be perfect for any Morning Musume fan out there,including myself....

4th generation Morning Musume member and leader of the 3 female group Byuden teams up with fellow Morning Musume colleague Sayumi Michishige for this special photobook for all their fans. This very playful pair lifts our spirits with the countless images of their charming girlish banter that dominates the full colored glossy pages of this hardback photo collection. Adorable, sweet and a pair that you'll love as one of your own this is a fabulous source of inspiration for budding photographers who want to learn how to capture the essence of joy in a single frame. Anyone who loves Morning Musume or J-pop idols is sure to love this fantastic book which also includes a "Making of" region 2 DVD.

okay, it is known to some that I'm a HUGE Rika Ishikawa fan(c'mon!..she was one of my first Pic of the Day selections)...when Eriku-san first showed me a clip of Morning Musume, I was drawn to this girls super "kawaii-ness"...and then there's Sayumi..cute as hell but should I put this...uh..I think I was in high school when she was born...* yeah, leave it to the marketing geniuses behind Morning Musume/Hello Project to put arguably the two most popular girls in the group in one Photobook for there legion of fans to enjoy and enjoy and enjoy....

Nov 27, 2005

Pic of the Day.."HI HI HI..." Edtion..

I think everyone has caught wind of the Jpop group Puffy AmiYumi(known simply as PUFFY in Japan) by now...with there very popular show on the Cartoon Network and a recently released videogame for the Nintendo GBA, the two are quickly capturing the hearts of fans in the US as they have already accomplished with there japanese loyalists...and so I give to you:


yes, I am aware that there are TWO of them in the group but I like Yumi better than Ami...sorry

update:....and here's a group shot of Yumi and Ami by request...

Yumi wearing the blue shirt and Ami in the red...

All I want for Christmas-Tsuji Eriku

Tsuji Nozomi
Odaiba, Rainbow Bridge--Tokyo, Japan

All Tsuji Eriku would like for Christmas is a crisp evening stroll at Odaiba looking at the Tokyo skyline with my girl Nozomi. If you can make this happen I will be forever indebted to you. I will also name our first child after you.
If this is a bit much then I'll settle for a night in a sleazy love hotel in Kabuki Cho, with a rented real doll.

Jpop Music Clip of the Week...

woopdidoo!!..a brand new monkey-spankin feature on the blog!!!..hopefully I can find the time in between work and sleeping to give you good people a new clip each week and possibly convert a few of you to bonafide jpop onto the inaugural jpop music clip of the week.....

Artist: Namie Amuro
Brand Spankin New single: Violet Sauce

Violet Sauce preview

Violet Sauce DL

I gave a brief blurb on the background of this song in a previous post but the story goes that after watching the movie Sin City, Namie was inspired to write this song..Director Robert Rodriguez caught wind of this and liked the song so much that it was included in the japan release of the film...Mr. Rodriguez can actually be briefly heard in the song saying "Welcome to Sin City..."...

give the song a listen for yourself, even if your not into or familiar with Jpop music...and leave a comment of two...curious to see what other people think of this song...I myself, think its pretty damn good....the progression of Namie's music over the years has been amazing..she's moved quite successfully from her early teen pop sound to a more mature,harder and sexier "hip hop" influenced style...then again, the lead off single of her newest album "Queen of Hip Pop" was very poppy...but that doesn't mean it wasn't good...

and if you want to buy the single for yourself, log onto ..

Tales of the Somewhat Strange and Creepy...

Town erects world's first Bruce Lee statue

MOSTAR, Bosnia (Reuters) - Bosnia's southern town of Mostar unveiled the world's first statue of kung fu legend Bruce Lee on Saturday, paying homage to a childhood hero of all its divided ethnic groups.

The life-size 1.68 metre (5ft 7in) bronze statue is situated in Mostar's central park, close to the former front line of Bosnia's 1992-95 civil war. A decade after the conflict, Mostar's Muslim and Croat inhabitants remain deeply split.
"This does not mean that Bruce Lee will unite us, because people are different and cannot be united and we will always be Muslims, Serbs or Croats," Gatalo said. "But one thing we all have in common is Bruce Lee."
The ceremony on a rainy autumn day was attended by dozens of people and the ambassadors of China and Germany, both of which helped the project. They watched a display of martial arts by Bosnian youths.
Hong Kong, where Lee grew up, will unveil its own statue of the martial arts master on what would be his 65th birthday on Sunday at a ceremony attended by his widow Linda.
Raspudic said the statue would help Mostar find a new association. "It's no longer a black hole," he said.
It took Gatalo and Raspudic, both ethnic Croats, more than two years to realise their idea for a statue of Lee, the town's authorities having finally granted permission in September.

I only find this strange cuz its in Bosnia of all places...guess people will now have a reason to venture to that part of the see the FIRST Bruce Lee Statue...

Nov 26, 2005

"All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth..."

aw yes...that god awful song most of us probably had to sing during our 1st grade Christmas Pageant...that and "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.."...yeah,nuthing says Christmas like a song about mom committing adultery....anywho, Christmas is only a month away and with so many days left to do your shopping for EVERYONE on your list, wouldn't it be easier if people just told you what they wanted?..instead of guessing and hoping that they'll like the gift that you got them..."WOW!..I always wanted a picture frame set that you bought on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond...thanks!"

so here's your chance to let the world know what you really, really want for Christmas...simply create a new post with your name and the title "What I Want for Christmas." "What I Want for Christmas-Tito Santana"..and tell the world what you want.....or you can just leave a comment, its all up to you..

and here's what Langdon Alger REEEEEEEEALLY wants for Christmas...seriously, can someone please get this for me?!...I've been really good this year..

Nickname: Mikitty
Age: 20 years
Date of Birth :
26 February 1985
Height: 156 cm

Miki's career as a Hello! Project artist started in early 2002 as a solo artist. She had auditioned to become a Morning Musume member in the fourth generation audition. She wasn't among the chosen ones, but later she was asked to become a solo artist and she made her debut after a year of training. The culmination points of her rather short-lived solo career were her album, Miki 1, as well as her concert tour.
Miki joined Morning Musume
around the same time as new 6th generation members joined, and while technically she may not belong to the 6th generation, she is often grouped as being one of them. The joining was rather unusual, as generally graduated Morning Musume members have become solo artists, whereas in Miki's case the the situation was complete opposite of it.

okay, now I know you can't go out to the store and buy Mikki Fujimoto but I'm hoping someone out there knows her and they know, make the proper introductions(heh heh heh).....but in the event that no one can make it happen...I guess I'd settle for this:

12" Talking Stewie Figure

"Presenting the adorably maniacal Stewie...super-sized! This deluxe figure stands approximately 12" tall and comes with his ever faithfull teddy bear Rupert. The built-in sound chip holds 13 sayings pulled straight from your favorite episodes. Sound bytes include:

"Hmm, the ruptured capillaries in your nose belie the clarity of your wisdom."·

"When the world is mine, your death shall be quick and painless."·

"Ugh, there I've gone and soiled myself. Are you happy now?"·

"Oh blast! You and your estrogenical treachery."·

"I offer you the opportunity to join me in glorious battle."

and don't forget to click the title of each gift for a direct link to an e-retailer!!

Nov 24, 2005

Red Bacteria Vacuum

lead vocal & guitar
"Red Bacteria Vacuum"

On the evening of November 8th I made the trek to the City to see 3 girl bands from Japan play at Studio Z. All of the bands were on a small label based out of Tokyo. The bands that played that night were Red Bacteria Vacuum, Tsushimamire and AMPPEZ.
It had been awhile since I'd seen any live performances and I had a great time. The bands were interesting & entertaining to say the least. I also fell in love with the lead singer of Red Bacteria Vacuum (Ikumi if you're reading this, aishteruze baby).
I purchased all of the cd's of all the bands that played that night. When I got home I decided to browse their label's website (Ben Ten Tokyo). From what I could gather Ben Ten Tokyo had organized small "tours" in the past & had a pretty prolific list of artists on the label as well as releases. There were vid clips & stuff that I checked out...some were pretty cool. Then I noticed that they had some vhs tapes for sale on clearance. They were tapes of past tours that some groups had done in the US. I decided that the $10 price tag would not be such a big risk to take & purchased 3 tapes. Lolita No. 18 1997 US tour/ Lolita No. 18 10 year anniversary video/ Mummy The Peepshow's 2000 US tour.
Now if you're into Japanese pop culture, punk rock in the same vein as The Ramones, Shonen Knife...then I recommend that you check it out. Very entertaining stuff at a reasonable price, the footage is cute & funny. It also blows me away at how Ben Ten Tokyo was able to send their artists out on such a low budget tour...I guess it's all about the love of the music huh.
Holler at your boy for a dub. Ja ne.

Nov 22, 2005


Any of you guys ever been subpoenaed before? The other day I found out I might. No I'm not wanted or anything ("I got warrants!"-Black Gallagher) but a friend of mine is involved in a court case that may require some kind of character testimonial from myself & another friend. It's too early to say how likely it'll be, but as long as I'm not in trouble or anything I don't really care. It'd be a definite break from the routine. Hey maybe I can get the whole day off from work.

Caught up with the Kross Kountry friend. She "met somebody". While she says he seems interesting as well as genuine, she said she's not ready to rush back into the dating scene...especially after her last experience (which has not died completely but at least the guy is nothing more than an annoyance at this point). What gets me is the fact that this guy is LOADED: Besides owning a Hustler club (which brings in $400,000/week by itself), he owns 3-4 restaurants, multiple houses, & his own f'n plane. Reportedly he covered the bill to book her & bring her out to NY, where she worked for a few days. While I give her credit for not giving up the ph# yet as well as believe her when she says he's not some showoff millionaire playboy (like Warren Worthington III, for example), I can't help but wince at the fact that most of what I heard was how he said he can fly her anywhere she wants to go and other little things that made it sound like he was trying to use $$$ to sway her. Maybe it's easy for me to say this since I'll never see that kind of $$$, but I said to her that the guy can offer dinner & a chance for them to get to know each other better w/o resorting to Lifestyles of The Rich & Famous. Heck being able to fly out to anywhere she tours is cool enough already. In all fairness, I did suggest she can take time to know him w/o out the pressure of deciding whether or not she wants to date him right away.

Ever hear a little kid's voice say something extremely vulgar? When I was playing ball yesterday, I overheard this group of 4th grade-looking kids talking. I don't know what they were talking about, but it prompted one of them to say to his buddy "...I'll give you a million bucks every week forever" for some unheard reason. His buddy responded with "Suck My Dick!" There was a moment's worth of laughter...the kind of laughter that is familiar with such bold talk. I've always known that kids in real life are closer to the South Park kids than their parents would ever want to know, but to hear it was as funny as it was unsettling.

Pic of the Day.."I'd 360 her Xbox" Edition...

So Microsoft released there next gen video game console today, the Xbox 360..Nerds across the United States waited in lines for hours to be the first to get there hands on the damn thing. Personally, I couldn't fathom waiting in line just for a video game system...unless of course, it included an "add-on" like the one below...and so I give to you:


Nov 20, 2005

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

"This isn't good cop, bad cop. This is fag and New Yorker."

Harry Lockhart is a hapless thief who, while running from the police, stumbles into an audition for a detective movie. He comes to Hollywood and is teamed with a gay private investigator, Gay Perry, to learn how to act like a P.I.

And does it all go downhill from there? Of course it does! Old girlfriends, a real murder, nipple peeks, mystery dead bodies, severed fingers, and not enough Shannyn Sossamon. I'd say this is a great tribute to crime noir - but I have no idea what that means.

I will say that Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer have some really good chemistry in this movie. The dialogue is quick and snappy, and their timing and delivery is practically flawless. It's worth watching just to see them play off of one another--and then you'll realize Clooney and Pitt really WERE lazy in Ocean's 11.

And since you can't do crime noir without a sultry babe (you can't? why not? I really should research this), this movie's babe is played by Michelle Monoghan.

Monoghan's character, Harmony, came from a small midwestern town to Hollywood to pursue her dream as an actress. Pretty basic stuff on the surface, but I promise the character has few more layers (and some clothes) to peel away before she is fully revealed--yes, I meant that two ways.

So please find and watch this very smart, clever little movie. It'll be worth your time. And I'm sorry if I upset you by mentioning that there's not enough Shannyn Sossamon. So here she is looking partied-out, but still cute in a brown sweatshirt...


Nov 17, 2005

Mecha Musume

Sorry to let my otaku out but I thought these figs were kick ass. I ordered a case from Hobby Link Japan AND bought the specific one I wanted (you can never be too sure ya know). You can't go wrong in my opinion combining cute girls with your favorite WWII era war machines. Ja ne!

"Last Christmas...I gave you my heart..."

"...but the very next gave it away..."

aw yes..."Last Christmas" by George Michael...that has to be the gayest and greatest Xmas song EVER!!....its another one of those jingles that you just can't help sing along to...and speaking of "Annual Gift Giving Day"'s one of those gifts that you can count on getting from at least one person each year...a freakin calendar...actually, a calendar ain't that bad of a gift...its practical and can be very useful..especially if the calendar is of some hot-arse purty here are a few calendar's that I wouldn't mind getting *wink...

courtesy of

Aya Matsuura


Namenayo Cat

Morning Musume

and most importantly....

Leeann Tweeden


A few weeks ago, I saw a commercial for Bryman college. Among the dramatized graduates was Ms. Tia Bella herself.....1st looking into a microscope then examining some random lady. Hmm I wonder what clinic that was. Haha it's weird seeing those types in regular doctor scrubs as opposed to the outdated-yet-so-sexy little white nurse outfit. She's still one of my all-time faves....I just recently saw a scene where she took on 2 dudes. As far as I know, she only has one BBG well as one facial scene.

For you X-men heads, remember the short period after Polaris was 1st freed from Malice's posession? Not only did she take on a She-Hulkish body, everywhere she went the people around her got violent & beat each other up. Anyway, that random fanboy memory came to mind when I stopped by the gas station on the way home. When I was inside paying, some lady was cursing out the cashiers for some mix-up. I made my way outside, where there were 2 seperate incidents where people were arguing about who got to the pump first. After work rage, I guess.

Pic of the Day.."Lady in Red....Is Dancing with Me...Cheek to Cheek.." Edition...

Damnit! I love it when a girl wears red...its just soooo damn sexay...and some of my brethren know that a girl wearing red is my one true achilles' heel...the mere site of a cute girl wearing red will leave me utterly powerless...neither my keen sense of wit nor humor can save me from turning into a blabbering idiot!, so I guess this lovely lady in today's pic would be like
SUPER KRYPTONITE to me then.. and so I give to you:


Kamikaze Girls

Ohaiyo Gozaimasu my weebles. Last night I came home from work & was stoked to see that my copy of "Kamikaze Girls" arrived in the mail. I Went to the Landmark's Lumiere theater last week to see it, and absolutely fell in love with it.
It is a really girly story but the imagery was cool and you get to see a glimpse of the Japanese fashion lolita look. It only played the Lumiere for a couple of weeks but I found a great copy on ebay. The Lead actress is super kawaii!!! Kyoko Fukuda goes a great job in this film, she also starred in a small role in a film called Dolls --also worth a ganders. If any of you are in the mood for a fun movie I highly recommend seeing Kamikaze Girls, hontoni daisuki desu! Alright y'all your resident Jpop culture vulture is out. Ja ne.

Nov 15, 2005

Pic of the Day...

"..I get an award and this dick can't even smile for the picture.."

Nov 14, 2005

Nunsploitation Flicks

It is beyond me why the Nunsploitation genre never was a hit here in the States. I mean who wouldn't like to see nuns placed in sexually compromising positions and religious icons featuring the son of man & his mama dukes (Mary) descecrated (<--is that how you spell that?).
Anyways I found this flick while browsing at Best Buy of all places. Since I am a Japanese pop Culture Vulture, I bought it. I took it home and popped it in my dvd player, I literally didn't know what to do after it was over. I was grossed out, aroused, shocked, amused and appalled all at once.

Takigawa Yumi in "School of the Holy Beast"
**the dvd extras included an interview with Japanese film critic Kiridoushi Risaku, it was hilarious when he said that this film is considered an "erotic gore genre"**
Takigawa Yumi was apparently a newcomer to the film industry when this film was made and this film due to it's erotic nature helped to boost her career. She never appeared nude in any of her other films and she says in the dvd interview that she felt manipulated by the producers & director of the film and that she didn't know what the true nature of the film was. She was tricked, in so many words, to be filmed kneeling butt booty ass naked in front of a crucifix while being wipped by rose thorns. I mean how do you explain that to your family and friends? Takigawa Yumi was unbelieveably hot though back in the 70's and hell she's even hot now. This film is a fan favorite because her fans can see her naked in this wierd movie. Well thanks to Freefall Jones & Langdon Alger for the invite, anybody out there in the mood for a shocker holler at your boy for a burn. Ja ne.

Pic of the Day..."Girls with Glasses are DAMN sexay"..Edition

Rachel Leigh Cook is HOT...with or without glasses...but I prefer the glasses...just something about it...and how come nobody noticed that she was damn sexy in that movie "She's All That" until they gave her a "makeover"...and that makeover basically consisted of taking off her freakin glasses...whoa!! that REALLY changed her look...what is she?...Clark Kent or something?...anyway..enough with the blah-blah....and so I give to you:

um...I'd like to officially add her to the "Langdon Alger Future Wife Files".....thank you


Do you have to have knowledge of the show Firefly to enjoy Joss Whedon's sci-fi western transplanted to the big screen?
No, of course not, or they would never have made it. The first fifteen minutes of the movie are an excellent recap of who all the main characters are, and that time is also smartly used to set up the story that follows. But still, if you've never seen the original series, put it in your Netflix queue -- not because you need it to watch Serenity, but because it's just a really good show.

What's it about?
Brother and sister Simon and River Tam are on the run from the Alliance because of secrets that may or may not be in Summer's head. Oh yeah, Summer is a brainwashed 17-year old girl that happens to be a killing machine. The two of them hide out from the Alliance with the help of the crew of the Serenity (that's the name of the spaceship if you haven't figured it out).

What's so good about it?
Let's just say it's nice to see a sci-fi movie with good dialogue and even better characterization. And while there ARE special effects, the actors aren't doing everything in front of a blue screen -- there are REAL SETS.

What else is good?
Two words: Morena Baccarin


"Simply having...A Wonderful Christmas Time..."

God I hate that Paul McCartney xmas of my first jobs ever was working at Toys R Us during the holidays and that damn song played all the freakin time over the PA system...give me Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing "Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth," now THATS a christmas song!! I still can't help singing along everytime I hear that tune.... otaku sensei Tsuji Eriku, was kind enough to help me out with todays edition of "Langdon Algers Super-Terrific-NOW-THATS-WHAT-I-CALL-A GIFT" idea of the day.. Domo arigato gozaimasu Eriku-san!

I was doing research on the history and evolution of the Japan Airlines stewardess uniforms when I got a call from my brother in arms Langdon Alger. He asked me to write a lil' sumpin' sumpin' on the pros & cons of both the Sony PSP handheld & the Nintendo DS.

Since I am a proud owner of both the PSP & DS I was glad to oblige.

First up the technological wonder of the Sony PSP.
I was very pleased with this purchase for the most part aside from a couple of minor setbacks.
There doesn't seem to be a huge range of game titles that make my little dude stand at attention. The interface on the web browser could use some work, it's just a pain to use.

I have downloaded a shitload of anime/music vids/J Dramas etc etc. All of which I can conveniently store on the PSP for viewing at my leisure. I don't really use my PSP to view pics or listen to music. I also own an ipod which takes care of those needs. If you don't own a ton of peripherals like I do, the PSP can take care of your "on the go" needs quite well in one package.

For the technical saavy there are quite a few useful "hacks" for the PSP. With some research a PSP owner can learn how to get games for free, and obtain all of your old favorite ROMS from days past to play on your PSP hehehe...

And now the Nintendo DS!!!!
I am a Nintendo fan straight up. I grew up on the shit so holler at your boy if you got a problem. An uninitiated DS owner may think they are getting the booty end of the technological stick but I beg to differ. The DS gets more play from me at this
time in my life. I love the fact that it is backwards compatible with Gameboy Advance games too. With a little research (and monetary investment) DS owner can learn of a device called a Play Yan. The Play Yan allows DS owners to watch videos, view pics, play ROMS & listen to music.
I was very pleased with my DS purchase, though it doesn't have the all in one capability as the PSP I think the games and backward compatability features are kick ass.

Alright y'all Tsuji Eriku is outta here, weigh the options on both handheld systems...all in all they are both great buys. Ja ne!

SUGOI!! wasn't that a great write-up?!...hopefully we'll hear more from Eriku-san soon..but I was one of those gaming nerds that I had to buy the Sony PSP the very first day it came out..well, the novelty of it, for me at least, ran out rather fact, the PSP that eriku currently fondles nightly(hehe) once belonged to me..I traded it to him for a 200GB external HDD which I get better use out of storing all the Hello!Morning episodes and other Jpop related ish I download..but um..thats a WHOLE different story....

oh and a quick note, if you haven't figured it out yet, click the image(or sometimes the titles) of each gift idea,including the past posts and it will link you to a to an online retailer where you can purchase said gift...

Nov 13, 2005

Another Great Grappler Loses Battle With his "Personal Demons"

update 11/14:
I am shedding more than a few tears watching the Eddie Guerrero tribute show on WWE RAW tonite as I did when Owen Hart most of the members of the A-Team, I'm a life long wrestling fan that appreciates the athleticism and technical prowess rather than the roided out, no talent wrestling hacks that grace many of the professional rings today..Like my all-time favorites Dynamite Kid and Chris Benoit, Guerrero was one of those special talents that took wrestling to a whole new level and truly made it into an art form...

Nov 9, 2005

"Slinging Monkey Poop and Hanging Tinsel...Its Christmas Time..."

okay, that wasn't really a Christmas song...I made it up...but anyway....I'm extremely lazy today so without further adieu, here's my Xmas gift idea for the day...

Kidrobot, along with Gorillaz and illustration-master Jamie Hewlett have produced these oversized Vinyl figures of the platinum-selling animated pop band. Released to coincide with the Gorillaz second album, Demon Days, these are the most beautiful figures we’ve ever produced. We have the whole crew: Noodle, 2d, Murdoc, and Russel. Giant-sized, too -- 2D stands almost 13 inches tall. Noodle includes an accessory guitar, and all toys come with a sheet of plastic stickers.These are the only authorized Gorillaz toys ever made, produced in limited edition with the full cooperation of Jamie and the Gorillaz crew. Uber-limited!


My job requires me to speak to clients who don't speak English. Whenever one of these clients calls, we conference in an interpreter to translate between us. Earlier this week, I had a burly Texan-cowboy sounding gentleman translating for a frantic Spanish-speaking female. Standard procedure, except for the fact that he was giving me the word-for-word translation. This means I had this gruff masculine voice telling me "I need my Medi-Cal for my birth control" & "Do I need to re-apply if I get pregnant?" Considering how easily he made his voice sound as frantic as the client's, I get the feeling he wasn't too conscious of what he was saying to another male.

Nov 7, 2005

Pic of the Day..."Watch out for that one in the middle...She WILL get you in trouble,seriously.." Edition

I originally intended to squeeze in some other random beauties before posting more pics of my favorite ladies of the Jpop genre but..c'mon! my meager little world, there's nothing better....also,I know this pic will have a certain somebody *cough* tsuji eriku foaming at the mouth and speaking in tongues ....and so I give to you...


The lovely ladies(and girl) of Morning Musume...

look for my explanation behind the genius in creating and the marketing of Morning Musume sometime soon..

The red Original Fruits Mike & Ike
taste like ass.

Why is that? The other colors taste awesome, but for some reason they screwed up the red ones. The pink ones are the best, but pink is pretty close to red so be careful or you'll be tasting ASS.

Oddly enough, Hot Tamales are the same color but aren't terrible. I guess spicy ass is better.


Nov 6, 2005

"Christmas Time Is Here...Happiness and Cheer..."

About 50 days till Christmas..hopefully some of you have found my gift ideas helpful...I've already suggested presents for the ladies, the fellas, the nerds, the pervs and those with potential cardiac problems...and now I have a fantastic gift idea for the precious little ones that this holiday is really made for...midgets!...okay..let me be "pc" about this..I mean the VERTICALLY CHALLENGED... oh, and I guess kids would enjoy this too...

Junior Off-Roader Ride-on Car (Gas Powered)

Driving the gasoline-powered Junior Off-Roader is a perfect way to acquire early experience at the wheel. The Off-Roader features an all-weather fiberglass body with a protective frame, rack-and-pinion steering, dual hydraulic disk brakes, a manual emergency brake, rubber tires, and full front and rear suspension. The vehicle comes equipped with a a three-speed transmission, and tops out at 30 mph. It also has a removable, fully functional radio and tape deck, and speakers on the side doors. Your young driver will be comfortable cruising around in the adjustable upholstered leather seats.Special Order item. This item is shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery

Log onto for pricing and shipping information...

Pic Of the Day..."I Just Died in Your Arms.." Edition...

Any of you catch "I Love The 80s 3-D" on VH-1?... one of the episodes had a little segment on that song "(I Just) Died In Your Arms" by one-hit wonders Cutting Crew...well, I've never been up on my Shakespeare but apparently the term "died in your arms" is a Shakespearean phrase that stands for achieving sexual climax..Now, I don't know how true that is but I sure like to die in the arms of this cutey below.....and so I give to you:


This half-filipina and half-puerto rican beauty isn't really famous for anything...yet...but I thought I should share nonetheless..

Nov 5, 2005

Seattle's Best Cafe's
Hot Caramel Apple Cider

I usually hate when a new drink comes to the cafe because they're often not very good. Orange Mango Javakula? Yuck. Creme Brulee Latte featuring caramelized sugar "crystals"? Feh.

But this Hot Caramel Apple Cider is something different. Customers are continually coming back for more, as opposed to the Creme Brulee Latte which quickly gives drinkers a feeling of buyer's remorse.

In our Beverage Resource Guide (or recipe book), the Cider is to be described to customers as "like drinking a hot apple pie." And you know what? It's true. I tried one and it was pretty amazing. Well, pretty amazing for ten in the morning when you're hungry and it's cold outside.

How's it made? I start with some caramel sauce and mix that with steamed apple cider. That's it. That's probably why it's so good -- the simplicity. It's like when the two guys bump into each other and mix up their peanut butter and chocolate.


Nov 4, 2005

Uncle Sam Owed For Once.

The $233 that Uncle Sam owed me came in today in the form of a State issued check. Took a little over a month and a half from the time they first informed me, which isn't too bad by bureaucratic red tape standards. I'll cash that shizz tomorrow. Like the wise woman once said: Look Out Weekend Here I Come!


Now this gift is perfect for that special geriatric or obese person in your life...cuz sometimes, you just never know when this might come in handy.....

The Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator. It's the latest in essential safety equipment. Fire extinguishers. Seat belts. Airbags. Home security systems. All essential safety equipment to protect yourself and your loved ones. You know they are there, silently standing by, just in case. They give you peace of mind so that you can focus on life's good things.
Be prepared for the unexpected. When sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) strikes, the electrical system of the heart short circuits, causing the heart to quiver rather than pump in a normal rhythm. It usually happens without warning and the majority of people have no previously recognized symptoms of heart disease. And it most often happens at home. For the best chance of survival from SCA caused by VF, a defibrillator should be used within 5 minutes. Yet, less than 1 in 20 people survive largely because a defibrillator does not arrive in time.

This award-winning safety equipment has been designed so that virtually anyone can use it to help save the life of a person who suffers a sudden cardiac arrest.
Clear, calm voice instructions talk you through each step. HeartStart senses and adapts the instructions based on your actions. Using sophisticated technology, HeartStart quickly decides whether a shock is necessary. It is designed to only deliver a shock if needed. It will even coach you through the steps of CPR.
Like other essential safety equipment, you buy HeartStart hoping that you never have to use it. Yet in that moment you need it, HeartStart must be ready. It performs comprehensive daily self-tests. You can check its status at a glance. Virtually no maintenance is required.