Apr 28, 2007


If you get one of these polaroids...

there's only one person who has access to it in order to put it online and that is yourself :) So if it's OK with you it's OK with me :)

Berryz are love    W (^_^) W    open & accepting love.


(+ The dirtiest fucking scan I've ever seen; someone needs to sort their fucking shit out.)

Mecha Perv

Apr 27, 2007

Another Reason Why I'm Going To Hell

its it wrong for me to find these images of Stephen Hawkin's limp body floating in zero-g hilarious?..probably but I'm not the only one smiling...look at him...the guy is enjoying himself..I imagine if he had his little keyboard robot translator he would probably say "HA..HA..I..CAN'T..BELIEVE..I'M..ACTUALLY..FLOATING!...THIS..KICKS..ASS!"

Apr 25, 2007

J-Music Clip of the Week...Bonus Edition

screencaps are Michishige specific for you Sayumi fans out there..

I'm particulary fond of this one below...look at that face!

Artists: Morning Musume

Single: Kanashimi Twilight(another version)

Kanashimi Twilight video DL


From wkmwkm

Risako OPV

YouTube description says... "for Filipino Risako Sugaya FANS!"

From babyhunnie003

Apr 23, 2007

Pic of the Day "That Can't Be Real" Edition

don't know who this chick is and that ass CAN'T be real...

not to say its the best ass I've ever seen but that thing is pretty huge for a japanese girl..

Maimi PB preview from Up to Boy

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Apr 21, 2007

It's OK to smile U tight wads

If Mai & Airi aren't the c-utest things. It's adorable how Airi has to look out for Mai.

The funniest shit is when Airi says the rocking horse has an afro. I spit out my Kirin.


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C-ute remix & concert footage

All that time playing 2nd fiddle to Berryz, all those performances in shopping malls, all those not actually properly released singles, all that emotion bottled up; Well you did it girls, you made it :)

Concert SPOILER >>>>>>

From captainmanabonmax

Apr 20, 2007

Ya lookin' for trouble?

...as if a Double-Double at In-N-Out Burger wasn't bad enough.

As we were walking in to the restaurant, T-Bear mentioned that you could get smothered fries. She described it as fries with grilled onions, cheese, and their house spread. I'm a sucker for any insider lingo -- which is why I like to sometimes order my burger "animal style" -- so I walked up to the cute cashier (this is the Pinole In-N-Out for you cashier stalkers out there) and ordered a burger, soda, and smothered fries.

"...the what-fries?" she asked.

"Uhh...smothered?" I answered, quickly looking around for T-Bear who had already placed her order and was conveniently too far away for me to yell at.

"...do you mean animal-style fries?" the cashier wondered hoping to set me straight.

"O-k." I answered doing my best Brian-Regan-stupid-face.

So how were the fries? Not pretty, but de-freakin'-icious. ...in one heaping fork-load I had effectively cancelled out all the brown rice, veggies, and chicken breast I had been eating all week.

UPDATE: more on the secret menu

Check out the guy from Utaban in this:

Apr 19, 2007

Walkie Bits Corner

After watching this I went & ordered a whole shitload of walkie bits online. I'd buy pretty much anything Sayumi was selling.

Out of the mouths of babes :)

This isn't the best quality video but it's interesting to see the meaning of the lyrics (Subtitled - Suki sugite BAKA mitai (Reina, Maimi, Momo, Megumi version)).

From surezal

You can see a better quality version here (if you scroll down there is also a translation there that conflicts with the one above).

Apr 17, 2007

Gamertag: EGMCruz

...because this dude is an idiot, I've opted to get an Xbox 360 and sign up for Xbox Live Gold.

Catching up on: Geometry Wars, Gears of War

T-Bear racking up the achievements on: Viva Pinata

On deck after Gears: G.R.A.W. 2

If you've got a Gamertag, add me...we'll do some co-op Gears...


The taxman in Japan is a cruel cruel person. Skip out on paying your taxes & he'll auction off all your collectible toys! Oh god noooooooooo!

Apr 16, 2007

I found more stuff

remember these from TOMY? this guy was near complete missing a canon, pretty sure I'll find it this weekend

a near complete black convoy, missing the disk projectiles I'll look for them this weekend

not my favorite encarnation of Megatron, but still pretty kick ass

a complete playmos of Mercurious I never put together woohoo!

Damn man I forgot that I had such cool shit.

I Done Good

The management team in all their wisdom forgot to schedule two people in between the hours of 8:00 am & 9:00 am. My boss sent my team an email requesting a volunteer & I told her I'd do it, I'd take one for the team & come in an hour early so the new girl wouldn't get slammed until the 9 am shift. Truth be told I was punked into doing it by my boss. When I came in this morning she left me a Target gift card as a thank you for stepping up.

I spent it on the New Transformers Jetfire classic voyager edition. I don't know what that means but it's pretty sweet. A vintage Jetfire would really make me cum all over myself.

Dance You Bastard!!! Dance Like The Wind!!! Volume 3.0

something tells me that this kid is on his school's spirit squad and or drama club..

thank you craig for bringing this to my attention =)

Apr 15, 2007

Cobra H.I.S.S.

Cobra H.I.S.S. (High Speed Sentry)

I was bored so I went into the garage & dug out some toys to play with. I found my re-issue Cobra H.I.S.S.
The driver was still in the cockpit, I quickly dug out a couple alley vipers to ride in the back & a viper to man the turret. Sweet.

The Landlord

This Morning....

I had an urge to jerk it to this picture of Sayumi but I swear to god I didn't.

Old Japanese Sake Commercials

Apr 13, 2007