Jul 31, 2008


Dateline: Saturday, May 25th at approximately 5:20pm..As FJ, SoG and I took pictures outside the San Jose Convention Center after spending a good part of the afternoon at Fanime 2008, I spotted something mingling amongst the costumed convention goers...It was the elusive OTAKUS MAJOR

rarely scene in daylight, let alone out in public, this normally shy creature likes to stay within the confines of his domicile preferring the company of inanimate objects, such as action figures, and 2 dimensional images, such as in anime videos and manga, rather than live human contact..

this specimen was rather bold to venture out in public but the call of the annual migration of his fellow otakus to Fanime was too strong for him to resist...he did come prepared though...dawning his somewhat stylish wrap around sunglasses to protect his eyes from the strong rays of the sun and making sure to put on extra weight to sustain his long wait for the bus trip home or the ride from his mother who would be picking him up in front of the convention center at a predetermined time.

I tried to get closer to OTAKUS MAJOR, but apparently I wandered to close to his "comfort zone" and he picked up his briefcase filled with manga(or crackers) and scurried away..but I was able to capture a rare shot of a female OTAKUS MAJOR crossing paths with this male specimen...as expected, they did not acknowledge each other

in this final picture...I attempted to hide behind the spray of the water fountains in front of the convention center and continue to observe OTAKUS MAJOR but I had pressed my luck..he had spotted me..it was an intense moment..I could do nothing but back off with my hands raised...however, in my retreat..I was able to snap one last image of this often misunderstood creature....

In the coming weeks, I will be making a trip to another Anime Convention..there, I hope to capture on film, for the first time.......WHITUSTRASHUS OTAKUS MULLETUS

Creep factor dialed all the way to 11

Taste the Magic!

Jul 27, 2008

YODC Celebrates its 3rd Anniversary BITCHES!!!!

YODC hit the 3 year mark this past friday July 25th...unbelievable that we're still around...what started out as a little blog that barely anyone visited has now become a slightly larger blog that barely anyone visits..amazing how we've grown!!!..here are some highlights from the past year...

thanks to the mag-bast crew for keeping this shit going....thanks to the folks that visit and leave comments, all the fellow bloggers who link to us, the good folks at International Wota and as always, big up to Brother Ray at American Wota...and now..a very special Pic Of the Day....cue the Benny Hill music...

yeah...its the same clip I posted for YODC's 1st Anniversary

The Blog Knight.

YODC's very first entry was just my quick commentary that people should watch Batman Begins. I saw that film with Son of Gigan and I remember him saying, "Fuck Tim Burton and Michael Keaton," about twenty minutes into the film.

As for this anniversary post? Yes... FUCK JACK NICHOLSON.


Also, Fuse has a show called Rad Girls -- it's basically Jackass, but with chicks. I can't tell if they're funny because they're kind of hot...

...and for your Google-image-search convenience, the girl getting waxed is Ramona Cash.

Jul 26, 2008

Otaku Extremists

Big 5 had a sale on the X47 today
Me, Cabral & Langdon got one

We bare witness there is no idol but Shoko Tan & Tsuji is her prophet

Otaku Defense Force

The towels on our heads do not signify anything, we all just got done taking a shower.

Jul 25, 2008

The East Coast Office Salutes YODC's 3rd Anniversary

...with a Henry Rollins-sized cup of coffee from the author's favorite local coffeeshop:

One sip of this, and you'll be reciting Rollins' Black-Flag era poetry:

Happy Birthday bumouts

So for my anniversary post I wanted to do something good.
So I choose to share some of my recording studio hijinx...

Oh yeah & these are original compositions produced by the now defunct Subtrax crew:

music by ALSKI, 10 minute lyrics done by ME, vocals by ME background stylings by ALSKI.


DMS, ALSKI & I used to form a production crew called Subtrax. Mostly recording out of 17th & Q studios. DMS was a slave driver & he always made sure that ALSKI & I were working on music instead of joking around. Well one weekend DMS had planned a getaway with his girlfriend & ALSKI & I were left to our own devices in a recording studio, none of us can run the boards well, all I know how to do is make beats & rap, ALKSI can BARELY sing but he is one hell of beatmaker.

"Illegal love"

Ok so years ago me & the fellas crashed a poppin' party on a Friday night. The party was jumpin' alot of our folks were in the house so we were getting love. I was hella skinny & hella cuter back then too, moving on, I spied a honey from across the room & macked on her HARD. We danced the night away to the latest 1995 jams. Then her friends came & told her that they had to cut turf, I said "yo, hold up let me get your pager number" she complied & we exchanged pager numbers. We had some correspondence but I wasn't really into Sacramento chicks cause I'm a BAY AREA soldier for real, plus that's just a ridiculous drive...anyways she was mad cute & at the time DMS was going to Sacramento State University so I figured I could have a honey to chill with when I went to visit DMS in Sacramento...
Long story short she was a Junior in high school & me I had already been out of high school for a year. That didn't stop me from hanging out with her though cause she was mad cute but it was frowned upon by DMS & SKI because they were all in college & shit. Anyways I eventually got with the bitch that inspired the first song, eventually I had to stop seeing the high school honey, I knew it was a disaster waiting to happen when she asked me to sign her slam book...wtf!!!??!!
"Illegal Love" is me being a good sport again & clowning on myself.

Anyways I had just gotten out of a really bad relationship & I had been getting some flack from the fellas about it because I was all depressed & shit. Don't get me wrong, I NEVER was on some stalker shit. I have too much self respect for that, but the break up did hit me hard. So being a good sport I played along & me & Al recorded "Pick up the pieces (of my heart)". A song that really clowns on fools that GO TOO FAR after a break up, & believe me the lyrics in the song ARE NOT FAR FETCHED. I actually know fools that did shit like that. So enjoy because besides the other song in this post it's probably the only time you'll hear me sing unless it's in a karaoke box in Tokyo.

Needless to say when DMS came to the session the following week he got all over our backs for joking around instead of really working on new material, oh well we had fun anyways & these songs got passed around to firends & got a laugh or two back in the days. So enjoy them & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY or BIRTHDAY or whatever you wanna call it.

Jul 24, 2008

CJ's Video Of The Moment "Would You Buy An LP From This Band?" Edition

A television advertisement (that never aired) for Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band's album Lick My Decals Off, Baby (the follow-up to the must-own classic double album Trout Mask Replica).

Coincidentally, this album is only available as a righteous 180-gram vinyl edition, although pirated CD versions have been floating around eBay for awhile.

Jul 23, 2008

Qbert's toys

DJ Roc Raida visits Qbert & checks out his toys then Qbert hooks Roc Raida up with an incomplete Raideen. This is a cool vid that shows some of our favorite DJs being themselves.

yo found this vid hella old but it shows Q & his comedy

Jul 22, 2008

"Thank you for being a friend......"



Long lost treasures

URB magazine Jan. Feb. 1998
the Bay Area hometown heroes invisbl skratch piklz
l-r: Mixmaster Mike, Shortkut, Qbert, D-Styles, Yogafrog

Tha Bomb Hip Hop magazine
a Bay Area classic
issue #28 March 1994

an original Sole Sides cassette I bought back in the day
before they gained the notoriety in the local hip hop scene
they put out a small ad in tha Bomb magazine
I mailed my $10 to an address in fucking DAVIS CALIFORNIA
& a week or so later I got this cassette tape
featuring DJ Shadow, Asia Born (Lyrics Born), Gift of GAb of Blackalicious
not sure but this might be like their first ever attempts at selling their music commercially
it's not even listed under their releases section on their website
learn about it new kid!!

This was a mixtape I bought off of Tony Touch while I was in New York
I was out there for the Zulu Nation anniversary & bought it from the man himself in front of the New Yorker hotel!!!

I gotta find my Ron G mixtape, that's some real New York boom bap

thing is even back then I knew the Bay Area (ISP) (SBC) (ETC ETC) had the DJ thing sewed up
the NEW York mixtapes couldn't hold a candle to what the BAY AREA DJ's were doing, even back then!!!!

I went out to the garage looking for an old Qbert mixtape but found this stuff, pretty cool...

My Future Second Wife's Old Cooking Show

Jul 18, 2008

Q bert instigates cap battle

i don't know why but this shit is funny to me
favorite caps:
"what do you wear girl underwear?"
"what r u you an albino Samoan?"
"what do you hang out at Polynesian restaurants or somethin'"
"u got shot in the belly with a missile"
"what r u a fijian spider?"
"what do shop at lady footlocker"

Eriku's Baby's Momma's New PV

Artist: Shoko Nakagawa
Single: Shiny GATE

Shiny GATE video DL

The collection, well some of it...07/18/08

Jul 16, 2008

A Wonderful Sayummy Day

cuz Sayumi turned 19 the other day and I want to do "stuff" to her..like comb and smell her hair..ect..ect..

CJ's Video Of The Moment "Look Out, Alton Brown, Here Comes Mike Watt!" Edition

Shoko Tan

here Shoko Tan poses like Fujiya's mascot Peko Chan

I love you
for sentimental reasons
I hope you do believe me
I've given you my heart....

Jul 15, 2008

Shoko Tan X Ayaya X Megadeth

Here Marty Friedman breaks down some of the dope instrumentation in Aya Matsura's song Ne e.
on Shoko Tan's show. Sugoi.

and then below is the soundtrack to my dreams

Jul 13, 2008

Sunday afternoon hijinx

My Nakata jersey w/Yatagarasu & Piny St. Ayanami Rei

This is me trying to beat one of the bosses in Chapter 2 Oushi Hiraizumi level on Genji Dawn of the Samurai.
I decided to take video of this because it was scary for me.
This boss scared this shit out of me with her shrill laughter floating around with all her arms & blue scary skin!
She kinda looked like Kali that hindu god with all the arms all blue & stuff kowai yo! Scary shit man.
Really scary shit, I am scared of shit like that...

About halfway through this battle you can see me freaking out checking to see if I had any herb or medicine to increase/restore my health meter, but there was none....

Anyways after I took this video I finally beat her & she isn't as hard as what was waiting for me next...a GIGANTIC PHOENIX looking thing named Yatagarasu that breathed fire on my ass, cut me with razor sharp feathers & dive bombed me in my asshole with it's ginormous beak.

Interesting bit of trivia: Yatagarasu is the sun goddess Amaterasu's bird & Yatagarasu is featured in the emblem of the Japanese Football Association or Nihon Sakka Kyokai

Since I am broke as hell I am making due finishing up some of my old games, like this Genji game. Alot of people thought it was a mediocre game but I like it. Anytime you can play as Yoshitsune I am a fan.

Sight & Sound

(turn your speakers up for this one)

Burnout battle

watch until the end you will be rewarded

Jul 11, 2008

Mo' Shoko

pic courtesy of Peter-san's blog from J-list.com..Shokotan stop by their booth at Anime Expo and picked up a few shirts...see what you missed Eriku!

Shoko Tan contest


hit her up, I'd like a Shoko Tan signature of my very own but I'm having a creative block on how I could make a video that can convey my love for Shoko Tan, a G rated video at least

Jul 9, 2008

F**k You, Miley!

To paraphrase the late great George Carlin, Fuck Miley Cyrus in her asshole with a big rubber dick, then break it off inside her and beat her to death with the rest.

And the same thing goes for Dave Matthews.

Namie Do Me More......please

this will soon be my favorite Namie PV of ALL TIME..and its another Vidal Sassoon commercial tie-in

and some preview clips found on youtube of the PV/cm for "Do Me More"

Jul 8, 2008

Diggin' In The Crates "Analog To Digital" Edition

From a late-Sunday-night session at the YODC East Coast office, vinyl ripping of 45 RPM enka and kayokyoku goodness for The Vinyl Pagoda Project at Stuck In A Pagoda With Motoko Aoyama.

The initial stack of FIFTY 45RPM singles from which the Vinyl Pagoda Project is getting its start, many of them white-label promos. There is going to be some J-LP's involved, too:

Jul 6, 2008

Shoko Tan

The impromptu shrine erected to commemorate this momentous occasion.
Ah if only my Kaiyodo Eva00 figure didn't get broken I would have been able to include it in the tribute!

On behalf of Shoko Tan I am taking this bitch over!
More covert AX footage from another brave soul NeiCHAMA on the tube.
Yeah it's blurry but this is just how the live performance would have looked through my tears of joy. Here my idol (that I will serve till the bloody end) sings the famous opening theme to Neon Genesis Evangelion "残酷な天使のテーゼ Zankoku na Tenshi no Tēze" or "The Cruel Angel's Thesis" dressed as Rei Ayanami. I cummed all over my jammies when I watched this.

Because not only am I a fan to my grave of Shoko Tan but I am also a fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion or if you wanna get technical Shin Seiki Evangelion, I spent a small fortune collecting the anime series on VHS which I eventually gave as a gift to a new anime fan I met (which I shouldn't have because she was a poser & so undeserving of the gift!). At the time I just couldn't bear to let a new anime fan go through life without viewing the modern classic.

Then I collected the series on dvd before selling it to raise money to go to Tokyo one year, then I downloaded the platinum edition with all the movies torrent style (hey I already bought the shit twice goddamnit, give me a break!).

Anyways this performance is awesome with the montage of anime images in the background & Shoko dressed as Rei OMG I love you Shoko Tan!!!!!!!!!!!!!