Oct 30, 2007


Robert Goulet 1933-2007

as you can see...his music had no age boundaries...

Oct 29, 2007

"This is serious, we could make you delirious..."

Remember, kids, if your pills start singing to you, you probably didn't get them from a pharmacy in the first place, and a spell at Betty Ford should do you right..

hello, I love you

If you know her name, leave a comment.
sorry for the shitty scan

Tsuji doesn't ask for much, just a honey dip with flavor.
She doesn't have to be a super model chick, just have flavor.




Oct 24, 2007

Joey, Johnny and DeeDee are rolling in their graves...

This turned up when I was using iTunes's "Just For You" feature:


Someone actually thinks that a band that repulsed me back when I was in junior high school (especially their alleged "classic" album) would be a good recommendation for a Ramones fan? On what grounds? Someone needs to tell whoever came up with this that no punk rocker in his right mind would ever be caught dead listening to motherfucking Journey!

I Do Know Her Name....

and she is older than 18 =)


Oct 23, 2007

Pic of the Day "Awesome Album Covers" Edition

CJ's Video Of The Moment "Four J-Pop Princesses Make Like Queen" Edition

Hitomi Yoshizawa, Sayumi Michishige, Eri Kamei and Aika Mitsui: "Deikiru Onna" (from the Sexy 8 Beat tour.) A live rendition of one of Morning Musume's best B-sides ever.

(Thanks to Vee for hipping me to this clip.)

Oct 22, 2007

J-Music Clip of the Week "m-flo loves Namie but I Love Her More" Edition

Artists: m-flo loves Amuro Namie
Single: Luvotomy (from m-flo TOUR 2007)

Luvotomy video DL

Mighty Crown Entertainment

Some of y'all rolled your eyes when I brought back that Young Bloodz Japanese Reggae compilation cd from Tokyo. But I love Japanese Reggae, see, Japanese people can study & deconstruct shit then reverse engineer that sumbatch into something so similar to the original in sound & vibe that it would be to Reggae/Dancehall what Splenda is to Sugar.

This group's called Fireball & they are down with Mighty Crown's Mighty Crown Entertainment.

Now Mighty Crown themselves...

You see that crowd??? Holy fucken shit, slap the next person that says Reggae aint big in Japan. I didn't realize how big Mighty Crown was, I'm getting an idea by the crowd that showed up to watch them spin dubplates & speak patois on stage. They speak patois more convincingly than Shaggy & Ini Kimoze, oh, snap.

I wasn't really sure what to make of Mighty Crown at first, I've seen them here & there in my Ollie & Samurai magazines, I did not know that they studied dancehall culture & perfected their sound system over the years participating in many a sound clash, often times winning them.

I found a clip on youtube of them at a sound clash in the UK basically surrounded by a crowd that sounded to me like they wanted them on the first flight back to Nihon but they spit that patois & spun some of the illest dubplates I've heard & eventually rocked the crowd hard enough to win the thing. Dem bwoy got big balls fe dat one seen. Check out the vids of them at clashes they are pretty crazy.

I personally don't quite get the whole "I'm only gonna play part of the song" thing then scream & yell over it to boot. But I love me some reggae, & the girls in the crowd are hot. SO peep it!

I had to come back & include this clip, holy shit that's crazy haha!

A Question That Just Might Blow Robert Fripp's Mind

A favorite Robert Fripp quote of mine from a 1984 interview goes, "Me and a book is a party. Me and a book and a cup of coffee is an orgy."

Suppose this was the book, though?

Oct 21, 2007

Kat Klix "Rat Poison"

In which one obscure current Philadelphia band covers another obscure current Philadelphia band...

Tokyo Burger, bitches

It's a little known fact that Santa Inoue used me as the model to create Merra.

Play with your Tokyo Tribes Kubricks...

Rock your Santastic Gear & cop an Ollie Magazine so you can read Tokyo Burger at the same time. Let's all show Inoue Santa how much we love his shit so he can start International shipping on his website & we don't have to wait for the bi yearly trips to Tokyo to buy his stuff.

credit in comments

OMG, Poledance Much?

From the archives of MotokoAoyama.com v1.0 ...

Viyuden poledancing

Back cover of the CD/DVD edition of "Jaja Uma Paradise". Unfortunately, in the enclosed video Rika, Erica and Yui are not, to paraphrase Ray Mescallado, "hanging upside down on those poles wearing nothing but smiles".

Tales from the Office

"I've heard stories of it happening to others, I just didn't think it would happen to me..."

I work the graveyard shift for this media company. The building is basically empty during my shift, except for one security guard, a couple members of the janitorial staff, and random folks (usually kids on the street teams for urban radio). It's nice and quiet up in this bitch. I get to kick back, watch TV and surf the web all night, with no one looking over my shoulder.

On this particular night, I decide to bring a big lunch. Not just any old lunch, but a bunch of wings from Wingstop. I went there for dinner and planned to bring some of my leftovers. I had cajun, hickory bbq and parmessan flavored wings. Dee-fauken-licious! So 4am finally rolls around, and I'm feeling kinda hungry. You can probably guessed what happened next. I open the fridge int the break room and my food is gone! I specifically remember placing it on the top shelf and it was now missing. Now the fridge is loaded with random food and drinks, so I scramble to look for my lunch behind all this other crap, like those kids in that one Sunny Delight commercial.

No Luck.

Some starving punk-ass jacked my food and has gotten away with it (for now). It's not like my bag said Wingstop on it either. It was wrapped up in a blank bag. The funny thing is, there was another blank bag of food all opened up and exposed inside the fridge, but it had a sandwhich and a ziplock bag of rice. The food thief must have checked that bag first, then thought JACKPOT upon finding my lunch. Now I'm waiting for 5am to roll around so I can go get me a McGriddle. Don't trip, food thieves are known to strike often. I'll just have to spike a fake lunch and hope the thief takes the bait.

Oct 20, 2007

CJ's Video Of The Moment "Prog-Rockers In The 80's" Edition

Robert Fripp & Andy Summers "I Advance Masked" (A&M, 1982)

Ingredients for this video:

1. Take one prog-rock guitar icon (albeit one quite comfortable in the punk/new wave early 80's and beyond, King Crimson's Robert Fripp).
2. Add one 80's non-hair-metal guitar hero (The Police's Andy Summers, who just happened to have been a friend of Fripp's for decades)
3. Mix in a bunch of pretty Asian women and some banners that read "Hitori No Watashi" ("I, as one person").

Result: Bewilderment all around, albeit with some eye candy and a cool soundtrack.

Only Robert Fripp could peel off 32nd notes in 7/4 time while having a "what-the-fuck?" expression on his otherwise mild-mannered face.

..And He Who Drinks The Kool-Aid Shall Become One Of Us....OOOH YEEEEAH!

shout out to the newest YODC member... CJ Marsicano of Stuck In A Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama ..so this blog will probably consist of a bunch of dueling Reina posts now...

Guess Who Just Joined The Magnificent Bastards?

Reina Tanaka Look of Love

Gee, I don't know... doesn't he also write this blog?

Pic of the Day " 19yrs of Gakisan" Edition

HAPPY 19th Birthday to my future wife Risa...yeah..I've finally decided that she's THE ONE....it took me awhile to come to that conclusion because....c'mon?!...it ain't easy(for me at least) to choose between Rika, Aya, Miki, Sayumi and of course Reina(who has already been spoken for by a certain someone) but Risa is the one who just seems to be "wifey" material...I don't know what it is...I mean Rika was the first one that I fell in love with but she seems a little high maintenance to me...Aya and Miki...getting with either one would be great but they'd constantly be together(which isn't a bad thing) and I would definitely have to fight for there affection when we were all "together" if you know what I mean....and Sayumi...my Sayummy...she can't cook..

so I have chosen the lovely Risa for my wife...I can see it now...me, Risa and our daughter Mayuko(yeah..I've already picked out our daughters name)..strapping on our jetpacks..holding hands and flying to the local skymall for a little cryo-cream and tang...aw...such fun times

taking a page out of CJ's book...here's a special OPV I made just for my Risa

J-Music Clip of the Week..."Indigo Blue Love All Over Your Stomach" Edition

Artist: Risa Niigaki

Single: Indigo Blue Love(Momosu Hawaii FanClub Tour)

Indigo Blue Love video DL