Feb 28, 2006

Hikaru's daily PV pick up

Here are my favorite daily PV picks.

First PV is "Earthship," by SweetS. I love this song! SweetS is one
of my favorite groups. I know some of y'all are not into jpop, but this PV is worth checking out.

Next PV is for the Hip Hop heads in here. This PV is called "It's Okay," by Shakkazombie feat. Dabo.
The bigger half of Shakkazombie is very reminiscent of Big Pun. Anyways great track.

and this last PV is in heavy rotation in my Ipod. The song is called "Sunshine," by Ai.
Very Sexy. Her voice is soulful and melodic. I definitely recommend this Artist if
you ever want to get into Japanese RnB.

Look out for more great music around your way! Enjoy!

Feb 27, 2006

Did someone say F-Pop?!? Diana Zubiri edition

I ran into this beauty at SFO in the international terminal. I noticed her from afar and thought to myself, gee this fob's kinda cute. After seeing her go through security and lace up her camouflage Chuck Taylor's I thought, gee this fob is hella stacked! I gave my usual greeting, "Hey, how ya doin'... can you slide down? There are other people waiting for their stuff!" Right after she left, a co-worker tells me that she's an actress in the Philippines. I tell him to go ask for her autograph, but he declines.

So when I get home, I do a quick google search and find a few pics from movies and promotional pieces. I ask my friend's wife if she's heard of her, and she says Diana does PRAWN. What!?!? No flippin' way! My homeboy confirmed that she does "Bold Movies" which are described as "films that have adult content or sexual scenes. These films are condemned for their indecency and immorality yet patronized for saving the industry because of their ability to draw audiences." So, it's basically like late night Skinemax (Cinemax).

F-pop Miss Italy of the World

I'm not sure how this works, but half-pinay Mara Morelli is the current Miss Italy of the World. She represented the Philippines in the contest. So I guess she was Miss P.I. going for the Miss Italy title, only it was for Miss Italy of the WORLD. What again?

And, how do I know she's asian? Here she is throwing up the obligatory two fingers...

Who is Freefall Jones?

Densha Otoko

A few of the otaku scum have left posts referencing a J dorama called Densha Otoko (Train Man). Densha Otoko is a best selling book, anime, manga, movie & TV dorama.

I first got introduced to Densha Otoko through the TV dorama & I fell in love with it. The story at it's core is a great one & supposedly true.

There once was a lonely otaku that never had a girlfriend & spent his days wandering around Akihabara obssessing over anime, action figures & video games. One day he is taking the train & notices a beautiful lady, his daydream is cut short by a boligerant drunken salaryman that begins to harrass people on the train. Most everyone tries to ignore what is going on as does our Train Man, until the salaryman starts in on the beautiful lady. This is too much for Densha Otoko to take & he conjures up the courage to stand up to the drunken bastard.

Later at the police station the beautiful lady asks Train Man for his address so that she could send him a gift to thank him for his bravery. Densha begins to day dream about the lady he met on the train & starts to chat online about his feelings & what has happenned. Immediately folks in the chatroom are intrigued by the story & soon they begin to cheer him on & help him in his quest for love! The other lonely bastards in the chatroom draw inspiration from Densha's story & they soon begin to take a cue from him & take chances to gain their own happiness as well.

The movie version is more realistic than the TV dorama version. The TV version was funny as hell but highly unrealistic. My favorite is the movie version. It was sweet & you really feel for Densha, hell I was rooting for him. Maybe I saw alittle bit of myself in Densha woohoo!

Please go out & get this movie, it will give you hope as a nerd that one day you too will find someone to love you just like Densha Otoko did.

Hell I AM Densha, minus the jacked up clothing. I mean look at the dude. Hell I like manga, anime, action figures, video games, Jpop & Jdoramas but I DO NOT LOOK LIKE THAT. Jesus man. Well I mean I guess there's not much yen left to spend on clothing when you've got a wicked hankering for comics & video games. Hell Masterpiece edition Voltron or a new pair of BAPES with the baby milo joints on em'? You make the call.

Please watch this movie THE END.

Pic Of The Day..Awful Album Covers..Edition

One Jew's Review Volume 2 - Bollywood Babes

Priyanka Chopra

Geez Louise. Oy Vey!!!! Looking at this picture makes this Schputz want to go back to the circumcision!!!!!

Sam Weinstein back from an extended stay at the Kabbalah Center in LA. Looking through my collection of Bollywood Movies (Yes, Jews watch the Indians) and came upon some pictures that I would post on a regular basis, but it won't be particularly held to Bollywood queens. In fact, Jews love women of all ethnicities. We are the chosen people.

Take a look at that hotness. She is so babelicious it makes me want to almost convert to Hinduism. I said almost. She has been in so many movies within the past couple years and she has a sexy husky voice which makes me want her to talk dirty to me.

Oy, sensory overload, I got schphillcus in my genectagazoink...

Feb 26, 2006

Pic Of The Day..WOW..I Mean Seriously..WOW..Edition

today(Feb26) is Miki Fujimoto's 21st birthday and everyday this week I've been putting up pics of the lovely lass...every so often I'd JOKE about making her a cake or something like that...well, looks like somebody at mikifujimoto.com(a fansite) actually did go through the trouble of making her a freakin cake!!..oh wait...that may be a store bought cake...jimney christmas man..

now I'm not necessarily knockin the person for doing this cuz everybody has there own way of "worshipping" their Jpop Idols...Hikaru for instance has a shrine dedicated to Berryz Koubou and has ritual of singing to it each and every morning...but unless you have a friend that goes by the name Mikitty, then THAT my friend is just kinda weird....or maybe you just love cake and you'd do anything to get your hands on some..then I guess it isn't that weird....I guess..

J-Music Clip Of the Week

Artist: ZEEBRA feat. AI, Namie Amuro & Mummy-D
Single: Do What U Gotta Do

Do What U Gotta Do video DL

mmm hmm..I like this video for one reason and one reason only...NAMIE AMURO...damn she's looking REEEEEEEALLY good in this clip...and the way she moves!!..wowee wow wow...

Miki-Music Clip of the Week

...here's a special Music Clip Edition to celebrate the glorious 21st anniversary of the birth of this lovely lady...enjoy..

Artist: Miki Fujimoto
Song: Sotto Kuchizukete Gyutto Dakishimete

Sotto Kuchizukete Gyutto Dakishimete video DL

...vid and screencap courtesy of Teruki Paradise

Feb 25, 2006

F-pop ...that's right, you heard me.

A couple of weeks ago at the team summit, I threatened the guys with posting some filipino beauties up here (no offense, Bryanboy ), so I now present to you ROXANNE BARCELO.

The lovely 21-year old (too old for you guys?) is currently holed up in the Pinoy Celebrity Big Brother house. Seriously? That's a show?

I don't even think she sings, but cut me some slack ...f-pop? There is NO f-pop.

Who is Freefall Jones?

Don Knotts 1924-2006

He helped Scooby and the gang go against the Spooky Fog and he was The Incredible Mr. Limpett.

Ciao, Mr. Furley --I'm sure in whatever heaven you're in, Jack's as gay as you want him to be.

Pic Of The Day..Fuji my Moto...Edition..

quick little entry here cuz its Miki's birthday tomorrow and I gotta go start making her cake..err uh I mean...nevermind...but here's a few a of my FAVORITE pics from Mikitty's latest photobook..enjoy..

Feb 24, 2006

Takahashi Ai Much Ai (love)

If you love takahashi ai. This is a must. Even if you don't know who she is. This is a must.
It's takahashi ai's recent Photobook that came out last month:"making of 19." Very nice. Enjoy. I love this girl. My future wife! like that would ever happen... remember Don't hate spread the love. peace.

Pic Of the Day...Again with the Miki?...Edition

Miki recently had a solo concert/dinner for a few lucky fans...instead of having a coat check, they had a backpack and glow stick check!!...hahahaha haha ha...sorry, my lame attempt at a joke...but here's a pic that was taken at the show...

Pic of the Day...Awful Album Covers...Edition

Feb 23, 2006

random observations @ work, part 450-43.9.89'5

So I started this new job this week and I'm already going loco! I'm still in training, learning about the company, thrust in a classroom environment (which includes daily quizes! !Ay de mi!). First thing I noticed was that most of these people (future co-workers) don't know how to conduct themselves in a classroom. Cellphones were ringing, people were talking over other people or having side conversations while the instructor was lecturing, people would blurt out the answer even when the instructor would tell them to raise their hand... I can sense the frustration in the instructor, but was too busy scetching in my notepad to care too mcuh. The only people who were at least civil also happen to be college graduates (myself included). It was pretty sad, but not as sad as my team name...

So we had to form teams on the first day with the other people sitting at the same table. We had to come up with a team name, a slogan (or mascot) and tell a little something about ourselves. So what did the other members of my team come up with? The Newbies! "Looking 4 something New & Substantial." Our name and slogan was a diss of ourselves and lame. And I was gonna be stuck with these people for the rest of the week. The only consolation was having them do all the work during all of our class presentations while I nodded my head and pretended to write down some notes. Oh yeah, whichever team earned the most points would get an exxxtra paycheck. My team is currently in first place due to me winning in BINGO, which was the only time I voluntarily talked in class (all other times were forced). B-I-N-G-O, bitches!

And what would training be without the mandatory harassment lecture?!? For this one exercise, volunteers had to reach into a can and grab a piece of paper that had a scenario. We had to read the scenario outloud and explain if it was a form of harassment. Since my other team members volunteered, the instructor suggested I take the last scenario (she must have noticed my lack of participation). Here's my scenario: Not talking to a person of a different race because she is different is not harassment because you are not "doing" anything to the person. TRUE or FALSE?

Guillermo Tip of the Day: If you haven't eaten and your stomach is making those insane in the membrane, cartoon-like sound effects (while the entire class is quietly taking a quiz), keep a piece of paper handy that you can crumple up to disguise the sound.

and lastly, I was bumping an old DJ Spinbad mixtape, and on the intro he sampled an audio clip from some movie and it sparked something that happened to me earlier this week: Do crazy people know that they are crazy? Or do they just lose all sense of reality and think that their behavior is normal?


What's my alter ego up to? Now that he's on staff at Electronic Gaming Monthly, he gets an official staff page...check it out and book mark it! And join up, too, while yer at it poozers.

Who is Freefall Jones?

Pic Of The Day..More Miki..Edition...


Feb 22, 2006

Jdorama rama!

Okay folks I thought I'd try something new.
How well do you know your j doramas?
They better be good because you are now entering:

Holla back at me with the correct answer. As for a consolation prize.
There is none but you will leave with a sense of
otaku pride knowing that you knew what jdorama this is from. Ganbare!

Pic Of The Day...**** ....Edition

me likey this picture A LOT....probably because Miki's showing a lot of skin...heh heh heh...enjoy..

Feb 21, 2006


What's sadder than sad? A grown ass man sitting in his room at his grandma's house watching Futarigoto...

futari = 2 as in 2 people

go = doing

to = with

Tsuji san what did you do last night?

So desu ne....well Ayaya & I gave Tamo chan a bath. Takahashi san & I talked about how naughty she used to be when she was little & how much she hated her mom. Sayumi came by & showed me her hair tie collection. Mari stopped by to study but then we ended up playing Grand Theft Auto. Then we got hungry & she made us some hot cakes but she burned the first one 'cause the heat was up too high! Wowsers man Morning Musume's my friends man har har har.

Be like me. Watch Futarigoto.

Pic Of The Day...I'd Miki her Fujimoto...Edition...

hmmm mmm..and she's athletic too..

Feb 20, 2006

Hikaru's PV picks

Here are a couple of PV's I ran into that I thought were kakko ii.

This first PV is called "Twinkle Star" by HaliCali. It didn't take too long for me to fall in love with this duo. I love the bridge. They've added some*"stupid cool hip hop style" (*peter griffin/family guy) into the track.

This next PV is "Yamini Furu Ame " by Shiina Ringo. Now, I'm not a big Shiina fan. This particular PV though caught my ears with its orchestral pulsations and mellow yet furious melody.

And, the last PV today will be dedicated to Senpai Alger. Miki Fujimoto in her shuffle group: Sexy Otona Jan. The song is called "Onna, Kanashii, Otona" dozou!

Pic Of The Day..1 Day of Mikitty Is Never Enough...Edition

..the very beautiful, kawaii, sexy, my future wife, ect, ect, ect...Miki Fujimoto celebrates her 21st birthday this coming Sunday(2/26) and to commerorate this joyous event...I'll be posting a different pic of the future Mrs.Fujimoto-Alger everyday for you to enjoy and enjoy and ENJOY....and so...I give to you...

Pic of the Day...Awful Album Covers...Edition

Feb 18, 2006

J-Music Clip of The Week

Artist: Morning Musume
Album: Rainbow 7

(click pic to buy album)

..I was fortunate to get my hands on the newest Morning Musume album this past week..my verdict is still out on if I really like this album or if think that its just "alright"(probably because there weren't enough NEW songs) but here are a couple cuts that I found to be gems...

Indigo Blue Love preview

Indigo Blue Love DL

probably my favorite song on the entire album and a likely candidate to become an offical single...

How Do You Like Japan! Nihon wa Donna Kanji Dekka preview

How Do You Like Japan! Nihon wa Donna Kanji Dekka DL

...now I wasn't too sure when I first heard this song but after awhile, I couldn't get enough...its probably because of the very catchy hook or hearing super-kawaii Risa say "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeeeeah....."

Feb 17, 2006

Pic of the Day...SPECIAL REPORT...Edition

...yes...that is the REAL cover of this month's issue of Playboy..and NO my Jessica Alba IS NOT naked inside...freakin bastards!!..how the hell you gonna put the future Mrs. Alger on the cover and not have her nekkid and ish...BLASPHEMES I say!!!....but I had to get the word out before any of you see the issue on the newstand, buy it, rush home, run to the bathroom, rip off the cellophane wrapper, frantically flip through the pages and find out that THEIR ARE NO NAKED PICTURES OF JESSICA ALBA anywhere in the magazine....not like I did anything remotely close to that or anything...

Pic Of the Day..Triple Threat...Edition


and yours truly, Langdon Alger, in the back..hee hee..

Evil Spirit Disperse !!!

There's nothing cuter than when Sailor Mars executes the Evil Spirits Disperse attack. Except maybe when Sailor Moon or Sailor Mercury "transforms". oooh lala.
What's more gay, that Langdon sits down when he pees or that I like Sailor Moon? Moving on....
Although there are cute girls galore in this live action series one of the highlights are the damned monsters the Sailors fight. I think it was episode 5 or 6, they were fighting 3 monsters that looked like they had green vaginas for heads. wierd. It took a second before I realized that they were supposed to be cactus monsters ...I think. Then there was the monster that had a big ass propeller on the top of his head two wings portruding from the sides of his head with their own propellors, not once during the goddamn battle did he fly or use them shits to cut up the cute sailors. Instead he used magic to tie up Sailor Moon with some vines that were laying around. Chotto matte I take that back, I think he DID use his propellors except he didn't use them to cut the shit out of the sailors he used his propellors to blow leaves in the face of Sailor Mars to distract her. How gay is that? If I was that monster it would have been a blood bath if those Sailors even thought of effing with me. One of my favorites was the monster that looked like it was made with laffy taffy. Delicious!
Well I had seen torrents floating around for this show & never gave it a shot until JJ recommended it, & I fell in love with Kitagawa Keiko. Found a cool bootleg, I am definitely a fan now. Yet another thing to add to my otaku repitoire. Ja....

Feb 16, 2006

Eating so Kawaii

Who knew that eating can be naughty and so cute!
Langdon Your going to love the Chicken sandwich.
Eriku, You'll love the cupcakes or not! haha! Dozo!

Feb 15, 2006

Confession. Funny Chinaman. Random.

2 things I love
Noodles N' Nono
Nono please have another helping

Nono looking a bit more fit & healthy
I swear Tsunku san & Up Front better not be putting pressure on her to lose weight!

Ikumi *Red Bacteria Vacuum*

Morning Musume Otome Gumi has everything you need: Nono, Sayumin & Mikitty in that order, yeah & Tanaka san (minus the corn on her toe)

Guys I have a confession to make. My posts about the relationship problems I was having were lies. Everything I wrote was a lie except the part when I cried when I climaxed. That was true. It was all a joke that was supposed to be a joint attempt by me, LA, TJ & I can't remember who else to bust the balls of our very own JJ & TM. It was all in fun, if you don't want to be my friend anymore I understand. I still would like to be your friend though if it is at all still possible after my horrible display of untruthfulness. In summation I would just like to say that I know I am a pig & I hate myself. Moving on.

Wonton thinks he's funny www.wonton.net he posted some pics of Tsuji san on his blog from a few years ago when I could not say no to Guiness Stout or food. (ladies I'm alot more sexy & thinner now & I have hair). Good one jerk, I'll get you back one day.

So W's fan club deely yo in Hawaii got cancelled....my nightmare is coming true. No W album & no secret trip to Hawaii to try & catch a glimpse of the "kawaii in Hawaii" sorry I always wanted to say that. I'm sad.

Audrey from Benten Tokyo sent out an email reminding all Benten Tokyo fans that there will be a Japan Nite Tour stop in San Francisco, yo JuanJohn check that ish out when they hit NY, NY. If any of y'all didn't read my little post on when the Japan Girls Nite tour hit SF last November check it out. I love how Benten Tokyo gets down....


A Day Late..

Yes, its me the infamous ThongChai. I know its been a long time since I wrote on this blog, but the excuse is I was just too lazy to write something on here. So here is my story. (FINALLY)

A couple of years ago, (maybe 3 years ago) I would talk to this one girl from Fremont. (I think) Let's name her "M." "M" would call me all the time and we would talk about work, school, music etc etc. On Valentine's Day that year, Goapele was performing near the Fillmore. It was a jazz club right on Fillmore, not to far from the venue. Being the Goapele fan I am, I had to go see this show. I called "M" to invite her to this event and she said yes. I was excited for this "date." The only downside of this date was that I had to pick her up in Fremont then head back to SF. At that time, I did not care about picking her up, but now when I think about it. What the hell was I thinking?? haha

So I swooped "M" at her apartment and the date begins. Normally, I would take her to Zacherys and have a nice dinner, but I figured that it would be better if we head to the bar so we don't have to pay to get in. We got there on time and we had a few drinks. "M" was getting twisted from the alcohol. Before Goapele performed, they had a dj "spinning" on the turns. We both was getting close on the dance floor, I was thinking to myself, "damn this girl can dance." "M" and I danced throughout the night and we had more drinks. She was getting pretty f'ed up. Finally, Goapele performed. Goapele did her thing and did some tracks off the "Even Closer" album. "M" was in front of me and she grabbed my arms and put it around her and started holding my hand. "What the F?" I was thinking she must be really drunk and she is feeling clingy or she wants some tonight. HAHA...My expectations wasn't high when that incident happened. All, I thought was she was really drunk and she needed someone to be there for her.

We left the club and headed back to my car. All of sudden, "M" says, "E, I'm not feeling well." Oh great, a girl who can't hold her alcohol. As was we walked to my car, she decides to sit on the sidewalk where my car is parked. GREAT! She is about to throw up next to my car and she DID! There goes my plan to make a move on her and kiss her. hahaha. So we sat on the curb for a good hour, I was rubbing her back and making sure she was ok. One other thing that disgusted me, was homegirl pissed on the side too. I was dying. hahahaha. I couldn't believe it. What did I get myself into. Once she was fine, we headed back to Fremont. "M" asked me to pull over again and I got off 880 and parked in some residential area and she threw up in front of some house. I felt bad, but what can you do. It was her choice to drink that much.

I finally got "M" home and she thanked me for the great evening. She felt bad that I had to babysit her, but I told her it was not a problem. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and we went our separate ways. I haven't kept in touch with her since. Maybe one day, I'll look her up or call her number. I still have it.

I've learned from this experience, take a girl out who could hold her alcohol or knows her limits. Its not fun babysitting someone for a couple of hours and not get anything out of it. HAHAHAHAAHA

Pic of the Day...Awful Album Covers...Edition

I don't think anything can beat the previous Awful Album cover but this one is pretty damn hilarious as well...and yet sad at the same time...I went into the youropiniondoesntcount archives for this one..enjoy...

The ABC's of Love...

well, my original plan for Valentines Day was to stay at home and watch tv with the ladies...and when I say "the ladies".. I mean Morning Musume..yeah..I was gonna spend the nite oggling at Mikitty, Gak-san and the rest of the girls doing there thing on Hello!Morning BUT...out of the blue, Langdon Alger got a B-call...hahaha YES!!..or so I thought....long story short:

I got some A from some chic who turned out to be a B and to get here back..I just C in her eye...THE END....

but I guess it wasn't all bad...I did get to bust a N and no one in there right mind would pass up on some P...

Feb 14, 2006

Heartbreak Soup

After breaking open a can of Chef Lonely Hearts Soup For One, it was hard not to remenisce about the one that got away. After that, I called A and B for a trip to C. In which "A" is "Son of Gigan," and "B" is "Langdon Alger." The "C" ? ..."Centerfolds" of course. A+B+C=Double Ds

And now for something completely different. Here's a couple of clips from BBC's original "The Office," the first with hapless bossman David Brent reliving his glory days as a singer/songwriter during a mandatory office morale meeting:

The setup on this next clip is a little long but it's worth it to watch a jealous David Brent try to outdo his manager's disco moves. More sad than heartbreaking:

...and speaking of the heartbreaking inability to dance, watch Johnny Gill not tear it up with these dance moves:

Who is Freefall Jones?

Valentines Day Tribune: Crystal Kay desu

Whats's going on min'na san? I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favorite Japanese RnB artist Crystal Kay for Valentines Day. Well, she isn't Japanese. She is actually half black and korean. A very sexy girl indeed. Anyways, for always giving me great music, here's her new video Kirakuni enjoy. Happy Valentines Day!

...and for eriku tsuji desu. BoA arimasu. It's Crystal Kays live of Kirakuni, but BoA makes her appearance on the show. Dozou!!!

Pics Of the Day..Special Valentines Day....Edition

...here you go you lonely bastards....enjoy...






and by special request from Eriku-san...