Dec 31, 2006

Tsuji's thoughts on Kouhaku.

I broke out a pen & pad while I watch Kouhaku this evening. Yes, I sat through the entire five hours. I enjoyed myself though. I was going to do a review but I'm too lazy so I thought it would be funnier if I just posted the notes I took while watching.

BoA "brand New Beat" damn she got thicker I'd like to beat those

Seamo is a fool with his leapord print suit WTF?

Mihimaru ripped shit

GAM's costumes are HOT! Morning Musume should have done different songs
The best thing about this is Berryz & C-ute dancing in the background

Aqua Timez nice worth checking out

Otsuka Ai should have done a better song

Orange Range ripped it!

"say it it in English" skit was funny, I likes

Oh damn, Bonnie Pink! I wanna hump her dancers

Ayaka is dope! wow!

WAT what the f*ck wardrobe moment I like the song though

Ayumi Hamasaki-can't front on her skill but she looks GROSS!

Angela Aki I'm impressed!

DJ Ozuma, what are they censoring on the video? what the hell! DJ Ozuma is a fool! Japanese dude with a blond afro. Jesus Christ.

Koda Kumi is fuckable as usual nice hips mmmmm

not feeling Dreams Come True, wait is that a black dude in the back?

SMAP definitely the most handsome men in Japan & some of the best vocalists, YEAH! RIGHT!

the white team wins it!

I hope my notes were helpful.

"Naomi" book review Part 3

[Part 1]

[Part 2]


“She was no longer chaste: not only did this cast a dark shadow over my heart; it also lowered the value of Naomi”

This reminds me of Wota who abandon their idol if they get a boyfriend or something like that.

Mr Kawai narrates
“For me Naomi was the same fruit that I’d cultivated myself. I’d labored hard and spared no pains to bring that piece of fruit to its present, magnificent ripeness, and it was only proper that I, the cultivator, should be the one to taste it. No one else had that right. But then when I wasn’t looking, a total stranger had ripped of the skin and taken a bite.”

This reminds me of Tsunku and girls like Megumi who have had to leave the fold.

One time Mr Kawai asks Naomi
“Won’t you have a baby? Become a mother? If we have a child – just one – we can be man and wife in the real sense. We can be happy.”

I think this is key because by taking in the girl so early she has taken on the role of child. And given that she is not willing to quit being spoiled things turn sour.

The quote I’m looking at now is a bit awkward but what it amounts to is her reminding our protagonist that he said he’d do anything for her. Now what she’s angling for here is money and really they could do with saving some but she doesn’t see it that way, or care.

My thought is that this is the way she abuses the man who abused her, or rather the man who over sexualised her at a young age.

More abuse from Mr Kawai
“I hadn’t expected her to be so quick to beg for forgiveness. Taken by surprise, I grew even more enraged. I began to pummel her with my fists.”

LOL WTF?! Mr Kawai has crossed another line X) (he was definitely provoked but still…) If he had been more YODC and not have bottled things up so much, things needn’t have got this far.

“As I gazed at the photographs, I even felt a deep, religious sense of gratitude well up in me. Why on earth had I taken such detailed photographs? Had I felt a premonition that one day they’d become sorrowful reminders?”

That’s like me looking at pictures of Berryz and such. I feel that kind of sense of gratitude as well… I’m not much of a collector though ;)

Mr Kawai says to a younger guy who had helped him out
“It’s alright for you; you’re still young. But it’s ridiculous for a man in his thirties to act like such an idiot. And if you hadn’t told me, I might have gone right on.”

At this point I feel I need to do another shout out to Justin @ The Great Swifty Speaketh! If you hadn’t of suggested my reading this book I might just have gone right ahead and started bathing some chick, y’know the kind ;) hehe . I might have thought ‘Fuck we’re just unconventional things’ll work out’ but now I’m thinking maybe not…

One thing the book or my review for that matter, didn’t make clear till near the end is that Naomi’s family used to run a brothel.

I would have thought that was pretty crucial info but whatever :) … I guess it doesn’t pay to treat your family or girlfriends like Geisha’s T_T sorry Yurina please forgive me or **** me LOL X) I’m confused hehe…

Our protagonist totally obsessed over this girl, things fucked up… and then his mum died. That really puts things in perspective for him as I imagine it would for anybody. I think something important like this might be a crucial thing to remember if you ever find ‘your head stuck so far up a girls ass’ hehe

For Goto Maki
“A harlot’s skin is her most important attraction, her ‘merchandise.’ Sometimes she must guard it more fiercely than any virgin, lest the value of that main attraction diminish.”

At some point Naomi starts teasing Mr Kawai again with her body, successfully and regularly, to his great frustration (seeing as she won't deliver the goods because they are not getting on)...

I was thinking to myself ‘Damn this guy needs some porn LOL then he wouldn’t be so in thrall of this girl’ :) I guess they didn’t have internet in the time of this story X)


Last bit now, Mr Kawai says at the end
“If you think my account foolish, please go ahead and laugh. If you think there’s a moral in it, then, please let it serve as a lesson. For myself, it makes no difference what you think of me; I’m in love with Naomi.”

YODC BABY! LOL it’s a little late Mr Kawai but what the hell X) U got it in the end ;)

Dec 30, 2006

I'm thinking...

these are from the Kouhaku: [2 energetic looking screencaps]

and Koharu can now fly :)

"Naomi" book review Part 2

[part 1]

But then things start to take a turn for the worse
“Whether it had been there from the beginning or was a result of my spoiling her, her insolent, wilful nature was clearly getting worse as the days went by. Or perhaps I’d let it pass as girlish charm when she was still fifteen or sixteen, and now that she was older it was proving more than I could handle.”

You hear that Tsunku? LOL u had better watch out XP

“If there’s such a thing as animal electricity, Naomi’s eyes had it in abundance.”

Momo has it! [picture]

The couple take to gambling with each other
“Occasionally she lost, but when she did she knew other ‘moves’ to get the money she wanted. […] she’d slouch immodestly in her chair, unfasten the neck of her gown, stick out her legs and if that failed, lie in my lap, stroke my cheek, tweak the corner of my mouth – in short, attempt every form of enticement. […] In particular when she employed her move of last resort (which I can’t very well describe in writing), my head would get all fuzzy and everything would go dark, and I’d lose track of the game completely.”

LOL ding! ;P

She used to help with the chores but now she says
“I’m not your maid, you know. If I do the laundry, my fingers’ll get fat and I won’t be able to play the piano. What is it you called me? Your treasure?”

This reminds me of Saki LOL for 2 reasons. 1) because we’ve seen that Saki plays the piano and 2) because I read somewhere that 1 of the other girls said on Berryz's radio show that Saki actually likes to be spoiled :o

For YODC’s Tsuji (Naomi is about 18 now)
“Her body had shot up since she was fifteen, but this foot was as loveable as ever. […] Before I realised it, I was pressing my lips softly to the top of her foot.”


There are several bits in the book where I thought to myself “Mr Kawai” could use a bit of YODC attitude himself. He could do with giving less of a fuck about this girl. I got about 10 examples here annotated but basically it all amounts to him letting this girl walk all over him. And she does. She really goes from bad to worse to much much worse to downright monstrous.

I still got some more things to say on this ;) 1 more part after this I think X)

[Part 3]

:) :/

Dec 28, 2006

J-Music Clip Of The Week...Classic Edition

Artist: Asuka Hinoi
Single: Wanna Be Your Girlfriend

Wanna Be Your Girlfriend video DL

Send someone a brutally honest greeting card!

"Has someone you know given birth to a fukcing ugly baby? Are you cheating on your partner and want to find an interesting way in telling them? Is your mother-in-law a cunt?
-excerpt taken from

Those f'n kangaroos at Grating Cards, an Austrailian based card company, has created many hilarious ways of telling someone how you truly feel. Have no shame! Let that person know you put a hex on them. If that doesn't fit your style, you can always get in their face and tell them straight up "You're a cunt!"

Dec 26, 2006

Pic Of The Day "Alo Reina" Edition

no words needed really except that these pics are from Reina's upcoming Alo! Hello DVD(pb too?)...oh and uh..DAMN!!!!!...


the last pic's for you CJ...enjoy

Dec 25, 2006


Guess who's back, back again
Gacky's back, tell a friend

I woke up this morning to find that Santa forgot to stop by my house. There was no Real Doll under my tree when I woke up, & I was real good this year too.

So I decided to treat myself to a gift of Arigaki Yui ooooooh La La.

This looks like something langdon & I would do...
Gacky looks so cute!!! Merry Christmas to me!

Jesus this looks like couple of YODC members decided to have coffee in a Maid Cafe.


Fuck You All XD

I didn't upload it but I have got it thanks to my dad so :p`

Merry Pink Christmas For You...

from those magnificent bastards at

Dec 24, 2006

Langdon's Top 3 Most Underrated Holiday Songs

#3 Merry Fucking Christmas by Mr. Garrison

#2 Last Christmas performed by Aya Matsuura and a bunch of other people(originally by WHAM!)
#1 Dick In A Box as scene on SNL

Dec 23, 2006

J-Music Clip of the Week...Xmas Edition

Artist: Morning Musume
Performance: 60's Girls Pop Medley (Happy Xmas Show)

60's Girls Pop Medley (Happy Xmas Show) video DL

Have it your way then XD

Iichi Sayaka

+ Tsuji's Bonus Toe Sucking Pic ;) :

Free Image Hosting at

Missile -E- Anus

oops I meant miscellaneous

first up is the "Amazing Love" PV by Folder 5
I love the song so much, doesn't it remind you of the high energy days?
Jpop at it's finest I must say.

Next up I have a confession to make...I love Pinky St.
I have a few, they are so kawaii it kills me. I can't help it I like cute things.
The highlight of my collection is my Super Lover edition Pinky St. figure. I saw the yukata summer version figures & the ChoroQ scooter sets & I cannot wait to get my hands on them. OMG. How gay.

Next up the super articulated REVOLTECH line of action figures by Kaiyodo give me a raging hard on. I will be blowing a fat wad of cash all over Radio Kaikan specifically at the Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby right above K Books there, Akihabara de. Oh god my inner Otaku is doing somersaults & back flips as I look at those beautifully crafted figures, Optimus Prime looks like he did in the cartoon!

Miyabi is the man!

Look at her touching those behinds :drool:

Dec 22, 2006

Club Tales: Craig's first time

No J-Pop

Yes I be talking Strip clubs or rather a Sex Club I guess [...]

Barcelona about 5 years ago, I'm on my cousin's Stag Party, we go into some place. "Bambino" I think the guy on the door says in regards to me on the way in.

Not many people there we sit right at the front of the Stage. A quite attractive woman does her number. It involved a dildo and I looked as hard as I could as she inserted into herself before us. That was the first and last time I've seen a woman's vagina so close to my face >_>

Inbetween shows for some reason I become convinced I can smell puke on my hands (Tsuji were u ever in Barcelona? LOL). There's no soap in the toilet so I resort to using bear to try and clense my hands LOL

Anyway I'm back at the stage. Some lanky dude is about to fuck a slightly overweight woman on a table, on the stage, but first she has to suck him for like 3 minutes or something to get him hard, poor guy X) LOL

I can't tell you everything because my cousin is now a happily married man but I can tell you that I was roped into one of the acts. Somehow or other it came to pass that I WAS BEING STRIPPED. Thankfully I was left with my shorts on but not before the stripper took a peak at my dick LOL IT WAS AS IT NORMALLY IS LOL hahaha because she was like old and stuff X) hehe The heart wants what the heart wants X) WHERE WAS THE GIRL WITH THE DILDO WHEN I NEEDED HER?! Haha XP

Berryz's "Munasawagi Scarlet" Music Fighter perf.

Goddamn those Music Fighter people know how to film a performance. When I compare this to the crappy way Hello! Morning filmed this, Hello! Morning should be ashamed of themselves!

(I just DL'd this @ H!O and in the absence of any better dance version (or some such) I think I'll keep it :) )

Dec 21, 2006

Pic Of The Day "THAT DAMN SAYUMI!!!" Edition

definite sensory overload going on here..Miki released a new photobook in November, Rika dropped her new one earlier this month and to start the New Year off with a bang, the irresistible Sayumi Michishige unleashes her brand spankin' new photobook the second week of January... and jeebus christ...judging by these preview pics...I...I...jeebus christ!! sure to wash your hands AFTERWARDS....

Dec 20, 2006

Club Tales: SoG's first time

All right, I'm implenting a new feature. Basically, if you've got a good strip club story, tag it with "Club Tales" and then spill it...

This took place years ago: So Furious George and I finally got Son of Gigan to come with us to a club. We walked in, sat down and showed him some of the basics -- like, if an unattractive dancer (subjective) comes up to hustle you right away, just tell her, "...oh, we just got here, we're going to hang out a little bit first..."

There was a moment in the night where Furious George was at the tip rail tossing out some dollar bills and SoG and I were kicking back at a table. "You know what's cool about this?" SoG asked, "...the camaraderie..."

The funny part was that before SoG could get to the word "camaraderie," I was already standing up to ditch him and head to the tip rail.

And that's the first lesson: Someone has to stay behind to watch the table.

Dec 19, 2006

Dance You Sexay Thing!!..Dance Like The Wind!! Volume 1

My Friend, my friend. You've been kicked in the nuts!

I thought this show was funny as hell. Saw it on Family Guy and looked it up. Enjoy! Its people getting kicked in the nuts!

Kicked in the Nuts part 1

Kicked in the Nuts part 2

Now, KITNs Family Guy style!

Some Boys! Touch

Dec 16, 2006

Pic Of The Day "The Return of Megumi's Boobies" Edition

the females have been lookin' a bit on this blog its time to bring back the WOMEN..and Megumi is quite the woman...YOWZERS!!


Dec 14, 2006

What the Fonk!? and a WTF moment

Its just one of those moments where you just say, "What the fonk?!"


Wow. Lil' homie is blinged up with some crazy chains! his rhyming skills aren't half bad. then again he may have a ghost writer.

•Sound Horizon - 見えざる腕

just give this one a chance...



The end of the year is fast approaching which means Kouhaku is coming up. San Francisco's Channel 26 airs a heavily edited version but hey I guess I should be thankful that I get to see it at all. Come to think about it, I don't really need to see all of Kouhaku.

Anyways here's some of my favorite performances from Kouhaku of years past.

ORANGE RANGE "Locolotion"

Everyone's favorite Okinawans Orange Range were having a live the night Kouhaku aired in 2004, so they appeared on the show via video feed. Oh, I take back what I said about them being my favorite Okinawans, my favorite Okinawan is Arigaki Yui. Langdon's is Amuro Namie.

The Checkers "Farewell Medley"

Damn those 80's bitches loved them. You can hear the breezies sing along with every word. Apparently this was their last performance as a group & it was at 43rd Kouhaku.

Judy and Mary "Sobakasu"

Judy and Mary rocks, too much flavor in your ear!

XJAPAN "Silent Jealousy"

Visual kei to the max. Rest in peace Hide!

Kouhaku is invitation only see who's been invited to perform this year. Kouhaku 2006 artist list

Don't worry your precious GAM & Morning Musume made the cut. Ja.

Dan Marino triple play

A few quick clips...

Dec 13, 2006

Can't Find A Puresutesurii?..Blame The Damn Chinese!!

pretty interesting investigative report regarding the PS3 shortage....

as seen on TV in Japan

The trouble with Blogger blog templates

is that they are quite restrictive in terms of picture size. For example this pic of C-ute's Okai Chisato:
[overall pic]

You see there are 2 things about this pic that I love that a 400 pix wide image just can't convey...

1 her hair:
[close-up of hair]

& 2 her bellybutton:
[Bb zoom]

Dec 12, 2006

The first casualty of The Indisputable Truth

You knew it was going to happen. The Indisputable Truth struck such a chord that it finally made one reader explode into a caustic rage and attack me, as well as Your Opinion Doesn't Count (my fellow posters, consider yourselves scum for allowing me to post). And shockingly, it wasn't a woman, but someone claiming to be a man! My new best friend is named Tian Jiang. I've posted his first comment in my post to preface my response, but you must read the comments section in Chapter 1 to feel the full scope of his wrath, and read Langdon Alger's admirable defense of YODC. The obligatory apology goes out to the rest of YODC for the length, but this just COULD NOT be confined to a simple comment.

Tian Jang wrote: I was introduced to your little angry rant by a female friend of mine.

Wow. Just wow. How old are you, thirteen? I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but I think I can tell that you're not rich, not good-looking, certainly not understanding or humorous, and never gets girls. Why else would you be bitching?

You sound like an angry teenager who poured his heart out to some girl, was rejected for obvious reasons (see above), then proceeded to brood in silent fury over why she didn't drop to your knees begging for sex. Then you went home and cried to your D&D books.

And being the socially inept angry child you are, you don't understand why in the world she doesn't want you, because, you know, every woman in their right mind would want to be involved with a blatant misogynist who, when you get down to it, isn't attractive in any way.

Fast forward five years--the only satisfaction you get now is from attacking the female gender on your blog. Well, if putting your testicles on permanent leave is "incredibly freeing" to you, I've got nothing to say. Some men do enjoy staying single.

Oh and let me ask you: you claim that women only care about your appearance, your economic state, and image/status. Since you spent all this time typing up your rant then proceeding to add to it in the comments section (I can picture you sitting in front of your computer, rubbing your hands with glee every time someone types "I agree"), I think it's a fair assumption that you consider yourself above women, as well. Then, surely you do not care about a potential female partner's appearance, economic state, or image/status "and other surface traits"? If so, Mr. Saint, show me the way.

Your opinion does matter, as does the content of your soul, "son of gigan" m'boy--your opinion is that all women are shallow toys not to be treated with respect, and your soul is filled with ignorance and unjustified hatred. You made the choice for the women around you. Why would any woman in their right mind consider you?

I've been shot down too, and I went on an angry spree, much like what you're doing now--then one day, my testicles got back in charge, and I stopped being a pansy. If you do the same, you might discover what a moron you are right now.

Actually, never mind about that last point. The human race does not need your contribution to our gene pool.

Son of Gigan wrote: Well, allow me to retort. Tian, you are obviously a very unhappy little man, but one in need of my guidance. So take a deep breath, wipe the foam from your jowls and read carefully.

I have to give you credit right off the bat; you realize that you’re not Sherlock Holmes. In fact, in roughly 500 words that’s the only piece of truth you were able to cough up. Not only have you made tired, unimaginative judgments about me that have been blindly and thoughtlessly regurgitated by beings with far greater cognitive ability than you (roller skating chimpanzees come to mind), but you attacked me for everything posted on this blog while somehow managing to miss the rather long list of “contributors” on the right side of the page. If you want me to pay attention to you, PLEASE get your facts straight before flying into a hissy-fit.

I’m afraid your intentions were exposed by your very first sentence:

“I was introduced to your little angry rant by a female friend of mine.”

Your words, your tone, the very emotion behind your comments plainly reveal the psyche of a man desperately seeking the affections of a woman. This “female friend” of yours sent you my post; you saw a perceived opportunity and pounced.

“Look! I responded! I stood up to that big mean blogger! See how much I respect women! LOVE ME!”

Where is the opinion of your “female friend?” Many women have read my words, including your “friend;” a few have even responded and a grand total of NONE of them have gotten as infuriated as you have. You are quite clearly one of those platonic friends that was mentioned in earlier comments – a man surrounded by females. You’re at the front of their picket lines as they fight for “fair treatment.” You stand by them whenever they’re challenged. You defend their feelings with all of your vigor and venom. And you will never have sex with any of them. Do yourself a favor and put an end to the knight-in-shining-armor routine, because everyone, both men and women, can see right through it. If girls feel really strongly about what I’ve written, they can defend themselves. They don’t need you – in more ways than one.

“Then you went home and cried to your D&D books.”

Astonishing. Originality just SEEPS through your fingertips doesn’t it? So much of your character is revealed through this one statement that it’s almost pointless to respond. But in the infinitesimal hope that you’ll learn something, I will.

I’ve never played D&D myself. However, I do not think any less of anyone who does. In fact, I could play D&D every day of my life and still be more of a man than an intellectual insect like you. You’re trying so hard to dismiss my writings as hollow, but they’ve gotten you so incensed that you’ve made four long-winded comments, including responding to one of your own comments. Here’s a tip on logic for you, little one:

You can’t be dismissive and angry at the same time.

The truth, if you want to hear it, is YES, I do check my posts to see if people comment. And YES, I do enjoy it when people respond, whether they’re agreeing or disagreeing. Langdon Alger has yet to endorse anything I’ve written, and I still welcome his contributions. You on the other hand, admittedly continue to check my post in hopes of my responding. I guess it’s a little flattering – like being followed home by a stray cat.

Your comment about D&D, as well as your criticism of our J-list banner are quite frankly the words of a condescending, narrow-minded halfwit, although it may take a few more cups for your wit to reach .5. You sound like every meathead jock who ever graduated high school simply because he could throw a football. But you can’t be, because if you were you’d be spending quality time with your “female friend” rather than waiting by this blog to see if I’ll dignify your ravings by responding to them. Like women, you’ve made judgments based on what society tells you is “cool.”

Honestly Tian, I feel sorry for you. Your world isn’t big enough to fill a bottle cap. It saddens me that someone can so freely lash out with so little grasp of anything beyond his own narrow vision. You’ve even passed judgment on the other contributors to this blog for allowing The Indisputable Truth “to reach the front page.” WHAT? What front page?

Your obsession is with me. You can insult me, dream about me, bang your head against the wall because your “female friend” reads more of my words than she does of yours. I have no problem with that. But when you sit atop a high horse and belittle my friends over the content of this blog, or for allowing me to post, all of your points become as empty as you are. Despite what I may insinuate in my posts, I am not the “Editor-in-Chief” of YODC. I am not the “leader” or even the “representative” of the contributors. I am one of them. Many of us enjoy J-list, including me. Many of us enjoy J-pop, including me. Many of us enjoy looking at attractive girls in bikinis, including me and many of us may even enjoy playing D&D. The fact that we can openly express these facts without feeling ashamed or fearful of what your kind will think of us simply means that we’ve forgotten more about being real men, real individuals than you’ll ever know.

Personally, I enjoy pornography. I enjoy comic book conventions. I enjoy Godzilla and Star Wars movies. I enjoy things that people may find "geeky" or "uncool." I enjoy a lot of things. And I believe The Indisputable Truth to be exactly what I say it is. And if women don’t like it, I couldn’t possibly care less if you paid me. I know you’re smugly giggling at me right now, probably thinking of another predictable response to further your thoroughly transparent quest to get women to like you. But it’s not going to happen, Tian. Because contrary to what you stated and want so badly to believe, you have yet to “stop being a pansy.” And you may never. But if that kind of existence makes you happy, fine. I’m glad I’ve given you something to talk about with your “female friend” the next time you’re painting each other’s toenails.

ALL comments welcome.

I Don't Play

modded xbox, PS2, 360
not pictured AK rocker gaming chair

Me & my Bitches: Tenma Chan & Naru

Not the best gamer in the world but dammit man I do put my fair share of gaming time in. I also fork over my hard earned cash to fill the coffers of the hardworking people of the game industry ON THE REGULAR. I have owned every major gaming console that has been released since NES. I can't help it. It's just what people like us do you otaku scum motherf*ckers. We listen to Jpop, watch anime, read manga, collect gangu, play video games & obsess over idols, and well if you're like me watch doramas like a beeyotch. And no! I would never leave the house with my domo kun sweat hoodie on. I'm way too cool for that.


This shit is just manie as hell. The Idolmaster allows you to to manage your own Jpop idol, now you can be just like Tsunku. Too bad I can't read kanji & kana cause it would be really cool to give this game a whirl. When it goes out on sale on January 25, 2007, the limited edition box set will include 11 figure skating characters, a stage set up, a photobook, an "Idolmaster" special DVD, and an Xbox 360 original faceplate. It sucks for me that the game gets released right after I leave Japan, sons of bitches. Take a look at the figures & stage set here.
Now isn't that just the cutest thing you ever saw?

Ninety Nine Nights

Say what you will, I kinda dig it. I must admit I haven't really dug in to N3 yet but thanks to Mike V who has a real job & doesn't have time to play N3, I now have his copy of N3 & the official strategy guide. Hehe.

Gears of War

Last Saturday night (oh, god I really just busted myself out there) the warzone session lasted until 4am. Solo campagn on hardcore act3, I need help.


Dope. This is what I put on when I get home from the office & don't want to think. I just want to beat the crap out of some bad guys.

I'm also working through GENJI: Dawn of the Samurai & working my through God of War.
What are you guys playing?

Tsuji's Quintuple PV Blowout Fest!

Kicking off this quintuple PV blowout is a personal favorite of mine Bonnie Pink's PV "Last Kiss"
When it's all rainy & grey outside I like to light a fire, put on some Bonnie Pink & beat my shit. For reals though, Bonnie Pink really has that cool sound that I dig. It makes me want to be in love, but then I jerk it & I snap out of it. I'm OK again.

I first got to know this group called My Little Lover by this song "Yes, Free Flower"
Then Wonton hooked it up with a burn of their first album. It didn't quite capture the feel of this song but there were some gems worth listening to. Check the group out if you have the time.

Do as Infinity "Grateful Journey"
Tomiko is cute in this performance, rocker girl cute.
Technically this isn't a PV but if other members of YODC don't have to know the difference between a PV or live performance or know how to count then I don't either.

Dance You Bastard!!! Dance Like The Wind!!! Volume 244

because I know Eriku is a big fan of W AND this guy...

Dec 10, 2006

Hikaru's Triple Threat Sunday Video Pick

Let's start it off with something kawaii

•the Donuts-Yoroshiku Dozo

By Phar the Dopest(Kreva and Cuezero)-Haji janai (There's no shame)

•Bennie K feat. Tsuyoshi-Rensou Game

and an added bonus vid that will throw off the theme here.

•Saian Supa Crew-La Prueve par Trois (Proof by three)

Dec 8, 2006

Berryz Kobo's 'Munusawagi Scarlet' PV Review

PV available @ H!O.


I already knew I liked the song and that I liked the dance they did on Ohastar. How about the PV? Let's see shall we?

Starto! :)


I don't like the set it's crappy in the same way Ambitous de Yankindooda was.


This Abstract background leaves much to be desired.


It looks like they have a dressing table here in this abstract place (now with added nothingness :) ) and they start to put on their make-up. Normally the sight of anyone putting on their make-up revolts me but I'm going to make an exception for Berryz ( :) You see that is the healing power of H!P :) ).


Cute! So cute (I am semi erect ROFL).






8D (American Wota, this review isn't hehe)


Maasa looks good in this PV.


;) hehe


"Lolita strawberry in summer"!












fjg LOL


For Ray.


For love.

And now begins the Smile-Version-style madness:


They're getting good at it though I sense irony in their looks this time :) Like they're cooler now...


Oh boob touching* (I'm afraid you can't moderate me here Zush :p` )!

* "Momo's momos" X) my preecciouus...

More Smile-Version-style madness:



It ends but where is all the Tennis stuff? Whatevar :)