Dec 30, 2006

"Naomi" book review Part 2

[part 1]

But then things start to take a turn for the worse
“Whether it had been there from the beginning or was a result of my spoiling her, her insolent, wilful nature was clearly getting worse as the days went by. Or perhaps I’d let it pass as girlish charm when she was still fifteen or sixteen, and now that she was older it was proving more than I could handle.”

You hear that Tsunku? LOL u had better watch out XP

“If there’s such a thing as animal electricity, Naomi’s eyes had it in abundance.”

Momo has it! [picture]

The couple take to gambling with each other
“Occasionally she lost, but when she did she knew other ‘moves’ to get the money she wanted. […] she’d slouch immodestly in her chair, unfasten the neck of her gown, stick out her legs and if that failed, lie in my lap, stroke my cheek, tweak the corner of my mouth – in short, attempt every form of enticement. […] In particular when she employed her move of last resort (which I can’t very well describe in writing), my head would get all fuzzy and everything would go dark, and I’d lose track of the game completely.”

LOL ding! ;P

She used to help with the chores but now she says
“I’m not your maid, you know. If I do the laundry, my fingers’ll get fat and I won’t be able to play the piano. What is it you called me? Your treasure?”

This reminds me of Saki LOL for 2 reasons. 1) because we’ve seen that Saki plays the piano and 2) because I read somewhere that 1 of the other girls said on Berryz's radio show that Saki actually likes to be spoiled :o

For YODC’s Tsuji (Naomi is about 18 now)
“Her body had shot up since she was fifteen, but this foot was as loveable as ever. […] Before I realised it, I was pressing my lips softly to the top of her foot.”


There are several bits in the book where I thought to myself “Mr Kawai” could use a bit of YODC attitude himself. He could do with giving less of a fuck about this girl. I got about 10 examples here annotated but basically it all amounts to him letting this girl walk all over him. And she does. She really goes from bad to worse to much much worse to downright monstrous.

I still got some more things to say on this ;) 1 more part after this I think X)

[Part 3]


Tsuji Eriku said...

I like cute feet, what's interesting is my own feet are disguting mushroom breeding grounds. But man what I wouldn't do to rub my junk all over some cute feet & suck on some toes right about now.

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