Feb 29, 2008

Feb 27, 2008

I want one, goddamnit.


Even though I am a Fender man, I would own and play a Steve Jones model Gibson Les Paul in a fucking heartbeat. Hell, I know every lick off of Never Mind The Bollocks, therefore I fucking deserve one. Getting this on my birthday on July 17th would rule.

The one about the arguing couple

I was walking home from the store the other night when across the street I saw an African-american couple arguing.

Yes. Your personal propensity for racial stereotyping may decide your enjoyment of this story.

The woman was on her cell phone and yelling at her boyfriend the whole time. All he could do was wander in front of her with his hands in his pockets and look around like he couldn't hear her.

"Why are you like this? It's always the same with you!" she yelled, "I don't understand it...you always do the same thing! You're like GROUNDHOG DAY!"

There were so many things funny about her saying that, my head almost exploded.

Friday, Feb 29th

obviously they made a HUGE typo and put LODC instead of YODC...that or we changed our name and I wasn't aware...but DJ Samuel Weinstein will be making his debut and taking my place on the turntables that nite, playing all the funky fresh original breaks and samples..

Feb 26, 2008

Re: Making of...

obviously from Reina's latest pb

F U Wonton

So let me clear the air. I posted earlier a pic of all the "Masterpiece" edition transformers that I own. A more accurate statement would have been "here's my masterpiece Megatron & Skywarp along with my 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime & U.S. release Wal Mart Exclusive Starscream".

Even though they are basically the same toys as their Japanese counterparts.

Well my Optimus Prime is actually the Hasbro 20th Anniversary edition U.S. release as opposed to the Takara Tomy Masterpiece release. There is an after market kit that would elongate my 20th Anniversary Prime's smoke stacks but other than the slight differences in paint & construction (my understanding is Takara Tomy version has a little more diecast). It's pretty much the same toy.

But Wonton the elitist Transformers otaku who has a destron symbol tattooed on his forearm refuses to give me any props whatsoever.

To him my 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime stinks of Gaijin hands.

Well god dammit I just don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on a child's toy Wonton.

Good day.


Pic of the Day "For My Mikitty" Edition

HAPPY 23rd Birthday to my future wife Miki...yeah..I've finally decided that she's THE ONE....it took me awhile to come to that conclusion because....c'mon?!...it ain't easy(for me at least) to choose between Risa, Aya, Rika, Sayumi and of course Reina(who has already been spoken for by a certain someone) but Miki is the one who just seems to be "wifey" material...uh..why does this seem all so familiar?..weird..deja vu

and hopefully we'll see more of this in the coming year..

Feb 25, 2008

Diggin' In The Crates "Miles M.F'n Davis" Edition

Scored along with six other Miles titles and arriving in my PO Box over the weekend: Miles Davis' Milestones LP, notable for being his first album with Cannonball Adderley joining Miles' classic first quartet with John Coltrane and for the title track, Miles' first recorded example of modal jazz (pre-Kind Of Blue. And as those of you that are trainspotters amongst us will note, this is an ORIGINAL pressing with the old "six-eye" Columbia label. Near-mint condition and it sounds PHAT.

Total cost of all seven Miles albums from the one eBay seller? $76.00. There's some folks out there that would probably pay that amount just for a copy of this record with THAT style label in NM condiition.

Oh HELL no

They aren't acting this is a documentary on inner city livin'

Pic of the Day "At CJ's Request" Edition

CJ posted the cover pic from Reina's upcoming photobook Re:Return over at SHSSF and after a little digging around the world wide web, I found these preview shots..time to drool my friend

and these scrumptulecent pics appear to be screenshots from the making of video

Feb 24, 2008

mother of God

If I really really try, I guess I'll be able to live without the Masterpiece Ultra Magnus & the Japanese version of Masterpiece Starscream, oh yeah & the Masterpiece trailer for Convoy. If I really, really try. Sigh...

I hid the fact that I never owned a G1 Optimus Prime from my friends for years. Getting the Encore release helped to ease the pain...

I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to pay all my bills this month but I'll worry about all that later.

Feb 22, 2008


Jero "Umiyuki"

I like Enka. This dude apparently had a Japanese grandmother & listened to her enka tunes while growin' up in the hood. Now he's doing his thing in Japan.
I like it.


YODC finally hit 100,000 visitors today!!!...YEAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

that is all

J-Music Clip of the Week "The GREATEST Clip EVER?" Edition

Artists: SMAP x Christopher Cross
Single: Arthur's Theme(Best That You Can Do)

Arthur's Theme video DL

will we be seeing a SMAP x Michael McDonald collabo soon?...I truly do hope so

Feb 21, 2008

Feb 20, 2008

Tsuji's back from Japan!

And he's got a bundle of joy with him. Unfortunately, Proud Papa's long smoking habit took its toll.
Try to love him anyway, Eriku...

Pic of the Day "Charmy Showers" Edition

oh yeah..there's no fauckin doubt I'm gonna go out and buy Rika's latest photobook but just incase you need some convincing..take a gander at this pic...

Feb 19, 2008


prepare to be blown away by the kawaiiness...

here's Kaho with some of her U15 cohorts in a group called snapeas
they only had 1 single I think, this is "ah, natsuyasumi" = "ah, summer vacation"

More Charmy

making of Kazahana preview from Dohhh UP

Feb 17, 2008

What The Hell Kind Of Movie Is This Supposed To Be?

My fiancee and I were driving past this marquee and just had to turn around and take a picture of it... the juxtaposition was too bizarre not to.

Pic of the Day "More Rika Than You Can Shake Your Stick At" Edition

great googly moogly, these pics are fauckin HOT!!..taken from the latest Spirits magazine, here are preview pics of Rika's latest photobook entitled Kazahana, set to be released on 2/20...

pics courtesy of the folks at the RIVE

Feb 16, 2008

J-Music Clip of the Week

Single: Korogaru Iwa, Kimi ni Asa ga Furu

Korogaru Iwa, Kimi ni Asa ga Furu video DL

Feb 14, 2008


Pic of the Day

and NO...I didn't take the picture above..I'm not that lonely..my Valentine's day will be spent, once again, with these lovely ladies...they truly are special to me

Feb 13, 2008

From The YODC Vault..."I Choo Choo Choose You..."

orginally posted 2/13/07

Simpsons fans will recognize these right off the bat..so if you haven't found that perfect Valentine yet to give to that special someone you've had your eye on for quite some time, this will surely win them over:

but more than likely , he or she won't "like you in that way," so you'll probably be receiving one of these:

Did you hear the one about Tsuji and the rabbi?

I was seriously attempting to join in on the Tsuji/baby photoshop fun, but it somehow ended up like this...

This is just too easy

Feb 12, 2008

Tsuji Eriku's a proud daddy!

Tsuji Eriku's 2008 Christmas Card

Feeding My Addiction

been kinda going crazy lately picking limited kicks and New Era fitted caps

Eriffs x New Era Samurai cap

Adidas Originals Stan Smith Vulcaniz

Dekline x Dalek Echo's

and to add to my vinyl addiction..Toy2R 10in Bart Simpson Qee..limited to 100 I think