Jul 29, 2011

It's YODC's 6th Anniversary Charlie Brown!

Today we wrap up our "where are they now?" series of former YODCers. Hope all of you enjoyed revisiting and catching up with all of our members but, there are a few more participants from our blogging past that we still need to catch up with.

we'll start off with Hikaru who SoG and Eriku mentioned in their entries, in all seriousness, YES, the japanese girlfriend he met online was REAL and yes, he did MARRY her . man, I really should go back and study his "How to Hook Up With Japanese Women" guide,it worked for him :\

next would be JuanJohn, a member who was only briefly here..back story to him, this was a guy we didn't really know. In YODC's infancy, Freefall posted an ad on craigslist looking for folks interested in joining the blog, JuanJohn was one of the few poor souls to answer that call. His love of jpop music was similar to ours but when it came to the ball busting, I don't think he could take it and simply left. Last I heard, he had moved to japan to teach english.

and the rest:

Samuel Weinstein, our resident Bollywood and Jazz "expert," he's now into Aboriginal chicks and Hmong music, better known as Hm-pop(the H is silent)

Thongchai Jaidee is currently working at FJ and SoG's "bro-thel" catering to the old american GI's with a "lady-boy" fetish

Terrence Maddox, who cut his teeth writing his long drawn out romance stories here at YDOC, has gone on to write romance novels whose central theme always include midgets and rainbows for some reason.

oh I forgot one more person, Craig! instead of me *cough* making up some outlandish story *cough*, lets just hear from the man himself:

Happy 6th anniversary YODC, impressive. I've been on a bit of documentary tip at the moment, watching lots of interesting stuff, can't get enough really. One "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace" sticks in my mind. Personally I'm in love limbo at the moment but that's alright I'm cool :)

and that's that....once again thanks to everyone whose stuck with us these past 6 years..as long as YODC has at least once reader, this shit will keep churning away

Jul 28, 2011

Who's Who in the YODC Universe

today, we hear from one of our long time supporters and the last person who was worthy enough to join our clan, CJ Marsicano

Ah, YODC readers, I'm sorry, but life has gotten hectic since I got engaged and then married. Let me tell you something... the first year of being married to Reina Tanaka has been quite interesting. Yes, there's the whole not publicly admitting to being married thing and the stretches when she has to fly back to Japan to do her concert tours and recording sessions (We tried to set up a Mac desktop with ProTools in the one room of our apartment so that so she could cut her vocals here, which was fine for the first day or so, then our neighbors had quite the shitfit when she was trying to cut vocals at three in the morning). When she is here? Oh man, not much gets done outside the bedroom; I'm surprised I haven't put an extra octave on that beautiful singing voice of hers...

OK, I'm kidding. I had to write something like that just to break my brother Langdon's horns.

In all seriousness? The only truth to the above paragraph is that my marriage to my longtime girlfriend Tara has gone along swimmingly. It's been a great year-plus with her so far. The only other thing I wish that was true is that I wish I did have a Mac desktop with ProTools installed. As a matter of fact, I had to get a new laptop AGAIN for the third time in six years, and not one running Mac OS X. Fortunately, this laptop has Beats Audio and I do have an iPad to get the Mac jones out of me.

Also, there's been one concern with why I haven't revived Diggin' In The Crates for YODC yet after getting married and settling down. The great majority of my vinyl is still in my childhood home and I haven't even brought my turntable over to Casa del CJ y Tara yet, though there is a short stack of vinyl that has been coming in to my new place, mostly from the folks at Third Man Records and from the output my bros in Northern Liberties have been issuing. What this means is I'm not immediately able to rifle through my crates and boxes of records in order to suss out installments of the series. The series will return at some point, I hope, but my writing energies have been directed to finally completing Here Is The Wonderland and then shopping it around to agents, as well as completing the final draft of a novella that I want to issue through a crowdfunding campaign of some sort, as well as keeping The Groove Music Life going and getting ready to help a few friends with a new music group blog.

And, but, also - I've picked up the guitar again as of 2009, and I have four guitars to date here at Casa del CJ y Tara and I'm planning to add a fifth and get a new band together. And all of the guitars are named after Japanese female pop idols. Maybe one of these days I'll show off my six-string harem here on YODC.

I'd like to close with one piece of wedding advice for future newlyweds... if you live on the east coast and you plan to spend at least a couple of days of your honeymoon in Wildwood, NJ, don't plan on doing a lot of uninterrupted fucking. Not that I didn't enjoy making love to my newlywed wife that first week, but let's just say that it's a little disconcerting when your erection is mere milliimeters from your wife's cunt and all of a sudden you hear the following at a volume better suited to Sunn O)))'s amplifiers: "WATCH THE TRAMCAR PLEASE! WATCH THE TRAMCAR PLEASE!..."

Jul 27, 2011

My face is so moded right now

What the fuck is up bitches?

Alright, first thing's first. I do have to apologize publicly to Hikaru about the "scathing expose'" as SOG puts it.

As it turns out Hikaru wasn't lying, he did achieve the dream of meeting, falling in love with & marrying a real-live girl from Japan. In fact they tied the knot just last week.

Hikaru & I have squashed our beef & to bury the hatchet I did spend some quality time with the couple to strengthen our renewed friendship.


Oh & trust me I did not hear the end of it when all of this came to light, after all, look at the people I'm dealing with here at YODC!

The only thing I can say in my defense is that there were several valid reasons I had to doubt homeboy & I was wrong.

/commits seppuku with a butter knife


Since I've been away...

I spend my days wasting away in a corporate hell hole with supervisors intent on micro managing my ass to death.


I bought a house in a fucked up neighborhood & in just under a year:


- My next door neighbor's house got shot up twice

- Some kids beat the old Korean guy that runs the mini mart around the corner to death in broad daylight

I'm starting to see a pattern here...


/wonders why my 2nd doesn't hurry up & cut my damned head off already

YODC: Where Are They Now

Today, we find out what the two butt..er..I mean Bosom Buddies, Freefall Jones and Son of Gigan have been up to:

Freefall and SoG went on to start a "bro-thel" -- where they hoped women would come to pay and have sex with them, but the only people that showed up were older, gay, white dudes with yellow boy fever. It's not confirmed whether they shut the business down.

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

here are a few pics of Titts McGee along with the other members of her idol group AeLL

and the girls being interviewed

I love how in this clip, they play a "game" with Ai where they have her run around for no apparent reason while the camera zooms in on her jiggly puffs

Jul 26, 2011

Happy 6th Anniversary YODC (AKA - Don't delete my account due to inactivity)!

Holy crap, as of THIS word, this is the longest post I've written in roughly three years. I know everyone is wondering why SOG apparently flew back to his home planet and stayed there after years of epic literary output. Actually, there are few reasons for my extended hiatus:

1. Ran out of ideas
2. Discovered new methods of downloading porn
3. Spent most of my time devising failed get-rich-quick schemes
4. Found a beautiful and loving girlfriend who filled the emptiness in my life and changed my entire outlook.
5. Subscribed to Cinemax.

Fun fact: one of these things didn't happen.

Anyway, I plan on making a full return to the blog very soon, but until then let me give you a rundown of my favorite YODC moments of the past six years, in no particular order.

Saw Puffy live in SF with Langdon. Got right in front, and the girls looked and sounded great. It was pretty much the perfect night (outside of being with Langdon). Unfortunately, since they didn't allow pictures or video of any kind, the only recollection I have of this experience comes from this post and my own shitty memory.

Fought off a deadly Drop Bear

Started a Hall of Fame. Three years later did the second induction ceremony, and quite literally NO ONE has done anything manly enough to get inducted since. Talk about hallowed ground.

Discovered SCANDAL, went bat-shit crazy for them and dedicated the next three years to finding and kidnapping them seeing them play live again.

Laughed maniacally as Tsuji Eriku took down that lying scam-artist Hikaru. It's a SCATHING expose that should be read over and over by honest people everywhere. Forward, and forward again! Hey - whatever happened to Hikaru, anyway?

Actually went to Japan in April 2010. Yeah, there's no link here because I didn't write anything about the trip. I'M WORKING ON IT.

Got a sweet tattoo.

Three years after seeing them for the first time, saw SCANDAL perform live again, and embarrassed Rina enough to have her mention me in an interview afterward. I'll explain soon, but really, when you hear "SOG embarrasses young girl," is any explanation necessary?

And of course, rewrote the book on relationships. Yeah, it's still The Truth.

Wow, that a lot of trivial garbage. Maybe I was right to forget I ever heard of this place. But since I know how much you crave the chronicles of my adventures, I may just have to dust off my hooks and start typing again. Seriously, see you in six years.

Behind the Blogging: YODC

today we catch up with our favorite Home Depot parking lot regular, Guillermo Paco Castro Jimenez DeLosSantos, Jr.

Shortly after my last post on the blog, I was arrested. I remember that day like it was yesterday. The night before, I had to reinstall the wi-fi in my house due to a power outage. It was late, and after I checked to see if it was working, I was fast asleep. What I forgot to do was password protect that sonuvabitch. My pervert neighbor to take full advantage of the unprotected wi-fi and decided to use it to indulge in his pedophile fantasies.

According to the police records, my neighbor Steve used the screen name "10inchBeLeiber213" as a front to chat with young boys and girls about his admiration of the young Canadian pop star, which would eventually lead to some "adult sexy talk." Five hours later, a young girl using the screen name "<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY199x)))_~~~>" had copy and pasted the chat session and posted it on her Facebook wall. The following is an excerpt of what transpired:

10inchBeLeiber213: BabyBabyBABY ohhhhhhhh...BabyBabyBABY ohhh YES!
10inchBeLeiber213: Beiber fans in house say "Haaaaay!!!"

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>: HAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!! lol

10inchBeLeiber213: "i thoght you'd alwayz be mine... MIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!"

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>: Big Justin fan, yeah?!? hehehehe!
Justin rulez CANADA! NexT stop THE WORLd!! lol.

10inchBeLeiber213: I agREE! I would vote 4 him to be PrimE MiniSter of F-U-N!!!

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>: COOL!!! I'm NoT even oLD enouGH to VOte, buT I woulD makE it HAPPen! OMG LOL.

10inchBeLeiber213: Yeah THAt is COol. hmmm... btw--HoW OLD r u?

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>: My bEE-Day iS Next MonTH. I'll be 13. THIR-TEEN. the BiG One-THREEEeeE!! OMG!

10inchBeLeiber213: yOU're not a tweEn anymorE. "GirL... you'll be A Woman SOooon!" (hehehe)
aNY planz 4 your bIG Day?!?!?

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>: WeLL... I REALLY wanT throW a sLUmber partY... Have ALL my BeSties oveR and watCH "NEVER SAY NEVER" all NIght and siNg JUStin songs!! LOLOL

10inchBeLeiber213: COOL! I SIng along 2 hiS musik in MY car ALL the TimE!

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>:Uhmmm.. you...you DriVE?

10inchBeLeiber213: YUP! I drive STICK. Wanna Learn?!?... LOL. I can TEAch You!

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>: IF I learn how 2 Drive a CAR, We cAN go thru the DRive-THRU @ Mickey DEEZ. LOL

10inchBeLeiber213: DEEZ nUtz!

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>:Uh, oh. okkayy =)

10inchBeLeiber213: .........So, Have You HEARd the Kanye and JUStin and Raekwon collaBORE-ATION!?!? it's the BEEZ-NEEZ!!

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>:He DID a SOng wth KANye?!? Ewwww...that guys WEirD!!! WhatS a RAEKwon?!?! Does SHe Sing TOO!?

10inchBeLeiber213: Yeah, KanYe dresses like a WEEEirdoH. His favOrite COlors are Hi-liter cOlorS. SMH.
RAeKwon is A RAPPer from Wu-TaNG. He raPS abOUT DrugZ and Kung-Fu and sTufF. He WATched too MANY John WOO filMS LOL! OMGx2.. He's also a CHEF!


10inchBeLeiber213: So, does your BF get annoyeD by thE conStant Beiber music you Listen to?

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>: no, I don't havE a BF...JuSTIN IS my BF!!! LOL! He just DOEsn't knOW it YET! hehehehehe!

10inchBeLeiber213: YEAh, I couldn't BE WITh a girl who DIDN't ListEN to The BEIBZ! I PRactice his DANce movez in my Garage. I havE to Drive my CAR outta there, jusT to make r00m! LOL.

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>: so....MR. LicenSE, do you Live neaR EAst ShoRE MALL? MayBE you can bring me MCDonald'S SomeTImE! nom nom nom.

10inchBeLeiber213: oh, I can DEFINITELY givE you a HAppy MEal! LOL. aND teach u HOw to Drive STICk! LOLOLOL NOMNOMNOMNOM

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>: LOLOLOL you'RE SO silly!

10inchBeLeiber213: No, YOU're SILLY! lol.
ButT seriouSly, When DId you WanNA get somE FrieS. I got SOME SALTY dresSing For your FRIES LOLOLOLOL.

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>: uhmm... I'm Not reaLLy supposSEd tO leave my HOUsE and Bus it to THE MALL.

10inchBeLeiber213: but I can Pick YOU uP. I have A CAR, remember? #duh
I can cUM oveR and wE can LIsten to somE RARe Justin SONGS. I haVe his oLD Demos. I evn got a Copy of somE of hiS new Songs. NoT evEN released Yet. My UNcle is an engiNEEr at The sTudio where JUstin records!

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>: REALLY?!?! OMG SWEEEET!

10inchBeLeiber213: igot sometHING SWEEEET for you! LOL I can sTOP by and we CAN watch NEVER SAY NEVer on BLU-Ray. It's EVEN Signed by Beibz, my uNCLe hookEd it Up! wheRE do U Live?

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>: REALLy?!? cOOl!

10inchBeLeiber213: so where do yOU live?


<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>: brb.

10inchBeLeiber213: okay... I can seND you ONE of his New SONgs. BUT I CAn't leak eveRYthinG.
It wILL SounD better IN my CAr! I got four 15s" in thA TrunK! LOL!

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>:ok, I'm BAck! Canyou Send Me that nEW SOng? I'm DYING to hear some new JUstin! LOL

10inchBeLeiber213: ok... just sent IT! downLOAD it now! OMG!

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>: wait, wHAT is thiS File? IT's HUGE! it's taking TOO long! LOL

10inchBeLeiber213: oh it's TOO long AND it's HUGE.! LOL

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>: wait, is this a picTURE of your...Your... ewwww GROSS!!! OMG!!! WTF?!?

10inchBeLeiber213: don't acT surpurisEd ... I'm 10inch Beibz!!! LOL.

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>: I'm SHowinG MY MOM! SICKO EWWW, GO F--k yourSELF !!!!

10inchBeLeiber213: Show YOUR MOM ... She'LL LOVE it!!! SHE LOVES THE DIIIICK!

<~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>:has logged off 3:45am

10inchBeLeiber213: cunt.

After <~~~_(((BLAZiaNbuTTerfLY1999)))_~~~>:posted the chat session on her FB wall and showed her mom the dick pic, the authorities were called in and they traced the IP address back to my crib. Po-Po showed up while I was cooking breakfast and I was brought in to the local police station for questioning. After several hours of interrogation, I was let go. I was asked to keep my wi-fi unprotected so they can fish out the perp. He struck again and was arrested later that week. Since then, I disabled internet @ my home and vowed to NEVER USE THE INTERNET AGAIN. The End.

Guillermo Paco Castro Jimenez DeLosSantos, Jr.

it brings a smile to my heart when I hear that former YODCers are doing so well after leaving the blog

Pic of the Day

only if Nakky had her hand turned up slightly so that she would be doing the Benny Hill salute

Jul 25, 2011


another year, another anniversary...6 years of boobs and bullshit is a LONG time so thanks to all those who have stuck with us. I've been racking my brain trying to think of a way to mark this milestone, maybe another contest but I really couldn't come up with a contest idea or a worthy prize. I also had the idea to print out YODC commemorative tshirts and give those out to the folks who have had our back all these year(I may still do that by the way) but I figured what better way to celebrate the occasion than by hearing from past and present YODC members. I mean, we have gone through quite a few members over the years, some couldn't cut it and got dropped, others left under what some may call controversial terms and most, just simply stopped contributing.

I sent out a email to our YODC alumni and asked them to let us know what they've been up to since leaving the blog, thankfully most were kind enough to reply, with out being assholes about it, so throughout the week, you'll be hearing from all your favorite YODCers!

to set things off, we catch up with our favorite chinaman, wonton:

Since abandoning regular association with YODC, our friend Wonton quit his job, got fired from another job, got married, got a dog, went to Tokyo, and has been living off an unemployment stipend from our federal government for the past 2 years. He is still seeking gainful employment and promises that one day, he will update his personal blog at wonton.net. He has become a highly respected member of the vaping (e-ciagrette user) community. He can be found tweeting regularly at his twitter page, www.twitter.com/wonton. A word of caution however, since entering his 30's, he's become a sour, bitter old man and his tweets reflect as much.

wow, wonton got to go to Tokyo!

Pic of the Day

Jul 21, 2011

Pic of the Day

Shokotan's Ass x Zelda for the 3DS= FTW

special thanks to Brian from Intlwota for tweeting this pic from Shoko's blog to us

Jul 20, 2011

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

I am obligated..no, it is my duty to post these pics from Nakky's latest pb, W Saki

Jul 19, 2011

Clip of the Day

ladies and gentlemen, Maimi in slow motion

**preview clip of her upcoming e-Hello! dvd entitled "a foggy doll"..no joke, that's what its called

Pic of the Day

..look at that side boob

Jul 14, 2011

Clip of the Day

courtesy of tokyohive

the girls really do look that hot in person too!

***at about the 1minute mark when Rina mentions a fan who brought pictures from when they first toured in America, that fan is YODC's own Son of Gigan!

Jul 13, 2011

The Day After Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

you know what a hectic week at work will do to you? almost make you forget that is was your loves birthday! I'm so sorry my Sayu, but Happy Birthday! hope you had an incredible day, now please let me smell your hair...whoa, where did that come from?!...damn inner monologue

a little side story that I was gonna include in my am2con/SCANDAL report, that I'll eventually get to...during the Q&A panel, someone had asked Mami(who is a HUGE Sayumi fan) about the possibility of Morning Musume and SCANDAL doing a song or performing together..Mami answered that before even thinking about collaborating, they should get to know each other first. She mentioned that they(mami and sayu) hadn't scene each other since their photoshoot/interview BUT they do message each other occasionally..I nearly jumped out of my chair just like Tom Cruise did on Oprah! cuz you know, first comes texting, then comes tickle fights, THEN comes the scissors!...oh if you haven't noticed, i've been kinda obsessed with the scissoring lately...sorry

3rd time posting this pic I think...who cares..its HOT!!

Clip of the Day

"Holy floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee..." really Robin? really?

Pic of the Day

not sure what this is from but...

daaaaaaaamn!!!..check out Fukuchan

hair all out of place and just a slight glisten of sweat. very, very niice

Jul 12, 2011

Pic of the Day

there's something very Ebisu Muscats about this cover

so I expect full scissoring action for the cover of their next single

Clip of the Day

is it wrong that I find this clip of Yua Saito with duct tape over her mouth incredibly hot?

Jul 11, 2011

Pic of the Day

Risa droppin it like it's hot AND whippin her hair back and forth

Jul 8, 2011

Pic of the Day

We're all familiar with AKB48's "newest member" Eguchi Aimi. The CG idol has even garnered attention outside of the wotasphere.

and now thanks to the good people at Glico, you too can create your own AKB48 idol

I made this lovely lady, who just happens to resemble Tomomi

tried to make her come to life ala Weird Science but....

things went horribly wrong and I had to hit her over the head with a shovel and bury her in my backyard