Jul 29, 2011

It's YODC's 6th Anniversary Charlie Brown!

Today we wrap up our "where are they now?" series of former YODCers. Hope all of you enjoyed revisiting and catching up with all of our members but, there are a few more participants from our blogging past that we still need to catch up with.

we'll start off with Hikaru who SoG and Eriku mentioned in their entries, in all seriousness, YES, the japanese girlfriend he met online was REAL and yes, he did MARRY her . man, I really should go back and study his "How to Hook Up With Japanese Women" guide,it worked for him :\

next would be JuanJohn, a member who was only briefly here..back story to him, this was a guy we didn't really know. In YODC's infancy, Freefall posted an ad on craigslist looking for folks interested in joining the blog, JuanJohn was one of the few poor souls to answer that call. His love of jpop music was similar to ours but when it came to the ball busting, I don't think he could take it and simply left. Last I heard, he had moved to japan to teach english.

and the rest:

Samuel Weinstein, our resident Bollywood and Jazz "expert," he's now into Aboriginal chicks and Hmong music, better known as Hm-pop(the H is silent)

Thongchai Jaidee is currently working at FJ and SoG's "bro-thel" catering to the old american GI's with a "lady-boy" fetish

Terrence Maddox, who cut his teeth writing his long drawn out romance stories here at YDOC, has gone on to write romance novels whose central theme always include midgets and rainbows for some reason.

oh I forgot one more person, Craig! instead of me *cough* making up some outlandish story *cough*, lets just hear from the man himself:

Happy 6th anniversary YODC, impressive. I've been on a bit of documentary tip at the moment, watching lots of interesting stuff, can't get enough really. One "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace" sticks in my mind. Personally I'm in love limbo at the moment but that's alright I'm cool :)

and that's that....once again thanks to everyone whose stuck with us these past 6 years..as long as YODC has at least once reader, this shit will keep churning away

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