Jan 31, 2008

Champions of the Day:
Antenna Man and Super Stretch

On the way home today, I took the BART train home and as usual, it was crowded. The car I was on was standing room only, but I'm used to that during rush hour. What I wasn't used to were seeing the two champions on the car with me.

When I got on the train there was a tall Asian guy standing in the middle of the aisle holding onto the railing above his head. Anyway, he had his backpack on the ground and he was "stretching" his body. Meaning, while hanging onto the rail, he was leaning his body from side to side and swirling his hips around. What the hell? And he didn't even stop when the train filled up with people.

And then, I see the door to the car open and some homeless-looking dude walked in looking all sad. I thought, "oh great -- he's going to beg people for money." Luckily, he didn't, but for some reason he was carrying a car antenna. AND he looked really sad. Almost as if he was once a car owner all he had left to show for it was this busted antenna. I wanted to ask him, but he smelled like pee.

Meanwhile, Super Stretch was still going at it. I was hoping that he and Antenna Man were acrchenemies, but no such luck. But I'm guessing that's how this asian guy got so tall.

He should just try to get his workout in at the office:

Son of Gigan's Desktop

Jan 30, 2008

J-Music Clip of the Week "m-flo Orgy" Edition

Artists: m-flo loves Hinouchi Emi & Ryohei & Emyli & YOSHIKA & LISA
Single: love comes and goes

love comes and goes video DL

Jan 29, 2008

Final countdown

effing insane crowds on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku

well this time around I had to spring for a hotel but Wu San & Kim Yung Mok are rolling too so we got a triple occupancy joint at the Akasaka Excel Tokyu Hotel (long ass name) & we're gonna split that bad boy 3 ways

Wu San has been emailing chicks off craigslist who want to hook up with foreigners, I keep telling that fool to chill cause those broads want the blond haired blue eyed types but his hello panda ass don't care

I can't wait for everyone to start talking Nihongo to Wu & Kim Yung Mok that shit will be funny as hell.

Pic of the Day "Awesome DVD Covers" Edition

Pic of the Day "I Need A Tongue Bath!" Edition

you think Aya Hirano has any idea what her tshirt says?...I'd like to think so and that she's just expressing her naughty side..plus I like to imagine her saying "did you cum twice too?" in her cute little voice

and here's some pics and clips of Aaya and Nakagawa(Tsuji) Eriku's lady, Shokotan

part 1

part 2

Jan 28, 2008

Bollywood Babes


This hot piece of bombayness is an up and coming tv star in the land of Bolly. Thanks to the one up above for the dish network...Gazoinks she's quite the meshuggeneh.

Now why can't my brethren import these chicks to the Holy Land?

She was in a TV show where she was kidnapped and tortured...the torture consisted of her tied up in a bathing suit and having water thrown on her. Now that's the torture of the making tacos kind.

Jan 26, 2008

Diggin' In The Crates "How Do You Spell 'Blue Note' In Nihongo?" Department

One of the newest additions to the CJ Marsicano sound library: A sweet looking - and more importantly, sweet sounding (hell, it's in pristine condition!) - 1978 Japanese pressing (yep, it's from the same country as my future second wife and only 11 years older than her) by King Records of the seminal modern jazz classic album Somethin' Else by Cannonball Adderley & Miles Davis (Davis leads the session, but Adderley, one of Miles' sidemen, had to be the credited artist because Miles was with Columbia but wanted to do an album with Blue Note - the Dischord Records of jazz - for old times' sake.) This pressing - a full replication of the original Blue Note release right down to the mandatory note on the bottom front cover that Miles had to get Columbia's permission to play on the record, the iconic Blue Note label, and the standard back cover layout, plus a Japanese-language insert - goes toe to toe with the Rudy Van Gelder-supervised remastered CD that Capitol has in print right now.

And as a bonus with this particular edition, you can learn how to spell "Miles Davis" and "Art Blakey" in katakana!

For the record, at $52 including air mail postage (because the person who put it up on eBay lives in Japan), it's about the most I've paid for a single title on eBay besides Flipper's Public Flipper Limited double-live album... and this is coming from someone who chickened out on buying a 45 of The Ramones' "Baby I Love You" signed by all four Ramones on the label in November of 2000 because it was $50, even though he loved the Ramones, and then several months later came home, logged on, and found out Joey Ramone passed away.

Now if only they'd put Morning Musume, Whiteberry, and Koda Kumi on 180 gram audiophile vinyl...

Cowboy's wasted I'm fresh out of friends

The last line is classic

Jan 24, 2008

YODC New Year

A bunch of dudes watching Kouhaku on New Year's eve & singing along with Shoko Tan.

Shoko Tan is the only woman present.

This looks like YODC's last get together.

Jan 21, 2008

To Fox News: Eat a dick

This clip from Fox "news" thoroughly infuriated me. I found myself actually talking to these pricks through my monitor, telling each and every one to fuck themselves with a horse's dick. Slowly. How can they report this as "news" if it's not fact checked?

This totally true and unbiased story is titled Se'xbox'. It's a story about Mass Effect and the dangerous effects that it can have on children because of it's sexual content. Problem is, no one reporting on this has played the game. How much nudity is it in? Go find it on youtube, you'll see that it's literally a couple seconds of bare ass and side-boob. I've seen episodes of Family Guy that show more bare ass and side-boob than this game.

There you go Fox, side boob. No nipple. It's an animated fucking side boob. Has the religious right so brainwashed the public that anything they preach is fact?

Their other complaint is that the game is marketed toward children and that kids can play this game. Well, I know for a fact that if someone at gamestop sells M rated content to someone under 17, they get their ass fired. Next time you're in that store and wonder why it takes 10 minutes to ring up 1 fucking transaction, listen, they're carding kids and grilling parents about the game contents while the line winds to the back of the store. Parents, if you let your underage kids play this game, either they're mature enough to handle it or they're smarter than you and deserve to play it anyway.

Geoff Kieghley tries to defend the game but is cut off by the whore psychologist. You could almost see it in his face, holding back the rage that these assholes are causing him. They may as well have called him a pedophile to his face.

Guess what, everyone at FOX News hates blacks. Really? Yeah, I read it on the internet.

Pic of the Day "Y-Balanced Sayummy" Edition

a reason to look forward to next week's ep of Haromoni...

wonder if Rika taught her this during their Ecomoni sleepovers?

and hopefully she'll teach Sayumi this pose next

Jan 20, 2008

MeMe Tagged

My response to being tagged, here.

Tokyo Shoppingu

Kiks Tokyo
Adidas Originals
Tawa Rekodo
HP! Shibuya
Nesta Brand
BAPE Busy Workshop
Ice Cream Shop
HP! Harajuku
Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby
Toys R Us
K Books
Asbee (gotta get my hands on some of those Mad foot kicks)
Kamo Soccer Shop

As you can imagine, I've been bombarded with requests to bring shit back.
Above I've listed some shops I plan to do some shopping in & I am allowing a couple of weeks for y'all to get your money right.

Here are the rules for the crew:

If I am there I will swoop it for you. I'm not going out of my way, it's my vacation too.

My shit is priority. It's hell carrying hella bags through massive crowds & crowded trains & train stations, don't go overboard with requests, I've got a shopping list too.

You must give me enough money to cover the purchase AND in the event that I cannot carry it back for you you must give me enough to cover shipping. Due to my travel budget & personal shopping list I will not spot you when I'm there & await the payback.

Do not expect any boxes to remain mint, last trip I had to break down the BAPE shoe boxes & some of the toy boxes to fit everything in the luggage.

Jan 19, 2008

Pic of the Day "Happy B-day My Charmy" Edition

HAPPY 23rd Birthday to my future wife Rika...yeah..I've finally decided that she's THE ONE....it took me awhile to come to that conclusion because....c'mon?!...it ain't easy(for me at least) to choose between Risa, Aya, Miki, Sayumi and of course Reina(who has already been spoken for by a certain someone) but Rika is the one who just seems to be "wifey" material...I don't know what it is...I mean Risa was the first one that I fell in love with but she seems a little high maintenance to me...Aya and Miki...getting with either one would be great but they'd constantly be together(which isn't a bad thing) and I would definitely have to fight for there affection when we were all "together" if you know what I mean....and Sayumi...my Sayummy...she can't cook..

so I have chosen the lovely Rika for my wife...I can see it now...me, Rika and our daughter Mayuko(yeah..I've already picked out our daughters name)..strapping on our jetpacks..holding hands and flying to the local skymall for a little cryo-cream and tang...aw...such fun times

Shin Rupan Sansei aka Lupin the Third

With 228 tv episodes, 8 theatrical films, and 13 made for tv movies it's safe to say Lupin the 3rd is a classic. Lupin first debuted in manga form in 1967, created by Monkey Punch (Kato Kazuhiko).

Lupin + Fujiko

Lupin is cool & so is his crew. Plus, Fujiko gives me a raging hard on. She's such a cock tease, but it's funny how Lupin chases after her even after she stabs him in the back.

Jan 18, 2008


Because I love lists - even ones that may cause me a lot of embarrassment.

1. I was born in Yokosuka, Japan.

2. I don't hate women.

3. But I do hate all-girl porn.

4. I lived in Hawaii for four years.

5. I originally wanted to be an artist, but now am mainly focused on writing.

6. Puffy is not the only act in my playlist; I also listen to Black Label Society, Slayer, Conway Twitty, Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly, The Bee Gees and Eric B. and Rakim.

7. I am a devoted, borderline-obsessed boxing fan.

8 (BONUS FACT!). I've known Freefall Jones and Rangudon Argeru for about 14 years. And I've hated every second of it.

1. www.youropiniondoesn'tcount.blogspot.com.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.
4. I don't know seven people.
5. I play by my own rules.

J-Music Clip of the Week

Artists: Sayumi, Airi, Miyabi, Masae, Saki, Nakki and Chisato
Single: Kowarenai Ai Ga Hoshii No

Kowarenai Ai Ga Hoshii No video DL

Namie's Latest...

previews of Namie's upcoming singles "New Look" and "Rock Steady" featured in new VidalSassoon cm's

Jan 15, 2008

I need a logo

I'm looking for someone to create a logo for my paintball team. Our name is UFIA and I need something to put on our jerseys. Right now all I've got is something I stole from some site:

...But I don't want to get sued. Can anyone help out? I know there are some creative folks writing here and I'll give a big "wowsers, thanks!" to anyone who can donate their time.

UFIA: Unsolicited Finger In the Anus

Oh yeah, we have a 12 year old on our team so if anyone can think up another meaning for this acronym that'd be great. I have to explain this somehow to his mom.

my late father in law

I found this clip of Shoko Tan's dad, I could tell the family resemblence...

and in one of the oddest comment threads on YODC ever...

it all started with this post Freefall did regarding Vader and Yoda appearing in the upcoming Soulcalibur games for the PS3 and 360....

Anonymous said...
hey guys last night i have sex
1/10/2008 7:14 AM

Freefall Jones said...
(in case it gets deleted) "Anonymous said...hey guys last night i have sex" All right, who is this? Craig? Is that you? DETAILS, MAN.
1/10/2008 7:26 AM

Anonymous said...
my name is ? and im from europe im not craig im a girl
1/10/2008 2:49 PM

Son of Gigan said...
A GIRL? Who has SEX? This Anonymous sounds like JUST MY TYPE.
1/10/2008 6:09 PM

Freefall Jones said...
...a girl? Wait. Are you saying you had sex with CRAIG?
1/10/2008 7:42 PM

beemer said...
hahahaha, idiot girl.
1/11/2008 2:24 AM

Anonymous said...
Hello everybodyI’m the stupid guy who wrote the 1 and 3 comments in this videoI’m sorry, this is a lie and insult this is not true I don’t know why a wrote this shit im completely embarrass Please forgive me In the end my parent where right I’m immatureI was bored and I was thinking this is funny and I vas sick ( not with fever but I couldn’t sleep 4 two days )Please forget that I wrote those words Erase all the comments im sad and embarrass My fist comment on the internet and I screw itI’m going to use the computer only 4 the school I apologies I’m not going to play with the fucking computer anymore I sincerely SORRY
1/14/2008 6:30 AM

Anonymous said...
SORRY the comment of the 1/14/2008 6:30pm is wrong ( bad english )Hello everybodyI’m the stupid guy who write the 1 and 3 and 7 comments in this videoI’m sorry, this is a lie is not true I don’t know why a write this shit Please forgive me Erase all the comments I’m sad and angry this is just horrible My fist comment on the internet and I screw itI apologies this incident I’m not going to play with the fucking computer anymore I sincerely SORRY
1/14/2008 11:35 AM

Pic Of The Day "Even Kimonos Are Sexy" Edition

Her Royal Hotness, Reina Tanaka looks just as hot and sexy in a kimono as she does in a bikini... or in that pink kitty outfit... or in just about anything else she wears.

The image above excerpted from this:

And for the record... not matter what my future second wife wears, it'll look good on the bedroom floor as well... ;)

Jan 12, 2008

MeMe YODC version

not gonna follow the rules to a tea but isn't this a great way to get to know your YODC Team?...I think so

1.I lived in a train station locker when I was a kid and shined shoes to make ends meet

2. I coined the phrase "to coin a phrase"

3. I once arm wrestled Steven Seagal for his ponytail

9. I don't know how to count

5. Kirk Cameron is my favorite actor

6. I'm a world class midget wrangler

7.I'm a pathological liar

but seriously....

1. I have a total of 4 sizable scars on my body(left wrist, right bicep, right side of my abdomen and my right arse cheek)

2. I'm addicted to sleeping pills

3. I suffer from the same affliction as Gary Coleman

4. I've been to a Christopher Cross concert

5. my only time in Japan was spent sitting the the airport terminal for a few hours during a layover stop on the way to the Philippines..I think I was ten at the time

6. I lived in Alaska for 2 years...Kodiak to be exact

7. I probably have about 15yrs left, on this big blue marble we call earth, before I kick the bucket

and the formalities:

2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.

J-Music Clip of the Week

Artist: Shoko Nakagawa
Single: snow tears

snow tears video DL

Jan 11, 2008

Sorry just Me/Me

The MeMe Tagged rules* are a bit too spamy for me so I won't be following them sorry. My views are my own. We all have our own views here @ YODC. Anyway...

1. I have a small penis.

2. I like little girls.

3. I like teenage girls.

4. I like women.

5. My balls sometimes go up in my body like a ninja.

6. I haven't kissed anyone.

7. I'm a virgin.


Javier Esteban Taco Julio Garcia-Sanchez, Sr.
Samuel Weinstein

* Here are the Rules:
1. Link to the person’s blog who tagged you.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.
4. Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog.

Jan 10, 2008

MeMe Tagged

Word to Kings of Barry at A Little Bit of Randomness.

Here are the Rules:
1. Link to the person’s blog who tagged you.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.
4. Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog.

1. I like it when girls cry.

2. I really was born in Akashi, Omiya Jima

3. I have 2 sets of gold grills one in yellow & one in white, top & bottom 6 teeth with extended fangs.

4. I've kicked it in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Las Vegas, Reno, Seattle, Waikiki, Guam and Tokyo is the illest city I've been to so far, stay posted though.

5. I couldn't use the pool or the gym at the Dai Ichi Hotel because I have the double dragons tattoed on my arms, the other tattoos didn't help either...shit like that would never ever happen in the U.S..

6. I didn't mean to tongue kiss Mikey's wife. I only played on Jen when she nagged too much & I didn't feel like coming home to hear the bullshit. I only boned Ronaldo's wife BEFORE they were married & they were only boyfriend & girlfriend at the time. I love women.

7. I stay in the same room that my grandfather Kin passed away in but I'm not scared.

Tag you're it.

American Wota
The best in J-Pop
Stuck In A Pagoda With Motoko Aoyama
Everything you like, I like 3 years ago
EGM Cruz

Jan 8, 2008

Papa Smurf vs. Swamp Thing

Two freaks enter the ring, but only one survives! It's a battle for the ages as Papa Smurf takes on Swamp Thing! Will Papa Smurf's alchemy skills prevail over the Swamp Thing's vegetable matter? Will the 100 or so Smurf's jump into the ring as an unstoppable tag-team? Will any of these freaks ever get laid?

"Why don't you make like a tree, and just go home!"

"I will never extend the olive branch..."

Jan 7, 2008


Pink Lady Kie & Mie in this clip we must first respect the architects.
I am a fan of Pink Lady but I prefer the W version. I've seen Mie & Kie looking way hotter than this. Here they remind me of some of my Aunts.

W. Ai & Nozomi at their cutest. This era was the peak of my crush on Nozomi.
This is a great quality vid WITH SUBS!!!! Awesome.

Jan 3, 2008

Pic of the Day "She's MINE Now!!" Edition

a late congratulations to our Eastcoast YODC representative CJ on the engagement to his longtime girlfriend on Christmas Eve...we won't be there for bachelor party but the Westcoast YODCers will make a trip to one of our local strip clubs in your honor..well, me and SoG will...okay, just SoG...he goes every week by himself anyway

oh and Reina is mine now!.....muhahahahahaHAHAHAHA...hahaha...haha...ha

Jan 2, 2008

The Indisputable Truth about Women, “Romance” and why you will never ever get a girlfriend. Chapter 5 – Part 3

WARNING: Men, unlike the previous chapter, this one isn’t aimed at you. This chapter is pointed straight at your friends. Your pals. Your buds. Your bruthas. Your homies. Again, it’s something you may not want to hear, but you must. And if you have any friends at all, it may cause you to sever your ties with them. It’s a small price to pay for The Indisputable Truth.

This has been the longest break from my masterwork I’ve ever taken. My life has taken many twists and turns since my last chapter, and I felt the need to take a sabbatical and recharge my power cell before going back on the attack. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that my stance has softened. If anything, I feel more strongly about this subject than ever. The third of Myth of Man about to be obliterated is something near and dear to the male heart, so it is with some hesitation that I drive an adamantium stake straight through it.

3. “The Wingman”
The Wingman (a friend/companion that accompanies a man on his mission to achieve intercourse) is intended to serve multiple purposes. Probably the most important one is simply making his friend feel at ease with approaching women. It’s far easier to be charming when someone with whom you have an existing rapport is by your side. You can relax. You can joke. You can be yourself (but remember what we’ve said about that).

Another objective of The Wingman is to make the target more comfortable. For some reason yet to be discovered by even the most accomplished psychologists, women get unnerved when they’re hit on in environments like night clubs and singles bars, WHERE THEY KNOW THEY’RE GOING TO GET HIT ON. They travel to these places in order to meet men, but when a woman is approached by one, she thinks “Oh no…he’s hitting on me…” and her defense shields get activated. And yet, for another heretofore unexplained reason, being approached by two men or more eases her tension and discomfort. The best thinking behind this reaction that a sensible human being can piece together is that the female thinks that a conversation between three more people is not a sexual/romantic come on; it’s a social congregation. She feels less like a target and more like part of a group. She’s conversing with two or more people that are there to enjoy each other’s company and just decided to invite her in. And if she should pursue any kind of relationship with one or more of the men in the group, it’s something that happened “naturally” and not the result of a plot to “score” with her.

Finally, The Wingman may provide very tangible and technical assistance to his friend, such as introducing him to his target, singing his praises to impress her so he doesn’t have to brag about himself (maybe even while pretending not to know him), or perhaps collaborating with him on any elaborate jokes or magic tricks he wants to perform.

As usual with Myths of Man, this one seems perfectly logical. And it would work just fine if we were dealing with people that weren’t chemically imbalanced. Yes, your Wingman may make you feel more comfortable when speaking to a girl, but your comfort level has nothing to do with your attractiveness to her. If she finds you physically appealing, she will make you feel more comfortable by laughing at your jokes, paying close attention to everything you say and generally being attentive. Remember, as I said in the last chapter, a woman will fix her attention on the man that has the surface traits that she wants. The better looking guy will just happen to be the more charming, interesting guy. If you’re that guy, then your Wingman will just get in the way. If your “Wing” is that guy, then you know where you’ll be. If she finds you both unattractive, then having two of you in front of her is not going to make her any more aroused. It’s basic mathematics: 2 x 0 still equals 0. In fact, the number of physically unappealing men trying to interact with her will just double or triple a woman’s discomfort.

In the instance that you’re handsome and your Wingman is not, he may even damage your cause if your target believes that she has to entertain him as well as you, or that her friend will have to spend time with him as she and you get to know each other. Depending on her options (her attractiveness and the number of attractive men around her), she will most likely move on to another handsome man that doesn’t come with the less-handsome baggage.

The concept of The Wingman evolved into what it is today out of men’s desperate need to feel responsibility in the courting process. Even if a man doesn’t have success with women himself, he still wants to believe that he had a hand in someone else’s success. In the male psyche, the opportunity to say “I got my buddy laid,” or “I helped him get her” is a perverse point of pride. It’s like being part of a winning team. Only in this game, there’s no trophy that every teammate gets to keep for a week, there’s no pay increase for being on the triumphant squad, there’s no shared glory. Only one man wins. Think about that one of your “friends” asks you to be his Wingman.

As you can probably tell, it’s not the existence of The Wingman that’s a Myth of Man, technically. Men have been trying to assist each other in the pursuit of love/sex for centuries. It’s the idea that The Wingman actually helps that’s complete fallacy. Adding a Wingman can only be a detriment to your cause.

If you’re the good-looking one, The Wingman will be nothing more than a fifth wheel, adding unnecessary conversation that your target will ignore. And as stated, he may even cause her to look elsewhere. If he’s a good friend of yours, and you’re a half-decent human being, you’ll be concerned with his feelings after you leave him alone to be with a girl that’s only interested in you.

If he’s the good-looking one, he will draw all her attention from you even if he’s trying to help. And you will feel a whole new level of Freefall Jones-esque inadequacy as he and the girl(s) you’re attracted to make you shrink into social nothingness.

Never forget: the woman will choose, on sight, the man/men she wants to spend time with, and discard the ones she doesn’t. She’ll blow Wingmen out of the sky before they even have a chance to get in formation, and let her preferred pilot live to fly again.

But don’t, by any means, take this as an order to abandon your friends and only go out alone. You should attend social events with your comrades. They make (or at least they should make) everything more enjoyable. But do it because you enjoy their company, not because they’re going to improve your status in any way. Don’t use them as tools to get you where you want to be with women. First, it’s seedy and dishonest, and second, it DOESN’T WORK.

If you consider yourself a good Wingman, I’ve hated to be the one to shatter your delusions of grandeur…nah, not really. You need to face reality and give your friend(s) more credit for being attractive. If and/or when you’re day arrives, it won’t be because of who’s flying beside you. It will be because you had a better plane than anyone else.

This is almost getting too easy, but despite the lack of challenge I’ll be back for Part 4, to crush the life out of “Platonic Friends.”

Jan 1, 2008

Dance beyotches, dance like the wind...and sing too

You're doing it wrong

and the award for saddest film goes to....

"Dare mo shiranai" this film is based on a true story. Hard to believe shit like this could happen these days.

The little girl that plays Yuki is adorable, Yuya Yagira does a great job as well. This movie really grabs you.

Good Luck

follow up to the Hitomi Kuroki post
I loved this dorama, so much in fact that when I grow up I want to be a pilot.
Pilots are cool, but Kimura is the ultimate kako ii pilot guy.
It also played into my cabin attendant fantasies.
Awesome dorama watch it now.

Kuroki Hitomi

I just finished Good Luck, a dorama from 2003 where Hitomi plays a cabin attendant for All Nippon Airways. She is so hot. Older woman hot. Oh so sexy. I love her.

I've been crushing on her ever since I first saw her in Dark Water.

This vid clip I found made me pee a little.

Happy new year.