Jan 19, 2008

Pic of the Day "Happy B-day My Charmy" Edition

HAPPY 23rd Birthday to my future wife Rika...yeah..I've finally decided that she's THE ONE....it took me awhile to come to that conclusion because....c'mon?!...it ain't easy(for me at least) to choose between Risa, Aya, Miki, Sayumi and of course Reina(who has already been spoken for by a certain someone) but Rika is the one who just seems to be "wifey" material...I don't know what it is...I mean Risa was the first one that I fell in love with but she seems a little high maintenance to me...Aya and Miki...getting with either one would be great but they'd constantly be together(which isn't a bad thing) and I would definitely have to fight for there affection when we were all "together" if you know what I mean....and Sayumi...my Sayummy...she can't cook..

so I have chosen the lovely Rika for my wife...I can see it now...me, Rika and our daughter Mayuko(yeah..I've already picked out our daughters name)..strapping on our jetpacks..holding hands and flying to the local skymall for a little cryo-cream and tang...aw...such fun times

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