Sep 29, 2005

Tales of the Somewhat Strange and Creepy..

This actually can fall under the Pic of the Day category but since I've been posting one of those for the last several days and since THIS is pretty damn creepy...well, I don't need to explain any further...

Sep 28, 2005


At some point we've all had to console a friend who was very upset and/or a crying wreck. Ever had to do it to 2 people simultaneously? Maybe, but how about if the 2 people are each talking about their own dilemmas? I had to do such a thing today. I heard out 2 people who were under such duress that they literally couldn't speak on a phone. They contacted me @ work unaware of each other & from their respective places on the continent. Like I said, they were so shaken up that they wouldn't speak on the phone. This meant I was emailing one of them and text messaging the other one at the same time. At the time, I was trying to put out 2 fires so I was on serious mode. Now that the day is over, it seems a little yup random.

Had my 40 oz A's game today w/ some of the peeps. The combination of a light weight 40 (MGD), generous Chinese lunch, mac & cheese dinner, & 8 hot dogs @ the park, I maintained a good buzz yet was sober enough to drive home....if I did drive. Haha didn't even freestyle.

Pic of the Day...BEST DAMN HOSTESS EVER Edition..

I've always had a crush on this lady right can say she was my "first true love"...from the very first moment I saw her on that Tony Little infomercial(over 10 years ago), I was who can forget her captivating workout routines on Fitness Beach! god man, I'd wake up super early(4:30am on ESPN2) or set my VCR just to catch a glimpse...and so I give to you:


Pic of the Day..More Awful Album Covers Edition

Sep 27, 2005

Too Much Honesty?

Scenario: You're an aspiring male "film" star. Emphasis on "aspiring": besides talking it up, the only progress you've made is submitting an application. No actual work yet, but it isn't for a lack of want. It's a long sought-after dream of yours....the same way some kids want to be a pro athlete or an astronaut. You're also single up to this point.

You meet a girl. The 2 of you hit it off immediately, & it doesn't take a many dates for you to become exclusive. Whether it's a result of the chemistry or the reason for it, you find yourself very comfortable around you can tell her anything.

If you're not an upfront & honest person, please imagine you are: Would you tell your girl about your "film" aspirations? For the sake of argument, let's not assume the whole "I have a girl so I'm fulfilled now" bullshit is a factor. That'd be an easy out.

I was just curious. No it is not my real-life dilemma.

Sep 26, 2005

Pic of the Day...

Since FJ wrote about Batman, I give to you ..
Super Grover

This stunning Alex Ross litho can now be purchased on the Palisades Toys website. It measures 18"x24" and is available in either a non-signed version for $20 or in a hand signed and numbered limited edition(only 250) for $39.


Driving to the Caldecott Tunnel, a car merged into the lane next to mine with the license plate "HPHOP(heart)ER". I know I'm not the only guy who would 1st wonder: 1) Is that a girl? 2) Is she cute? I was in the slow lane, so I wasn't able to catch the car & psycho-stare inside.

My cross-country bud, after the usual "hear me out please don't get mad", has again done an about-face & gone back. I don't even get mad anymore. Resignation is easier than protesting. At least I can still maintain conversation.

Channel surfing from the A's to look for the Giants, I just saw Lindsey Price on that Kitchen Confidential show. She was talking to what looks like Zack from Wedding Crashers. She's gotta have some post worthy pix. I'm just saying.

Speaking of Wedding Crashers, I saw yet another preview for a movie with Rachel McAdams. I forgot what the movie was, but I don't remember putting it on my To-See list.

Batman: Hush OVERSIZED Hardcover Edition

See that pic? Imagine it at 8-1/2" x 13". A normal comic book is about 6" x 9" and approximately 22 pages long. Now take twelve 22-page monthly stories, collect them in an oversized hardcover and you've got the heavy book I just bought. If I dropped this book on your foot, you'd need a new foot. Just kidding...not really.

So what's the story about? A new mystery villain named Hush has come to Gotham and unleashed Batman's rogues gallery on him. And superstar badass Jim Lee supplies the art. That's the reason I bought this book -- to see Jim Lee's art blown up to a larger size with crisp color on high-quality paper.

It's not cheap, though. It's $50, so it's a good thing I've got a fat bookstore discount. NO, not a five-fingered would I smuggle that monolith out? Down my pants? --"Hey, Freefall, your crotch is looking very square today."


Tales of the Somewhat Strange and Creepy


Sep 25, 2005

Job Signs/Dueling PDAs

On Friday 2 things happened: 1. I got an email on my work & personal/professional (non-look @ my ass) email from a woman recruiting me to do my current job for a private hospital. Looking at her contact info, I recognized her cel# as a number that calls my cel every so often. I never pick up unblocked numbers since they're usually looking for someone else. I called her & she broke down the requirements, which included Spanish language fluency. This was the lone requisite I didn't meet, but she said she'd call me back when she fills non-Spanish speaking positions. I added her # to my cel. 2. The County job announcements included an job with requirements that read exactly like my education/job experience. Considering that my current position is moving to a much farther office in Nov, I've been keeping other job options open. The significant pay increase is just a bonus. I took that Friday afternoon to get the required transcripts. Who knows where it might all lead? Could be cool.

Taking Friday afternoon off enabled my weekend to start early. I'll just say that after the last 48 hours, I think I can relate to footballs & basketballs, especially with their competitive use & the flashy highlights they are used in along the way.

Sep 24, 2005

Who am I?

I thought I was the greatest boyfriend ever. Expensive clothes, fine meals, Gucci bags, blue diamonds, carte blanche on my credit cards - I gave her the world. But one overcast day ruined it all. I saw them together and it broke my heart.

But will I whimper away like a chump? Hell no. First I'm going to cancel all my accounts, then I'm going to pack up her things--not the expensive things I bought her, mind you (I'm keeping that $3700 lynx coat)... she can leave in the lame ass K-mart clothes I found her in. I can't wait for her to get home so I can chew her cheatin' ass out. I could use some hot chocolate about now.

Who am I?


Last time:

Sep 23, 2005

Pic of the Day...Random HOTNESS Edition...


very popular Japanese "Bikini Idol"

CH Report

Formerly a 2-3 subscriber newsletter, the report makes its online debut here. After work, I decided to accept G-Bug's invite to go see Charmane S., who was finally making her CH debut. I'd already passed up other notable features last month, such as Kianna D. & Mika T., who I'll always remember as the 1st gal to ever seriously ask if I wanted to do a movie w/ her. What pushed me to go despite my why-couldn't payday-be-a-day-earlier budget was the fact that I haven't kicked it w/ G in a while, & he said Charmane was the one gal he always wanted to see. Anyway, off we go.

The veteran employees were working the door tonight, & they still hooked up the Recognized Regular $5 discount for us. Except Versace & Xtacy, I recognized none of the night's talent. There were some newbies that caught my eye, including a nubile Vietnamese lass named Honey who coaxed $20 out of G for a song. He gave a thumbs up, and said the girl thought he was familiar. I said it might be a line of her's, but he said she remembered his old hairstyle. After Char was introduced by the dj, I heard Native American drums over the speakers. I said to G "I hope she doesn't do a Linn Thomas & come out as Tatanka". My hopes were raised when the drums gave way to reggae, but G's laugh was quickly drowned out by the thunderous applause directed towards the little lady onstage in the big feather headdress & leather loincloth covering her black g-string. Like all the stars we see there, she looked much better in person. The 2nd half of her show was sweet....literally: She slathered her bathing suit areas w/ whipped cream &, as Prince's "Cream" played, she rubbed cherries through the cream-covered areas & in her mouth, then fed the cherries to the crowd. I could almost feel the bouncers' wincing as the whipped cream fell from the neophyte stage performer's body onto the unshielded stage that still had a few hours of use ahead. As she did the wind-down routine of throwing souvenirs out to the loudest jabrone, I leapt from my seat to secure 1st place in line....just in time to grab 4th place behind 3 dudes who watched the whole show from the line-up area...another sign that my best club days may be behind me. It was still a prime spot in line, which actually went out the door a la Tera. Once we got in, she proved to be quite bubbly & personable. She verified that this is her first foray into featuring, & she put in a lot of time into learning stage dancing & creating routines. We each got a polaroid, & when I pointed out that she closed her eyes (Rookie. Hot Hot Rookie.) in my pic she quickly took a 2nd one, giving me 2 pix for the price of one. Being considerate of the rest of the line, we quickly exited into the night. As was the case with KK, Nauty, & Kay-Lei to a lesser degree, there is definitely the potential for establishing a relationship through repeat appearances & eventual recognition. If her line was out the door on a Thurs night, I don't want to think about what the weekend will be like. In the past I'd definitely put a team against those masses but the sense of urgency isn't there, & I'm busy the next 2 nights.

This is either big news or I'm the last to know again: Kay-Lei's roadie from her last trip is working the same job for CharStar. When some of the guys in line asked about K, he told them that Kaylani has RETIRED from the biz, citing the end of her Wicked contract & solely concentrating on producing product for her website. At some point he also mentioned the never-failing "...the boyfriend is always cool with that job at first, but after a while..." I don't know if he was generalizing or still talking about the retirement. Either way, another champ has walked away from the game in the prime of a decorated career. Good Luck & Godspeed, little one. We'll always have SF & LV.

A nice evening leading up to another curious weekend; this one involving the Bs & C together. At least they hung out today, & there were no tearful/irritated messages on my phone. I returned my long distance pal's call today. Basically the routine is back on, complete w/ calls on the way to work & drama lamenting. At least she left my irritant in her wake...again. Ironic: when we last spoke, the burgeoning B&C tale was the distraction to my issue with her. Since that time, the B&C melodrama has gained intensity, making her another distraction option away from them. As she put it today, it's nice that we both have problems to talk about.

Sep 21, 2005

Spoke Too Soon.

I'm staring @ a text message, pondering the invite to go see Charmane in SF tomorrow night (Had me at "Crazy Hizzle" in response to me asking where Char is). Phone rings. A Restricted Number is calling. My 1st thought is "Not now, B. Important stuff being mulled over." Incoming Call turns to Missed Call turns to Voice Mail. I check it. It's her, asking why she hasn't heard from me & also wanting to follow up on a mutual friend's endeavor. Geez...and I was just sitting here reading the blog, thinking I have nothing new to write about. I'll call after I do my laundry. Reception in there sucks. I don't expect anything major if I talk to her. Ha I also know I've voiced similar wishful sentiment on other blog entries. F it.

Sep 20, 2005

Pic of the Day...Slow Tuesday Edition..

okay...I lied about the rest, THIS ONE is my future wife:

Namie Amuro-Alger

or as the custom is in Japan, I will take her surname and forever be known as LANGDON ALGER-AMURO...

Sep 19, 2005

Who am I?

I'm a failure. A puss. A loser.

Well, that may be a little harsh. Many considered me one of the greatest field generals of all time. I was fair, courageous, and efficient on the battlefield. I should have never taken a promotion. The responsibilities of leadership exposed all my weaknesses and in the end, I was nothing but a steaming pile of junk.

Who am I?


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Pic of the Day/ Tales of the Somewhat Strange and Creepy Combo..

" up the grill carnale'...we're gonna have some Chupacabra-Asada tonite....odelay.."

Sep 17, 2005

"She's Gone." - Sir Hall & Sir Oates

They were knighted, weren't they?

I went through my phone's Recent Calls list after a missed call (Sorry, Phil). For the longest time, 75% of my missed & received calls were from a blocked #. There are a few sources that call me from a blocked #, but it was one particular number that was responsible for the ones on the call lists. They came in all hours, from during work to into the early AM hours (which made it even later from where the calls came ffom). Looking at my lists now, there's only 3-4 on those lists, & they're from my parents or B's home ph. From my end, the next call I make will bump that particular name off my Dialed list. A small reality check that got to me more than a little bit, but I maintain my stance with conviction.

I'm willing to bet even money they were knighted.

Sep 16, 2005

Pic of the Day..."Everybody's Working for the Weekend.." Edition

and yet another from the Langdon Alger "My Future Wife" files....have a good weekend everybody!...

Rika Ishikawa

former Morning Musume member and currently part of Biyuden(for those that know there Jpop)

and I'm serious about this one...she will be my wife...oh yes, she will be...

Sep 15, 2005

"It's A Trap!" - Admiral Ackbar

I get a text message saying she likes a song, stating "the lyrics are crazy, but the tune is something to make out to." My response is something like "Um I'll check it sometime." Curiosity gets the better of me, & I end up downloading it. It turns out to be a song about someone's confusion after turning a platonic friendship intimate. She later asks how I like the song. I can only agree w/ her initial assessment.

At the risk of sounding naive, it's almost so obvious that it can't be what it may look like. If it is what it sounds like...boy did I walk right into that one, huh? Heh. Maybe some time away this weekend will make this past week an afterthought. I think I'll sleep now instead of going through my records, which is what my Friday night/ Sat afternoon will consist of anyway.

Pic of the Day...

from the Langdon Alger "My Future Wife" files...

Vanessa Minnillo

hands off Thongchai!

Tales of the Somewhat Strange and Creepy

courtesy of Uselessjunk...

"resident in the area saw a ball bouncing around kind of strange in a nearby pond and went to investigate. It turned out to be a whopping flathead catfish who had obviously tried to swallow a child's basketball which became stuck in its mouth!! The fish was totally exhausted from trying to dive, but unable to because the ball would always bring him back up to the surface. The resident tried numerous times to get the ball out, but was unsuccessful. He finally had his wife cut the ball in order to deflate it and release the hungry catfish."

Uncle Sam Owes, For Once.

In light of the ongoing B&C dilemma that is building in strength & destructive power, here's a Random for my own personal distraction. I go through the daily mail & see a letter addressed to me from some State Dept. of Reimbursment. I'm thinking "Very crafty...I'm gonna open this and the letter will say that I need to reimburse the State for some tax mishap." I'm wrong. Apparently the State has created a program that is going through their records for unclaimed property or annuities to citizens. I have turned up in their system to the tune of $233 in US annuity w/ my name on it. Just from looking at the amount, I knew where the $ was from. Looking at the 485 Wolfpac address on the form confirmed that this was my final paycheck from my State job, which was my final college job which I quit upon graduation and being hired for my current plantation assignment. Since I left before the next paydate, they had to mail it to me. Considering how f'ed up my checks & paydates were when I was actually there, I already resigned myself to never getting that last check, which I never received. I just need to complete the mailed form & provide my SSN, and a copy of my license w/ my current address on it. I'm gonna see if I can do what my clients do & provide my license w/ a copy of my energy bill to verify the address. A modest slice of good luck & fortune in the midst of tomfoolery.

Sep 14, 2005

Who am I?

I never wanted any trouble. I just wanted to go out and be true to myself - to do my own thing. I'd hear my cue and shuffle on out. Things would be great for a while, but before you knew it people were throwing stuff at me. I never paid that no mind, I just kept on going until my time was up.

Who am I?


Last time:

Sep 13, 2005

Pic of the Day....Bonus Edition...

this pic couldn't wait another day...If I saw this sumbatch on the street, I'd give him a 20bucks for creativity...

Pic of the Day..."Babe" Edition...

I was thinking of creating a "Babe of the Day" feature to this blog but, the chosen "babe" would probably only rotate between a select few(my favorites of course) I'll just be integrating them into the world famous PIC OF THE DAY...enjoy..

Jessica Alba

Sep 12, 2005

Gluttony Extended

At work my co-worker bought hella Regular & Extra-Creamy Kit-Kats, opened them up, put them on opposing plates, & had the rest of us do a taste test to see if there was a difference in flavors. Only my buddy Leilani & I guessed the right flavors. @ home my roommate brings home the remnants of their SF Giants tailgate: A few lbs of uncooked marinated carne asada, a bag of fries, & a dozen Coronas/Pale Ales. They're calling's on. Sweet!

Tales of the Somewhat Strange and Creepy

speaking of Sac-Trips...


WHILE strip clubs have not traditionally been known for their high ethical standards, they've recently reached new lows -- some have begun spraying the air with a sex drug to make customers spend more money! "Our profits have tripled since we started the spraying," reveals Angelo Farfalle, 47, manager of Pink Heaven Gentlemen's Club, just outside Vancouver. "It makes work easier for the strippers, too." One of Pink Heaven's strippers, Tasty Vixen, clearly agrees: "Anytime we see a guy with his flesh missile ready to fire, the dude is motivated to spend money and to tip big, especially for a lap dance." Most of the male customers have responded positively to the sex drug spraying. Says one: "That club really knows how to bring my fire-breathing dragon to life -- which, after all, is why we come here!" Although another customer adds, "I had a hell of a time trying to explain to my wife why I came home from a 'late office meeting' fully aroused for two hours." To reinforce the effect, Pink Heaven's bartenders are spiking the drinks, and all the seat cushions have tiny time-release bubbles on them, which are propelled through clothing and onto the skin whenever a customer sits down. "These guys are getting revved up from every possible angle and orifice," chuckles Farfalle. "They might as well just hand us their wallets when they walk through the door."
editor's note: This story was taken from the Weekly World News so its probably not true. Plus we all know what makes men spend money at strip clubs...HYPNOTIC TITTIE IMPLANTS!!!...thats a scientific fact..

Sep 11, 2005

Who am I?

It was the worst night of my life. My boyfriend and I were walking home from a movie when they came after us. We tried to get away but we were surrounded. Before I knew it my boyfriend was gone. Which was fine since I didn't think he was really into me--anyway all I could do was run. I found some old house to hide in but they were knocking down the walls to get to me.

Funny thing is, it was all a dream. Or was it?

Who am I?


Last time:

Weekend Update

Friday night came & went w/o fanfare. Driving home, the traffic was stopped @ the bridge so I ended up turning around & going home on the San Mateo bridge. I was already tired after the movie & Lucky Chances after-meal, but the unexpected drive through San Mateo to the 'meda had me yawning w/ some road swerving. When I walked C to her door, she invited me in the rest a bit. I soon as I flopped onto the bed, I was halfway unconscious so she said I could just crash there. I was way too tired to think it over, but I at least had the sense to sleep w/ my back to her. I think she did the same thing. 3 hrs later I woke up, said bye/thanks, drove home, showered/brushed teeth, & headed to SF for the chocofest. Yeah Im going to sleep right after my weekend ends w/ this posting.

Emily Rose was exactly as I read it to be: As much courtroom drama as it is horror. The majority of the scary scenes were given away in the trailers & previews, but that didn't stop people from jumping & screaming throughout the movie. I liked it, but Im a crappy movie critic as I please easy. I liked the Spawn movie, among others, and i'd like to see Ray Bradbury's The Sound of Thunder before it's dropped from the theaters in a month. I did hate Ready to Rumble & The Cave, at least.

Ghiradelli was cool....chocolate liquer & chocolate stout beer were among the highlights. There was even a wine booth that had nathing to do w/ chocolate, but we had some & it counted off our sample tickets. We hit up the Seafood fest today. B was disappointed that they didn't have turtle (our inside joke), but we made due w/ gator bites, the more common seafood offerings, & funnel cake. I bet I still lose 2 lbs after this whole weekend.

Oh yeah here's a Friday Night Random....especially for the Sac-trip vets: I was having hawaiian food w/ B&C next to the theater when C noticed that our Emily movie tix were for a past showtime. They went to exchange the tix, leaving me behind to finish my food. 2 girls were in front of me talking. They looked no older than 17. One of them looked like someone took GC Candice, dropped her down a few notches to "pretty hot", & replaced her Eurasian lineage w/ proportional boobs & huge bottom Latina DNA. The stuff she was talking about with her friend...I wasn't listening hella hard but i picked up enough key words & phrases. They were talking the whole time we were there, but it wasn't until I was alone that they stopped for a sec to see if I was listening before continuing on. I appeared to be concentrating on eating. Among the overheard: pros & cons of curved male anatomy (weighed w/ her personal experience), a disdain for both male/female partners' pubic hair, possible female pal conquests, an interest in being a strap-on user after always being the strap-on receiver, and their new camera phones.

Sep 8, 2005

Weight List

With the Ghiradelli Chocolate Festival & The Pittsburg Seafood Festival this weekend, Im anticipating self-induced gluttony on an unprecedented scale. Probably won't gain any weight from the whole weekend, but it won't be from a lack of trying. On Food Network: Demand last weekend, we saw a special on last year's ChocoFest. Im being pushed to enter the Ghiradelli Earthquake (the trademark 8 ice cream scoops w/ fudge dessert) eating contest. Haven't been to the PittsFest in years, but I remember the alligator, shark, & turtle samples, as well as the beer garden. I must refresh my memory.

Gonna start off the weekend tomorrow night w/ the long-awaited Exorcism Of Emily Rose (or X O' E-Ro for short), at least among my scary movie partner & pals, which does include blog staples B&C. Considering that everyone wants to go drinking afterwards, Im a bit concerned about possible drunken curseouts. Possible omen: haven't heard from B all day today, which is pecuiliar considering it's the night before a long-planned outing that we've all been talking up until now. The cause for concern is that I've spent tonight & last night in C's company. Whenever that happens, C tends to call the Bs & others to tell them about it. This pisses off the B's since 1.) C doesn't invite, & 2.) The Bs feel like C's "rubbing it in their faces". Maybe I need a public outburst to'd give me an alibi to avoid contact for awhile.

Oh yeah, I accepted a ticket to the last A's home game of the regular season. Haha my 40oz buddy Tony is also going along w/ the roomies & 8 others. I'll try to prevent a repeat Coliseum performance. Gotta remember to gorge BEFORE drinking.

Pic of the Day...100th POST!!!!!

courtesy of Freefall Jones...

Tales of the Somewhat Strange and Creepy

another gem from ebay...

"O.k, I know this is an odd one but hear me out. I dont remember buying these socks or having them given me as a pressy. My wife says she didnt buy them for me. The just appeared in my sock draw around three months ago, at around the same time as we started experiencing odd banging noises in the house, mostly during the daytime (although we have had a few disturbed nights too). Since the socks came to light we have both experienced the feeling of another presence in the house. Not a evil presence I hasten to had - it fact if anything its been a constructive one. I've worn the socks once but they were not very comfortable - my feet felt really hot all day despite the air conditioning in the office. They have spent the rest of the time in my sock draw - and they are always at the top when I open it! Now Im a fairly feet-on-the-ground sort of guy and I think these socks would be more beneficial to someone more attuned with the supernatural shenanigans I suspect the socks of being connected with. So there you are. Socks from the other side? Who knows."

Sep 7, 2005

The Transporter 2

I saw this movie about a week ago and I'm still glad I saw it. Usually right after I see a movie, I need a couple of days for it to percolate in my mind before I can say if I really liked it or not.

Think about Revenge of the Sith for a moment. Right after the movie, I thought it was a fitting end to the saga and a good bridge to the original trilogy. Now, the more I think about it, the more I wonder why Yoda decided to walk away from that fight with the Emperor. I mean, Palpatine was just as bad off -- why didn't he stay and finish the duel? Grrrr. That movie SUCKED.

The Transporter 2, however, was ri-DUNK-ulous. And I mean that in the best possible way. The action is unreal, but in the world of the Transporter, flipping a car in mid-air and using a crane to knock off a bomb on the car's underside totally makes sense.

This movie even made me want to own an Audi -- and that's even after owning a piece of crap Audi 5000 that I had to take from my sister (she took my Accord ...then crashed it, and she wasn't even transporting anything). The Transporter's Audi was busting through walls and jumping between buildings without even getting a scratch. Oh, and it was clutchless manual.

After getting all the character details in a nutshell at the beginning, the rest of the movie was all fights and chases. The plot manages to keep up with all the action, and there are a couple of twists to make this more than just a predictable kidnapping story.

So if you're going to watch only one movie this year where the hero kicks ass with a firehose, then this is it.


Who am I?

I had no parents but was taken in by a kind family who treated me as one of their own. In exchange I did chores around the house - cleaning, laundry, dishes, vaccuuming, etc. However, my "adopted" brother often took advantage by having me clean his room.

I often acted cold and emotionless, but they were all very nurturing to me. I definitely learned a lot about family values while living with them.

Who am I?


Last time:

Pic of the Day...

Sep 6, 2005

Admiral Ozzel

I just wanted to take the time to say goodbye to Michael Sheard. Who, you ask? This is the guy that played Admiral Ozzel. WHO? Again, you ask, even louder.

Admiral Ozzel was the arrogant officer who felt it would be a waste of Imperial resources to search for Rebel forces on Hoth. He was also the idiot who thought it would be a good idea to bring the Imperial fleet out of hypespace too close to Hoth, thus alerting the Rebels to their arrival.

And so Ozzel was choked out by Lord Vader using the force via his GIANT SCREEN TV.

"He's as clumsy as he is stupid."-Darth Vader

R.I.P. Admiral Ozzel.


Viewer Advisory - Naruto on Cartoon Network

If you've ever wondered what it's like going to ninja school, then be sure to catch Naruto this Saturday night at 9pm on Catoon Network. If you really don't care about going to ninja school, watch it anyway - at times it's very funny and every episode always has some kind of "holy shit!" ninja moment.


Pic of the Day...SUPER Early Edition...

Okay, it's late...I can't sleep...I got no more sleeping pills or percocet....and gotta get up in about 5 hours(that maybe enough sleep for you mortals but damnit, I need my 12hours!) here you go..a very early edition of the PIC OF THE DAY...

um...alright...I think I can sleep

Sep 4, 2005

Wedding Theme

I'm definitely not one of those people who dreams about their wedding & what it'll be like. Heck, with some of the stuff going on around me I feel like avoiding girls altogether. When I was in Longs however, the song playing in the store hit me w/ inspiration.

If I ever get married & I have to do that 1st dance stuff, I think my song will be "All My Life" by Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville. It's a nice cheesy romance song, so I shouldn't have a problem selling my fiance on it. What I won't tell her is how I bust out laughing anytime I see/hear Aaron Neville. My reasoning behind this whole thing is that I'd be nervous as shit just getting married, let alone solo dancing. When it's her & I dancing...and that 2nd verse from the song kicks in, I'll be too busy cracking up & trying to stop my shoulders from shaking up & down to be nervous. Between that & what my little brother promised to do, I wouldn't be surprised if I ended that hypothetical evening single.

Thank You to Pablo Francisco for making Aaron Neville that much more entertaining.

Sep 3, 2005

Fantastic 4

2 days ago, I was sent home from work because everyone thought I had the flu. I heeded the assumption & called out sick the next 2 days, jumpstarting my Labor Day weekend. Thursday I galavanted around SF, watched people get their haircut, & was taken to dinner for my patience. Friday I decided to stay in as slight fatigue was the one faux-symptom that began setting in. Ended up watching 4 movies from lunchtime to late evening. The double matinee, in order, was Shaolin Soccer, Dawn Of The Dead (2004), Battle Royale, & Kung Fu Hustle. The only times we went out were to get lunch and rent the 4th flick. Not sure if that kind of a day can be considered constructive or productive, but it sure was relaxing.

Sep 2, 2005

Tales of the Somewhat Strange and Creepy..Special Holiday Edition

For those of you who watch King of the Hill, you may remember the episode where Hank and Ladybird entered a dog dancing competition, I didn't think such a thing existed but nosiree..they actually do exist...for more information, check the Canine Freestyle Federation website..

Pic of the Day

"Nuthin says lovin' like two Otaku having a romantic picnic in the park with their charming life-sized anime dolls.."

Sep 1, 2005

Tales of the Somewhat Strange and Creepy

here's some strange but true stories of UNEXPLAINED DISAPPEARANCES!!!

  • On December 1, 1949, Mr. Tetford vanished from a crowded bus. Tetford was on his way home to Bennington from a trip to St. Albans, Vermont. Tetford, an ex-soldier who lived in the Soldier's Home in Bennington, was sitting on the bus with 14 other passengers. They all testified to seeing him there, sleeping in his seat. When the bus reached its destination, however, Tetford was gone, although his belongings were still on the luggage rack and a bus timetable lay open on his empty seat. Tetford has never returned or been found.

  • This famous case allegedly took place in September, 1880 on a farm near Gallatin, Tennessee in full view of several witnesses. The two Lang children, George and Sarah, were playing in the front yard of the family home. Their parents, David and Emma, came out the front door, and David headed off across a pasture toward his horses. At this time, a buggy carrying family friend Judge August Peck was approaching. David turned to walk back to the house, saw the buggy and waved to the judge as he strode across the field. A few seconds later, David Lang - in clear view of his wife, his children and the judge - disappeared in mid-step. Emma screamed and all of the witnesses rushed to the spot where David once was, thinking perhaps he had fallen into a hole of some kind. There was no hole. A thorough search by the family, friends and neighbors turned up nothing. A few months after the unexplained disappearance, the Lang children noticed that the grass on the spot where their father vanished had turned yellow and wilted in a circle measuring about 15 feet in diameter.


Last night was The Little Brother Tour @ Slim's. Great show. All the acts had good energy & aren't too serious that they couldn't crack jokes or even employ choreographed back-up dancing. 9th Wonder himself came out near the end. I appreciate the fact that Slim's shows end before midnight, ensuring that the acts have nathing to do but perform. It also keeps us geriatrics from having to nurse sore legs & backs from standing from 9pm-2am straight. I spent most of the show firmly seated & catching glimpses of the performers' heads over the standing crowd & waving arms. My favorite line of the night: "Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right." from Legacy The Rock Star, who even played Pat Benetar's "Invincible" between songs. Almost as cool as Little Brother's entrance theme of "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" by The Dan Band.

Yes we did have the 32/40oz-w/-chinese-food preshow warmup. Definitely buzzed, but no beligerence from anyone. None of us really should've drove at all, but I was the most capable by default. Gorging on food defintely offset the alcohol's long-term effects for the night. In my case, it also helped that I just had a pansy MGD instead of a damn Steel Reserve this time.

The day was a bit dampened by calls from a friend who was crying rivers & driving aimlessly after a domestic dispute. It's hard enough to talk to someone when they just "want to hide from everyone" but it's even harder when I have guests w/ me. By the end of the night, she was calmer & was making her way back home. All I can do is check in today.

Also got a voicemail from "Tom Cruise's kid" (see my last blog), who sounded either tired, drugged, or melancholy. I think I'll give that one a few more days to sort out everything. Repeating my known stance um repeatedly isn't constructive or helpful right now. Might be selfish or f-ed up, but who the hell are you anyway?

Finally, I got a call while we were driving home on the bridge. After I told her where I was she told me to call when I got home. We ended up just talking for a bit...but just small talk. The night before that we did a late Nation's run & sat on opposite ends of her living room couch. I tried to get her to say good things aboot him but it always ended up going back to complaining. I said I didn't feel it was my place to directly advise a break-up, but there seemed to be more negatives than positives (which included "I can put up with his temper"). I think she's just a night owl who doesn't sleep & likes to talk until early morn, not necessarily waiting for late-night frivolity....

...although I'm sure Alger may still argue for the midnight Tera screening, if not anything else that may come from such an activity. Time for me to put my arms around my little lost n' found & tell her that I.....