Oct 31, 2006

J-Music Clip Of The Week

Artist: Morning Musume
Single: Aruiteru

Aruiteru video DL

Note to self:

Do not barge into the restroom at work, go into a stall, sit down & start counting down to when you fire off your missile "T-minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 WE HAVE LIFT OFF" various members of management may be relieving themselves in the restroom at the same time & may think less of you afterwards.

Dance You Bastards!!! Dance Like The Wind!!! Volume 5039lbs

Oct 30, 2006

Oct 25, 2006

Oct 22, 2006

Shot on the way 2 the Dalai Lama?

Old news vid?:

I can't verify but if it's true that's really bad.

(mnkyup371.avi @ 百猿 UPLOADER )


Veoh cut a little bit off the end... I let her finish what she had to say and put a smiley at the end. Also Veoh brings it back to the beginning mine would just end with the smile.

Oct 21, 2006

Pic of the Day..."I Love You Just The Way You Are..."

"Don't go changing..to try and please me...don't change the color of your hair...."..uh..I think thats how the song goes but anyway...once again..the H!P fan boards are a blaze with wild fire(not really) with the "news" of Rika Ishikawa dyeing her hair blondish...the consensus being that it looks awful with a few people so adament about their displeasure that they resorted to calling Rika "whore"...for those people..all I have to say is..oh yeah..your mom's a whore!!...thats why your dad left her and you were an accident!!!...whew..glad I got that off my chest but seriously...does it really matter if the girl dyed her hair?...the way that folks were discussing it on the various boards made it seem like it was a career killing move on her part...but its Rika damnit!..leave her alone...the girl can't do no wrong in my book...


Before pro wrestling became a circus...

Oct 18, 2006

Street Magic

"Stop putting sh** on our bodies!"

I already know I'm going to hell.

...I'll be seeing the rest of you bastards there, but this guy's so full of shit I had to post this vid

Ja ne

J-Music Clips Of The Week..

Artist: Risa Niigaki
Single: Koi no Hana

Koi no Hana video DL

Pic Of The Day..."Sweatin' with Sayumi"...Edition

these pics may have the same effect on Eriku as Risako's photobook had on Craig...especially the last one..

Oct 17, 2006

A Little Bit of Risa and A Lot More Miki...

from Morning Musume's latest DVD Magazine..

Dance You Bastards!!! Dance Like The Wind!!!! Volume 324

J-Music Clips Of The Week..

Artist: Risa Niigaki
Single: Popcorn Love

Popcorn Love video DL

Risako PB Review


Pictures NO…


They sure wrap these PBs up tight. The corners of the hard cover were kind of dog-eared because of that.

Beginning to look at the book causes my breathing to become deeper.

For the most part my reaction to the book was gleeful. I was giggling and laughing and occasionally chuckling evilly.

One thing I didn’t do while looking at the book was masturbate. In fact most of the time my penis wasn’t even erect. I would estimate I had 3 erections. 4 if you count the 2 semi-erections as one.

What made me gleeful was that the book was hitting its mark, it didn’t disappoint. I more or less giggled whenever Risako did in the pictures. I laughed when I saw her bouncing on the bed in her ballet costume. And I chuckled evilly when she was holding up shells close to her face because it made me think of something sexual.

Although I didn’t masturbate, when I had a toilet break, I noticed I had pre-ejaculated just a little bit. This must of occurred during one or more of the times when I turned the page and gasped at what I saw... Now you know why I’ve been avoiding spoilers.

This book made me happy.

The DVD made me sad for personal reasons. What happened was that while watching and loving it I began to reminisce about old flames. I had loved before and that love was real but here I was again going through the motions. Haven’t I already had my chance? Shouldn’t I leave the loving of this girl to younger generations who haven’t already ruined their lives? … That’s what I was thinking.

However I recovered soon enough and it was cool to see Risako doing her little dances by herself. By the end of the DVD (which is more realistic looking than the book IMO) I was laughing with Risako once again...

Tsuji has a preview of the DVD a few posts below and the pictures are all over the net.

Oct 16, 2006

J-Music Clip Of The Week..

Artist: Risa Niigaki
Single: Furusato

Furusato video DL

Pic of the Day...A Week of Risa...Edition

Risa Niigaki turns 18 this Friday(finally!!..heh heh heh)..now I won't go into my usually schpeil of she'd be "legal" if she lived in the US..blah blah blah..so lets just enjoy these pics of "our not so little anymore" Gakisan shall we?....oh and look for a different Risa J-Music Clip each day this week...


Winter Love

Just when I thought that nothing could replace BoA's Meri Kuri as a winter time love theme BoA brings it with Winter Love. BoA was my first Jpop crush, she has grown up into quite a beautiful woman ne...hehe.

Japanese Muppets

YouTube vid:

(vip113497.wmv @ vipper.net)

Can u tell me how 2 get

... how 2 get 2 Sesame Street?

Sesame Street characters Elmo and Cookie Monster @ Daily Times

Oct 15, 2006

No..THIS Is A Better Version...

wow..this veoh kicks major arse!!...but here's Reina Tanaka, Momoko Tsugunaga, Megumi Murakami and Maimi Yajima peforming Def Diva's Suki Sugite Baka Mitai from the same concert Eriku posted below..

2 reasons why this version is better.

Maimi & Yurina are freakin great in this performance. Thanks to Cabraru for picking me up the 2006 Summer Wonderful Hearts Land scrapbook while he was in Japan last week. KAWAII in capital bold letters!

Prediction: Craig will name his first-born male son after me.

well, Langdon & I had been talking about Risako's photobook & he said after seeing some pics floating around online that, & I quote "it's just wrong". What's so wrong about a young girl frolicking about with barely anything on? It looks hot wherever she is! I mean the weather you asses. Not the swimsuit.

Oct 12, 2006

"What's your problem, Kazanski? "

I feel this guys pain..lord knows that I tried everything to land on that fauckin carrier..even listening to the Top Gun soundtrack while playing didn't help my efforts...so I bailed on the game like Cougar.. "I'm holding on too tight.I've lost the edge...."

J-Music Clip Of The Week...Classic Edition

Artist: Asian Kung Fu Generation
Single: SIREN

SIREN video DL

Oct 9, 2006