Jan 31, 2009

Tsuji's Home Videos

"The Yakyuu Otaku"
I was chilling at Tokyo Dome City when I spotted this guy hanging out.
He was wearing full Yomiuri Giants regalia swinging a baseball bat around.
He was there all day.
for those that watch until the end there's a bonus..

Bollywood Babes

Valene Maharaj

This beauty is not from the land of Bolly, but the lovely island nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

This hoochie mama represented her country in the 2007 Miss World competition.

If you are curious as to why this hot babe would be doing in T&T, well, peeps of Indian descent are the slight majority in that Caribbean island.

Weinstein's going crazy. If Hanukkah Harry can hear me, please make her my wife!

Jan 27, 2009

My New Favorite Meteorologist

"Then I don't need a jacket!"





Design Corner: Pick a card, any card

(a little something to listen to while you read this post)

As I mentioned in a previous post, famed photographer/director Estevan Oriol released a 2009 calendar showcasing his photography skills with L.A. Women. This time around, He released a deck of playing cards. Each card depicts a unique photograph of L.A. life and beyond.

The Card Cover:











Jan 26, 2009

Diggin' In The Crates "What? More Hendrix?" Edition

Even though another record (albeit a bootleg release) by this guitar god was featured last week, it can't hurt to feature a more legit release of his this week...

Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Title: Nine to the Universe
Label: Reprise
Vinyl: Standard black vinyl

Derived from in-studio jam sessions recorded between March and June of 1969, most of which involved Hendrix's last backing band (bassist and old Army buddy Billy Cox and original Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell, who passed away a few weeks ago), Nine to the Universe is one of only two posthumous Hendrix albums respected by Hendrix fans (the other is the still-in-print Jimi Hendrix: Blues released in the early 90's by MCA) from the glut of posthumous material "produced" by the otherwise universally despised Hendrix archivist Alan Douglas, who had gotten a bunch of well-deserved shit for taking some unreleased Hendrix material and overdubbing some Los Angeles session professionals over it. 

Except for a bit of editing due to space constraints and a final mix done in 1980 by Ron St. Germain (who would later produce the Bad Brains' seminal I Against I album), these recordings are left exactly as Jimi and friends recorded them. And except for a bit of extemperaneous singing at the end of the title track, everything here is entirely instrumental. If you're one of those folks that could listen to Hendrix play guitar for hours - and there's a lot of you out there - this record's for you. 

Hendrix, according to the album's liner notes, was looking to collaborate with Miles Davis and Rashaan Roland Kirk, but his management at the time were cockblocking the poor guy and trying to pressure him to keep doing retreads of what he did on Are You Experienced? and Axis: Bold As Love

Unfortunately, this album has long been out of official print (a CD of questionable legality and sound quality floats around on eBay but isn't recommended) but isn't hard to find on eBay for under twenty bucks. Why some schmucks are trying to peddle copies of this same record on Amazon for close to five times as much is beyond this little black duck's comprehension. With all the care that the Hendrix estate's own Experience Hendrix label, its mail-order counterpart Dagger Records, and their manufacturing and distribution partner Universal Music has been giving Jimi's work since they got back all of his master tapes and gave Alan Douglas the shove, you'd think this record would have been given a proper, legitimate reissue. No such luck, unless a little bit of file sharing gives Experience Hendrix LLC the light under its collective ass it sorely needs...

1. Nine to the Universe
2. Jimi/Jimmy Jam
1. Young/Hendrix
2. Easy Blues
3. Drone Blues

Jimi Hendrix - guitar
Billy Cox - bass (except where noted)
Mitch Mitchell - drums (except where noted)
Buddy Miles - drums on "Nine to the Universe"
Jim McCartey - 2nd guitar on "Jimi/Jimmy Jam"
Roland Robinson - bass on "Jimi/Jimmy Jam"
Larry Young - organ on "Young/Hendrix"
Larry Lee - 2nd guitar on "Young/Hendrix"

Jan 24, 2009

J-Music Clips of the Week "Tag Team Championship" Edition

Artists: HALCALI
Single: Re Yasashii Kimochi


Artists: PUFFY
Single: Hiyori Hime

and the winners by submission...PUFFY...no, not a unanimous decision..this was a SUBMISSION...head to head, HALCALI's latest effort just couldn't compete with Yumi and Ami's new single..listening and watching the first 5 seconds of both PV's, PUFFY definitely choked them bitches out(no offense to Halca and Yucali)..great concept for the video with Ami and Yumi playing opposing Yakuza bosses..but its probably unfair of me to pit these two singles against each other..I actually really like Re Yasashii Kimochi, sampling Chara's voice, from the original Yasashii Kimochi, for the hook was pretty sweet

R U that stupid?

I'm chilling at the crib watching 3 Outlaw Samurai, cause that's how I do. I hear voices outside my window, foot steps on the gravel in my yard & what sounds like a fucking hip hop cypher near my Xterra parked IN MY DRIVEWAY.

I peek outside & I see a few bodies, DARK BODIES, that's all I can make out in the DARK.
I grab my shit, click clack mutha fuckers, tuck it into my waistband then I swing open my front door & niggas scatter.

But one of them decides he's hardcore & slowly starts walking away. I'm like WTF?
"Ah my bad dawg. We leavin' now. What we good?"

1. I'm not your dawg
2. I don't fucking know you
3. Nah we aint good & if you don't fucking kick rocks by the time I count down from 5 you're gonna catch a bad 1.

Then the mutha fucker has the nerve to say "what the hell's your problem?"

Bollywood Babes

Moushumi Borah

Weinstein back with another edition of the Babethon of Bollywood.

This hot piece of sexiness has been modeling for the past few years, mostly for Maxim India.

Yes even a conservative country like India has a magazine for whores. Religious fanatacism would be caused if she just walked down the street trying to hail a rickshaw.

Jan 22, 2009

Interesting decor



It's from an AV I've been watching the last night or 2.

Jan 21, 2009

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

name..Rio....used to go by Tina Yuzuki...she's an AV Idol...that's all you need to know

Sexual Harassment Panda NSFW BUFFER

I have no idea what this show is but it features Rio along with fellow AV Idols such as Sora Aoi and Risa Kasumi

head over to J-List.com to fulfill your Rio needs

available here

Jan 20, 2009

Design Corner: The Art of Obama

There's an interesting article in the latest issue of Giant Robot about the artistic contributions to the Barrack Obama campaign. Some of the artists mentioned are Shepard Fairey, David Choe, Morning Breath, Date Farmers, Ron English, Sam Flores and more. You may have seem their work on t-shirts at Urban Outfitter, wheat pasted across your city, or on stickers around the office (there were a bunch in the hallway where myself and Langdon work). Here are a few samples:

This is the 2nd famous design for the Obama campaign done by Shepard Fairey (the first being the official 'O' logo by VSA Partners). What's interesting about this particular photo is that the Obama poster is right over a poster by Mear one. Shepard and Mear had beef a while ago (check the Supply and Demand book for details).


I forgot where I read it, but someone mentioned originality not as being the first to do something, but as doing something that no one else can duplicate. No one is even coming close to David Choe's style.


I believe I saw the original painting at 111 Minna last month. It was huge (that's what she said). I remember seeing Ron English liberating billboards and then noticed his artwork featured in the film Super Size Me.


Spider-Man X Obama, 'nuff said

Mail Day

had 2 big ass boxes waiting for me when I came home from work today and it was like Christmas all over again...the first box contained the Shogun Warrior sized Voltron that LJN put back in '84..picked it up on ebay a couple weeks ago from a seller who was unloading his entire Jumbo Machinder/Shogun Warriors collection, which was quite impressive by the way...the figure isn't complete and was in "played with" condition so I got it at a steal

the second box contained a bunch of stuff I won off of yahoo auctions japan over the past few months via celga.com. if you're not familiar with celga, they're a deputy service that allows you to bid or sell items on yahoo auctions japan, along with other japanese auction sites, and purchase things from japanese web stores that don't ship out of country..they do of course charge for their services..anyway...the celga box contained several Kure Kure Takora vinyl figures, which didn't cost me too much money, with the exception of the small figure pictured on the lower right wearing the white bandana..it was released in the late 70's or early 80's I believe so you can imagine it hurt my wallet a bit...and the last item in the box was the Santastic released Talking Hasheem..his pee is a button and if you press it, he spits in your eye...not really, he actually says a few phrases

this is starting to look a little crowded

my almost complete Hasheem collection..just missing the Monchichi Hasheem

and my newly formed Kure Kure Takora shelf

Because The Only W I'll Ever Support Is Kago & Tsuji...

Jan 19, 2009

Diggin' In The Crates "Are You Experienced?" Edition

Another impromptu eBay discovery:

Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Label: Rock Folders (bootleg)
Vinyl: Standard black vinyl

I have a good amount of legit Hendrix releases, and one semi-legal one (that infamous Woke Up One Morning And Found Myself Dead album that features a drunken Jim Morrisson howling atonally about anal sex), but this is my first ever Hendrix vinyl bootleg. Pretty good sound despite its varied origins. First side (tracks 1-6) is a selection from a Dutch radio session and studio outtakes from 1967-1968 and the second side (tracks 7-10) is live material from the concert that resulted in his Rainbow Bridge movie.

The title comes from a comment Jimi makes to producer Ed Chalpin before attempting the first take of "Gloomy Monday", as heard on this record.

And look, Mom - a track listing and a zip file (320 kbps, iTunes compatible gapless mp3s)!

1. Catfish Blues (Vitus Studios/Bussem Radio, Rotterdam, Holland 11-10-67)
2. You Can't Use My Name (Ed Chapin in booth, PPX Studios, N.Y., N.Y., July 1967)
3. Gloomy Monday (Take 1) (PPX Studios, N.Y., N.Y., July 1967)
4. Gloomy Monday (Take 2) (PPX Studios, N.Y., N.Y., July 1967)
5. 1983 (Electric Lady Land Studios, N.Y., N.Y., 1968)
6. Untitled Instrumental (Electric Lady Land Studios, N.Y., N.Y., 1968)
7. Dolly Dagger (Maui, Hawaii, July 30, 1970)
8. Freedom (Maui, Hawaii, July 30, 1970)
9. Stone Free/Hey Joe (Maui, Hawaii, July 30, 1970)
10. Maui Sunset (Complete) (Maui, Hawaii, July 30, 1970)

Here's a link to the sound files for the curious. I ripped these primarily for my own use (flowing to CD-R and iPod) and the link will only be active for the next two weeks because I don't want to offend the Hendrix estate.

Happy 24th Birthday Rika

Jan 17, 2009

Tsuji's Home Videos

a hella hot summer day in Tokyo so I rehydrated with some Pocari Sweat
you think we can get some ad dollars from this?
I'm pretty sure we can get sued though



Jan 16, 2009

Champion of the Week: The Coalition Against Police Executions

One week after an organized peaceful protest against BART police and officials broke out into a riot through downtown Oakland, the Coalition Against Police Execution decided to hold another protest in front of Oakland City Hall.

Even after their previous gathering ended in thousands of dollars of damage to stores who's owners had nothing to do with the protest. AND even after the BART police officer, who shot a handcuffed man in the back, was arrested in Nevada earlier that day.

Protest organizers STILL decided to go ahead with their second protest. And what happened? You guessed it. Another riot.

I'm not against the right to protest. I'm just against stupidity. Even though, as in the first riot, the people causing the trouble was a small splinter group--the organizers HAD TO KNOW another riot was possible. But once again, an entire afternoon of peaceful protest was overshadowed by news coverage of people breaking windows and running wild through the streets of downtown Oakland.

The thing that's really annoying is that the protest organizers get away scott-free. For all the property damage caused by the vandals, the people that gave them an excuse to riot won't be held responsible for anything. I wonder if those idiots will plan a THIRD "peaceful" protest next week?


Runner-up: The CAPE--Coalition Against Police Executions Blog

From their blog: "On January 14 CAPE had a beautiful community event in Oakland, y'all! There were speakers, singers, preachers, organizers - amazing. Sean Bell's mother sent a letter which CAPE Co-founder Dereca Blackmon read to us at the rally. We pulled together security from the community and were able to really maintain the safety of the crowd throughout the event. The formal event ended, and folks moved out into the night."

Folks moved out into the night?
I guess that's one way to put it.

Jan 15, 2009

Bollywood Babes

Frieda Pinto

This jew's wondering if anyone has seen Slumdog Millionaire?

No? Well, feast your eyes upon this hot lass. Her cuteness transcends all those Bollywood fight scenes that were posted last year on the blog.

Geez Louise!

J-Music Clip of the Week "Smooth" Edition

Artist: Scha Dara Parr featuring Kenji Ozawa
Song: Konya wa Boogie-back

When I came across this video, I knew it was perfect for YODC.

Jan 14, 2009

Hump Day Eye Candy Extravaganza

you may have figured out whose boobs those were in last weeks teaser pic, if not..the answer is Hitomi Tanaka...the former gravure model now turned AV Idol sports an impressive, possibly all natural, J-cup(not sure what the US equivalent to that is)..she made her AV debut this past November and has already released 3 DVD's, prior to that, she released 5 non-nude gravure DVD's..talk about a well planned marketing campaign..tease the masses with video's of her frolicking in skimpy bikinis for about a year and then BAM!!..the full monty

sexual harassment panda NSFW photo buffer
*they aren't nude pics but her boobs can be distracting to ones work

and in






and be sure to visit the good people over at J-List.com for your Hitomi Tanaka goodies

Ricardo Montalban, 1920-2009

Jan 13, 2009

Signs around town

Stop sign at my old elementary school


So my barber moved out of my town because rent was too high. She told me by the time I needed a new trim that they should be fully operational in Old Town Pinole. Today was the day I needed a cut, so I drove around Pinole looking for their new shop. I encountered this establishment a block away:

Apparently, this place has been around since 1964 and I have never heard of it. Blackie was the nickname of the original owner.